Connecticut River

The Connecticut River.
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Those who swim or boat on the Connecticut River and its tributaries can go online to check the water quality at their favorite spots.

A very old sewer system is still in use at about 800 wastewater treatment plants in the U.S., including along the Connecticut River. It’s called “combined sewer overflow,” or CSO. What overflows into waterways is a mix of storm water, street runoff and raw sewage.  

This is the shortnose sturgeon that was recently caught in Vermont. Scientists aren't sure at the moment how the sturgeon got into the state.
NH Fish and Game and USGS, courtesy

An endangered fish was hooked recently in the Connecticut River near Vernon.

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The Shumlin Administration is deciding if the state should purchase a 560-megawatt hydro system on the Connecticut and Deerfield rivers. But the deal would impact much more than Vermont's energy portfolio.

The transaction would give the state control of recreational facilities along the rivers, and there are environmental issues like erosion and wildlife and aquatic habitats to consider.

Jon Groveman, with the Vermont Natural Resources Council, says advocates are troubled by the Scott administraiton's attempts to rewrite portions of the Clean Water Act.
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Lawmakers will soon get a report on whether Vermont should purchase a series of hydroelectric dams along the Connecticut and Deerfield rivers. In the meantime, they’re discovering that the next owners of the dams will be under heavy pressure to address a range of environmental concerns.

Fish Stocks Rebound After Vermont Yankee Shutdown

Sep 3, 2015
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A leading environmentalist says fish populations in the Connecticut River have rebounded after the shutdown of the Vermont Yankee nuclear plant.

Vermont Historical Society

The last major log drive on the Connecticut River was held in 1915. The drives would start in late spring and last through the summer and could jam the river from Bellows Falls to Barnet, a distance of 80 miles.