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This weekend's 'steAmfest' aims to combine the science and technology fields with the arts and aesthetics. The street festival will feature live bands, a maker faire and interactive science and tech exhibits.
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The village of Essex Junction may have its share of STEM-related manufacturing companies and school curriculum rich in science and tech subjects but it is also home to many makers, artisans and artists.

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Neighbors Day may be the most popular spring celebration you’ve never heard of. It’s a (relatively new) French tradition that spread across Europe and is now celebrated in countries all over the world. Just, not so much in the United States. But some Essex Junction residents are changing that.

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Police armed with rifles helped evacuate students from Essex High School Wednesday afternoon after a morning call to Essex Police led to a lockdown at six schools in the area.

Groundwater at sites in Colchester and Essex Junction has tested positive for the presence of potentially harmful perfluorinated compounds (PFCs), according to the Shumlin administration, though officials say they're not concerned about a health risk at this time.

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Around noon on Friday, a pair of bicyclist casually made their way down a driveway past cars parked on what’s usually a lawn. Burgers had just come off the grill, the first tour was just finishing up, and the sewage kept flowing in.

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School district consolidation landed on Tuesday’s ballot in two different counties with two very different results. Voters in Essex, Essex Junction and Westford decided to combine districts. 

Another merger proposal, in Lamoille County, was defeated. 

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The village of Essex Junction will have to pay $22,625 in fines related to multiple unauthorized wastewater dumps last year, the state says.

According to the Department of Environmental Conservation, the Essex Junction wastewater plant wrongly released 1,954,853 gallons of un-disinfected wastewater into the Winooski River last summer.

The releases happened over two days, according to the DEC news release.

The Village of Essex Junction has experienced three large accidential discharges from the municipal water treatment facility in the last three months.

Two of the releases totaled between 500,000 and 1 million gallons, but water quality superintendent Jim Jutras said all of the recent releases have been near the end of the treatment process and were not raw sewage.

The recent problems at the facility all center around the chlorination and dechlorination of wastewater, which must be completed before it is released into the Winooski River.