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Darmouth Dance Ensemble

Next weekend, Dartmouth College’s dance ensemble will present a program featuring 16 dancers from within the Dartmouth community, including four from the Geisel School of Medicine.

The Dartmouth fraternity that inspired the movie Animal House will no longer be recognized by the College following allegations that members branded their skin.

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As news breaks about the possible destruction of cultural artifacts by the Islamic State — also known as ISIS — a Dartmouth College scholar is outraged. The college owns six monumental stone relief panels from Nimrud, Iraq, south of Mosul, where vandals claim to have been bulldozing sacred sites. While the videos released by the militant group cannot be verified, it’s clear that rare antiquities are ISIS targets.

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Dartmouth College President Philip Hanlon announced Thursday several unprecedented steps that he hopes will create a safer environment on campus. His speech follows concerns about about the rising incidence of sexual assaults and high risk drinking.

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All this week, the legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr. will be honored at Dartmouth College. Films, art exhibits, panel discussions, a multi-faith service, a candlelight vigil—all focus not just on civil rights history, but on the future of race relations in America.

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When President Obama announced plans to normalize diplomatic relations with Cuba last month, Dartmouth College officials were surprised, and happy. That’s because the college is part of a consortium of seven schools already building an academic bridge to the communist nation. College officials believe the new foreign policy will ease travel restrictions for students and faculty.

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Dartmouth College has become the third institution of higher education in the nation to participate in an organization that recruits veterans who may not otherwise choose to apply to selective colleges.

The Posse Veterans Program also includes Wesleyan and Vassar. The aim is to find, attract and support students who have developed extraordinary talents and life experience during military service.

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A student from Dartmouth College who came to the United States without citizenship documents says he is both relieved and a little disappointed in the speech President Barack Obama gave on Thursday evening about changes in immigration policy.

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Dozens of students at Dartmouth College are being investigated for allegedly cheating on an exam in a Sports, Ethics and Religion class.

According to an article in the student newspaper, The Dartmouth:

Dartmouth College President Phil Hanlon has joined his counterpart at Stanford University in apologizing to the state of Montana for a questionable election-season research experiment polling voters in New Hampshire, California and Montana.

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There is now a scientific way to find out if someone is smoking, even if no one else is in the room. The nondescript white plastic box, brand-named FreshAir Sensor, gets installed  into a wall outlet. Inside, a computer chip is coated with polymers that are sensitive to certain chemicals found in tobacco and marijuana.

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Computer scientists at Dartmouth College have developed an app for a student’s smartphone designed to monitor mental health.

The so-called StudentLife app can track how much a student sleeps and whether he or she is having conversations and getting exercise. It also asks students about their state of mind and what they’ve been eating. The researcher, professor Andrew Campbell, says such data could be used to see depression or dangerous stress coming before it hits too hard.

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New campus crime reports released this week show that Dartmouth College and Middlebury College saw dramatic increases in the number of reported “forcible sex offenses” on their campuses in 2013.

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While more and more people are reading and working in cyberspace, some are stepping back in history.

They're using metal or wooden type to print what they want to say, one letter at a time. Six of them — all women, mostly writers, designers, poets, and one librarian — recently got their hands a little dirty at a letterpress workshop in the basement of the Dartmouth College's Baker Library.

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Grim news about the Ebola virus is filling the airwaves these days. And although the chances of contracting the disease outside of West Africa are extremely slim, American hospitals are preparing for a possible outbreak. Colleges are also starting to get questions from parents about whether international students could carry the virus to campuses.

Sexual assaults on college campuses are making troubling headlines nationwide. This week, about 700 university officials from all over the country are gathering at Dartmouth to brainstorm ways to make schools safer for their students.

Dartmouth President and alumnus Philip Hanlon started the Dartmouth Summit on Sexual Assault with an admission that, much as he loves his job, there can be some terrible moments.

This week, Dartmouth College is hosting a week-long Summit on Sexual Assault on College Campuses for several hundred college and university representatives, experts, students and non-profit organizations from around the country. Beginning Monday, July 13, the Summit will educate campus and community stakeholders on sexual assault prevention, education and response. Participants will also learn about best practices to apply in their own schools.

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A few hundred Native American high school students are trying out college life this week at Dartmouth. They’re learning about financial aid and setting ambitious academic goals. It’s part of a nation-wide effort to improve access to higher education for tribal members.

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Soon, over 100 singers at Dartmouth College will perform an ambitious work that Wolfgang Mozart never finished.

But of course the concert will not come to a skidding halt, because a Harvard pianist and composer named Robert Levin completed the soaring C Minor Mass.

The Handel Society of Dartmouth has been preparing it with gusto.

Dartmouth College has received $100 million from an anonymous donor, the largest gift in the college’s 244-year history.