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H. Brooke Paige won the GOP nomination to six statewide offices in Vermont’s primary election. He has withdrawn from five of the six races he won.
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The Washington, Vermont, man who won the Republican nomination for six statewide offices last week had planned to withdraw from most of those contests, but a legal tussle with the Secretary of State’s Office has H. Brooke Paige reconsidering his plans.

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Republican Phil Scott will be Vermont's next governor. Progressive/Democrat David Zuckerman won the race for lieutenant governor, and T.J. Donovan will be Vermont's first new attorney general since 1997.

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According to the latest VPR Poll, Vermonters have been following the races for president and governor very closely. But the rest of the Vermont races, not so much. It's OK — that's where we come in.

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The auditor of accounts is tasked with reviewing state programs to find waste and inefficiency and to hold government agencies accountable.

The auditor serves as a watchdog over the operations of state government and conducts what are known as "performance audits" to evaluate the effectiveness of specific programs, and the major party candidates for state auditor view the role of the office very differently.

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This week, Vermont Edition brings you election debates for three statewide offices.  On Thursday, the leading candidates for state auditor meet in a live, face-to-face debate.

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Former gubernatorial candidate Dan Feliciano plans to run for state auditor as a Republican.

Feliciano said Tuesday he is in the process of gathering the required signatures and plans to submit his petition to the Secretary of State’s office by the Thursday deadline. Auditor Doug Hoffer, a Democrat and Progressive, has already filed for re-election.

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An open seat for governor doesn’t come around very often. On the rare occasion it does, politicians have a tough time resisting the temptation to compete for it. 

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In the final weeks of the campaign, the future of Medicare benefits for Vermont seniors has become a hotly debated issue in the race for governor.

It's an explosive subject because candidates who suggest changes to Medicare risk losing the support of many voters over 65.  

So how did Medicare become an issue in the governor’s race? 

Dan Feliciano, the Libertarian candidate for governor who’s using an anti-single-payer message to draw conservative votes, will hit the television airwaves for the first time this election cycle.

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Recently, top Republicans held a secret meeting to urge Libertarian Dan Feliciano to drop out of the governor’s race because they feel Feliciano is drawing votes away from GOP candidate Scott Milne.  

The effort was unsuccessful, and points to a continuing rift between two factions of the Vermont Republican Party.

Political analyst Eric Davis of Middlebury College looks at the role of voter turnout in statewide and legislative races and which parties are better organized for voter turnout; gives an update on the governor's race between incumbent Democrat Peter Shumlin and Republican challenger Scott Milne; and he describes a quietly-held meeting between the Milne campaign and Libertarian Dan Feliciano in which Republicans tried to convince Feliciano to leave the race.

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Vermont’s candidates for governor are offering very different solutions to the problem of rising education property taxes.

In a number of communities, property tax burdens have increased more than 25 percent over the past three years. Another round of hikes is expected this winter.

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It’s hard to find a subject where Vermont’s four candidates for governor have very different positions but the threat posed by climate change is one of them. These differences were very clear during VPR's gubernatorial debate.  

The candidate who is least concerned is Libertarian Dan Feliciano. He says the state has wasted millions of dollars providing tax credits for solar projects and he argues that climate change is being overblown by a number of politicians and scientists.

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Politicians generally try to use debates to improve their own electoral prospects. But in VPR’s gubernatorial debate Tuesday night, incumbent Democrat Peter Shumlin seemed as interested in boosting the profile of one of his opponents.

In their bids to knock off the second-term governor, Republican Scott Milne and Libertarian Dan Feliciano are going after the same conservative base.

VPR Governor's Debate

Sep 23, 2014
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VPR's gubernatorial debate was broadcast live on Tuesday, September 23, from 7:00-8:30 p.m. Bob Kinzel and Jane Lindholm moderated a debate among Liberty Union candidate Peter Diamondstone, Libertarian Dan Feliciano, Republican Scott Milne and Democratic incumbent Peter Shumlin.

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Dan Feliciano is the Libertarian candidate for governor, and he’s gained more attention than Libertarians usually do in Vermont thanks to a write-in campaign in the Republican primary. Feliciano has been making sharp attacks on incumbent Governor Peter Shumlin, and says Shumlin's health care policy is driven by "fantasy." Feliciano is our guest to discuss his campaign for governor, and why he wants to lead the state.

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Libertarian gubernatorial candidate Dan Feliciano says Governor Peter Shumlin’s  plan to implement the country’s first state run single payer system is a “fantasy” that has caused enormous harm to thousands of Vermonters.  

Feliciano is offering a very different vision that he says will provide affordable health care.

Since the passage of Act 48 in 2011, Governor Peter Shumlin and the Legislature have put Vermont on track to become the first state in the country to implement a single payer health care system.

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Two candidates for statewide office are looking to turn write-in campaigns in the primary as a springboard into the general election. And Libertarian candidate for governor Dan Feliciano, and Progressive candidate for lieutenant governor Dean Corren, say Tuesday’s results signal widespread support for their candidacies.