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Seven current and former students in Dartmouth's Psychological and Brain Sciences Department are suing the school over alleged mishandling of sexual assault and harassment reports, saying administrators ignored years of criminal behavior by tenured faculty members.

Read the full text of the suit here.

Richmond Middle School

The concept of Restorative Practices in school isn’t new. It’s grown out of the Restorative Justice work gaining momentum in the VT justice system.

Neil Pelsue, standing outside, looking at the camera.
Howard Weiss-Tisman / VPR

Homeowners often complain about property taxes. But efforts to curb property tax increases by consolidating control of schools doesn't sound too appealing, either. This school year VPR reporter Howard Weiss-Tisman is following the West River school district in Southern Vermont to understand how it deals with the budget process and consolidation questions. The following story is an installment in that series.

Jennifer Rickards

When Dr. Robert Chaffee saw Walter Cabot Paine waving a long-handled butterfly net in a field of goldenrod beside a parking lot in West Lebanon, New Hampshire, he thought, “Now, there’s somebody I should meet,” and stopped to introduce himself.

An empty classroom with a desk looking at a chalkboard. A pencil on the desk.
GlenJ / iStock

There were two Act 46 merger proposals on Tuesday’s ballots, and voters overwhelmingly rejected both of them.

Nina Keck / VPR

Among those eligible to vote in the United States, older people show up to vote far more than younger people.

It’s a situation many schools are trying to address by getting kids  interested in local elections before they are old enough to cast a ballot.

To that end, students at Barstow Memorial School in Chittenden, welcomed more than a dozen candidates running for state and local office to talk about issues face to face.

A rendering of proposed renovations to Burlington High School. City residents will decided Tuesday whether or not to approve a $70 million bond for the project.
Burlington School District, Courtesy

When you hear about wastewater discharges into Lake Champlain and leaky roofs at public schools, it’s easy to want to see them fixed. But how much would you pay to fix these problems in your community?

Residents in Burlington are considering that question in this election.

A rendering of the greenlighted multi-purpose center at the Unversity of Vermont.
The University of Vermont, courtesy

A renovated Gutterson Field House for the University of Vermont hockey team and a new basketball venue for the Catamounts are at the heart of a multi-purpose center recently greenlighted by the UVM Board of Trustees. Jeff Schulman, UVM's athletic director, spoke with VPR about the project.

A group of people around tables at a State Board of Education meeting.
Howard Weiss-Tisman / VPR

The State Board of Education is finishing up its work on the Act 46 statewide plan, and at a meeting in North Clarendon on Monday, the board debated some of the most complicated merger proposals.

From left: Bailey Boardman, Cadyn Jarvis and Jonathan Cole  work on stacking library books.
Meg Malone / VPR

Author Mary E. Lambert was a master’s degree student in a Vermont College of Fine Arts low-residency program while she was writing Family Game Night and Other Catastrophes — now the novel is nominated for the Dorothy Canfield Fisher Book Award.

Howard Weiss-Tisman / VPR

Like any profession, education has its rock stars: Piaget, Montessori, Vygotsky ... and John Dewey, who was born and raised in Burlington, Vermont. Dewey’s dad was a green grocer and wanted his son to become a mechanic, but instead, young Dewey went to UVM, worked as a teacher, and eventually became one of the greatest social philosophers of the modern age.

Preschoolers from Coventry march into the woods for their first Forest Day in the NEK activity.
Amy Kolb Noyes / VPR

The Jay Community Recreational Centre is 300 acres of wooded trails surrounding an open meadow and a mountain stream. It also serves as a classroom for preschoolers from across the Northeast Kingdom.

Vermont Education Secretary Dan French, left, and State Board of Education chairwoman Krista Huling consult a merger map during a State Board meeting Wednesday.
Howard Weiss-Tisman / VPR

On Wednesday, the State Board of Education began its process for deciding which school districts will be forced to merge under Act 46, Vermont’s school district consolidation law.

Alex Rhea / Bennington College

It’s been about a year since Bennington College took over the Robert Frost Stone House Museum in Shaftsbury.

As the school gets ready to close up the museum for the winter, administrators are taking stock of their first season and beginning to think about next year’s programs.

Castleton University

I signed up for the Vermont Community Leadership Summit out of curiosity, and because I only had to roll down the hill to Castleton University to attend.

The Starving Musicians' Fund performs at BrattRock in Brattleboro.
Jess Weitz / Submitted

Nobody’s born a rock star.

Making the big time takes practice, commitment and a lot of good luck.

But in Brattleboro an annual youth rock festival is trying to help aspiring artists by giving teenage musicians a place to come together, learn a little bit, and rock out.

Two Townshend Elementary School students sit at a table.
Howard Weiss-Tisman / VPR

State government almost shut down earlier this year, and the fight was largely over education funding.

And all of those debates in Montpelier, and negotiations over taxes and education costs? They’re all rooted in the decisions that local school boards make around this time of year.

Christine Hallquist, the Democratic candidate for governor, outlines parts of her education platform in Burlington on Wednesday, stading behind a Christine for Vermont sign outside.
Liam Elder-Connors / VPR

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Christine Hallquist outlined some aspects of her education platform on Wednesday in Burlington, saying she supports a change in how public schools are funded.

Dr. Lorraine Sterritt at the VPR studios
Bayla Metzger / VPR

As of July, Saint Michael's College in Colchester has a new president: Dr. Lorraine Sterritt. She is the first woman to serve in that position in the school's history. 

A meeting with Vermont Agency of Education staff facing State Board of Education members in Bethel.
Howard Weiss-Tisman / VPR

After an all-day meeting Tuesday in Bethel, the State Board of Education has adopted a set of guidelines to help steer its decisions about which school districts will be forced to merge under Act 46.