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A VPR poll of 579 likely voters suggests that Hillary Clinton will carry Vermont easily in this year’s presidential race, but it’s unclear whether she’ll provide the electoral lift to Vermont Democrats that Barack Obama delivered in the previous two presidential cycles.

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Some prominent Vermont Republicans are seeking to distance themselves from their party’s presidential nominee after seeing footage of Donald Trump speaking in vulgar and predatory terms about women.

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Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton face off in the second presidential debate Sunday night at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri, and NPR's politics team is live-annotating the debate.

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Democrat Tim Kaine and Republican Mike Pence square off in the vice-presidential debate Tuesday night, and NPR's politics team is live annotating the debate.

New Poll Shows Clinton Up Over Trump In New Hampshire

Sep 30, 2016
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A new poll from WBUR Boston shows Hillary Clinton leads Donald Trump by seven points among likely voters in New Hampshire, one of the key battleground states that could determine the outcome of the presidential election.

The first presidential debate was a tense affair between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump as they clashed over their economic and trade plans, national security and race relations in the U.S.

The Republican nominee came out aggressively against Clinton, often interrupting her and talking over her, but the Democratic nominee didn't pull her punches either and had plenty of zingers ready. And as the night wore on, Trump appeared repeatedly rattled as he was pressed on his past support for the birther movement and controversial comments about women.

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Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump go head-to-head tonight in the first presidential debate, and NPR's politics team will be live annotating the debate.

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Donald Trump's campaign continues to divide many Republicans across the country, with the candidate's controversial stances and statements leading some to decide not to vote for their own party's nominee. We're looking at how this is playing out closer to home.

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A new poll is showing Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is not popular with voters 30 years old or younger. And the leader of the Vermont Federation of College Republicans says the group may not endorse their party's candidate for president.

It has been said that "to cleave" is the only verb in English that connotes one specific action and its direct opposite. To cleave sometimes means to hold together, and it can also mean to split apart.

That's why Cleveland was the perfect city to host the 2016 Republican National Convention. Because this week, in this town, the GOP demonstrated both its persistent divisions and its instinct for overcoming them.

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As Donald Trump takes the stage in Cleveland Thursday night to formally accept the Republican nomination for president, delegates from around New England will cheer for the candidate who has run largely on an anti-establishment platform.

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The Vermont Republican delegation cast their votes Tuesday night at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland. Thirteen of the 16-person delegation voted for Trump, one went for Ohio Gov. John Kasich and two voted for Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul.

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VPR's John Dillon is in Cleveland with the Vermont delegation to the Republican National Convention. Throughout the week, he'll provide color, background and observations in his reporter's notebook.

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The outcome of the Republican National Convention in Cleveland is predetermined: Donald Trump will get his party’s nomination for president. But there was controversy nonetheless for the 16-person Vermont delegation.

As the Republican National Convention kicks off, Vermont's 16-person delegation is evenly split between Ohio Gov. John Kasich and presumptive nominee Donald Trump.

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Vermont's two Republican gubernatorial candidates, Phil Scott and Bruce Lisman, have different views concerning their party's presumptive presidential candidate, Donald Trump. Could these differences emerge as a factor in the GOP race for governor?

Vermont Congressman Peter Welch says he still plans to cast his superdelegate for Bernie Sanders at Democratic convention next month. But he also wants Sanders to endorse Hillary Clinton soon.

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A disaffected bloc of Republican delegates is trying to derail the seemingly inevitable nomination of presidential candidate Donald Trump. And while at least one Vermont delegate is on board with the plan, others say they’re more wary of the so-called Dump Trump movement.

The would-be Bernie Sanders vs. Donald Trump throwdown will only live on in the minds of comedy writers.

In a surprise development, the campaign of Democratic Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders says it hopes to debate with the presumed Republican candidate Donald Trump before the California primary on June 7.