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Low voter turnout aside, Tuesday's primary election will be very important. Vermonters will decide on who will be on the ballot in November when a new governor and lieutenant governor are elected.

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As Primary Day nears, outside groups have begun pouring hundreds of thousands of dollars into Vermont’s races for governor, and yet more cash could find its way into the election before Tuesday’s vote.

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Three Democrats are in the running for their party's nomination for governor: Matt Dunne, Peter Galbraith and Sue Minter. They face off in a live debate Thursday on Vermont Edition.

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Bill Lee, or the "Spaceman," as he is still affectionately known from his days as a Major League Baseball pitcher with the Boston Red Sox and Montreal Expos, is a resident of Craftsbury, and is running for Governor of Vermont in 2016 on the Liberty Union ticket.

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Democrats long ago raised concerns about the fact that Lt. Gov. Phil Scott owns a construction business that regularly bids on government transportation contracts. Now, Scott’s opponent in the GOP gubernatorial primary is joining them. 

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With less than a week of campaigning left before Vermont’s Aug. 9 primary, Lt. Gov. Phil Scott earned the endorsement of one of the men hoping to replace him. Former Franklin County Sen. Randy Brock, the sole Republican running for lieutenant governor, endorsed Scott in Colchester Wednesday.

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Two Republicans are in the running for their party's nomination for governor, Businessman Bruce Lisman and Lieutenant Governor Phil Scott, and they're facing off in a live debate on Vermont Edition.

Vermont Secretary of State's Office

Wednesday, Aug. 3 is the last day to register to vote in Vermont's primary on Aug. 9. The good news is, you can register online right now. 

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Incumbent Democratic Treasurer Beth Pearce faces a challenge from Burlington financial analyst Richard Dunne in next week's primary election. The two candidates disagree on some of the key issues facing the treasurer's office.

State Treasurer Beth Pearce is facing a challenger in next week's Democratic primary: freelance strategic policy consultant Richard Dunne. They'll debate each other live on Vermont Edition.

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The three Democrats vying for their party’s nomination for lieutenant governor share a lot in common when it comes to policy and politics.

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Three Democrats want their party's nomination to be lieutenant governor: Kesha Ram, Shap Smith and David Zuckerman. They'll debate each other live on the next Vermont Edition.

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The Democratic National Convention has wrapped up, with Thursday's main event being the acceptance speech by nominee Hillary Clinton. VPR's Emily Alfin Johnson and Peter Hirschfeld have spent the week with the Vermont delegates in Philadelphia and they joined Vermont Edition to share their last impressions from the DNC.

Emily Alfin Johnson

Many delegates from Vermont arrived at the Democratic National Convention this week ready to continue the political battle for Bernie Sanders. They’re now coming to terms with the fact that the convention in Philadelphia has marked the end of his presidential campaign.

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Walk out into your vegetable garden, grab your CSA share, or casually stroll around your local farmers' market and it's happening. Mother Earth has produced an eye-popping and mouth-watering bounty of sweet corn, cucumbers, tomatoes, garlic. And on and on.

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If the mood of the Vermont delegation is any indication, then Hillary Clinton’s acceptance speech at the Democratic National Convention Thursday night played all right with Bernie Sanders supporters who have until now been skeptical of her candidacy.

Hillary Clinton accepted her party's nomination on Thursday, completing the field for an American political campaign without historical precedent.

Clinton, the first female presidential nominee for a major American party, has now officially become Republican Donald Trump's Democratic rival for the presidency of the United States.

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Attending the Democratic National Convention is a brutal slog, filled with meetings, speeches, travel and long nights at the convention itself. One Vermont delegate’s hectic week in Philadelphia has been especially trying, but Maria Rinaldi and her partner, Mike Csele, are accustomed to finding creative solutions to challenges.

Emily Alfin Johnson / VPR

Much of the news coming out of the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia this week has focused on the convention hall — the speeches, the crowds and the tension between Sen. Bernie Sanders' supporters and supporters of Hillary Clinton. But just outside the convention bubble, there's a different approach to political engagement underway.

Democrats called on Americans to reject what they called the politics of fear and division of the GOP and elect Hillary Clinton during the third day of the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia.