Jim Condon speaking at Montpelier's Capitol Plaza Hotel.
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Jim Condon, a prominent Vermont broadcaster and state representative for Colchester, died last week from esophageal cancer. He was 60 years old.

The town of Colchester is closing the causeway while it assesses damage caused by a storm on Friday.
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Cyclists have cause for celebration: A group of organizations plans to re-open the Colchester Causeway in early July, and with it, the Island Line Bike Ferry.

The town of Colchester is closing the causeway while it assesses damage caused by a storm on Friday.
Liam Elder-Connors / VPR

The popular bike path in Colchester is closed due to damage from Friday's storm.

The Vermont Refugee Resettlement Program office in Colchester requires overseas health screenings before refugees arrive in the U.S., but increasing rates of suicide among resettled Bhutanese refugees is alarming health officials.
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President Donald Trump has capped U.S. refugee admissions for fiscal year 2018 at 45,000 people.

Amila Merdzanovic, director of the Vermont Refugee Resettlement Program, says the effects of that reduction will be felt in Vermont and across the country.

Nokian Tyres sign outside its Colchester headquarters with arrows pointing to corporate offices, customer service, and shipping and receiving.
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Nokian Tyres recently announced plans to build a plant in Tennessee, but Tommi Heinonen – head of Nokian Tyres North America – says there are no plans at the moment to move the company's North American headquarters out of Vermont.

Groundwater at sites in Colchester and Essex Junction has tested positive for the presence of potentially harmful perfluorinated compounds (PFCs), according to the Shumlin administration, though officials say they're not concerned about a health risk at this time.

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Your Christmas tree may be dry and droopy and dropping its needles, but as far as the goats at Pine Island Farm are concerned, it's looking pretty tasty.

That's according to Karen Fruedenberger, project manager at the Vermont Goat Collaborative in Colchester, which is currently soliciting unwanted Christmas trees, a.k.a. goat snacks, on its Facebook page.

Fallout continues at the Colchester Police Department after the officer in control of the evidence locker was arrested last month for allegedly stealing evidence to fund his heroin addiction.

Chittenden County State’s Attorney T.J. Donovan said he’s now had to throw out five drug cases because  evidence against the suspects is missing.

A Colchester police detective arrested Monday admitted to federal authorities this week that he’s been struggling with heroin addiction and has repeatedly stolen controlled drugs from the Colchester Police Department, court documents allege.

A Colchester police officer was arrested on federal charges Monday night on suspicion of stealing drugs and guns from the department's evidence locker.

Cpl. Tyler Kinney, age 38, is a 12-year veteran of the force who was in charge of evidence storage "and associated record keeping," according to Colchester Police Chief Jennifer Morrison.