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With the cold, bitter weather not letting up, it seems fitting to explore a variety of hearty meals to help keep warm in the winter months.

Sally Pollack, food writer for the Burlington Free Press, reached out to several local chefs for their favorite winter meals.

Malayna Johnson

Malayna Johnson is a senior at Harwood Union High School and March’s Student Composer Showcase. Her Latin-jazz inspired piece for brass quintet is called Limitless, referring to her desire to push musical boundaries. In it, horns growl, climbing into screeching high registers, pushing the limits of what the instruments can do.

Dave Spindle / Flickr

This common perennial flower is of two minds. One version is tall and tidy with beautiful white, blue or pink flowers. Another is a low growing, native ground cover with blue, rose or white flowers that actually can become a weed. The common name speedwell, literally means to thrive. We mostly know this perennial as Veronica.

Young Writers Project: 'The Victim's Memorial'

Feb 23, 2015

Jessica Beliveau is an eighth grade student at Albert D. Lawton Intermediate School in Essex Junction. Jessica says she wrote The Victim’s Memorial in response to events in the news. "In light of recent events like Ferguson, I was having a lot of thoughts about our society and who is victimized. In this piece, I thought about the ‘suffocating’ qualities of multiple aspects of our culture," she says.

Glenn Russell / Burlington Free Press

Soup can seem like a basic dish, until you tuck into a beautiful, complex bowl of soup that warms you to the core.

Candace Page, food writer for the Burlington Free Press, recently went on a mission to learn how to make a great soup from some local masters. She choose three different Chittenden County restaurants to try to get a taste of different kinds of soup making, including Pauline’s Café, Pingala Café and Asiana Noodle Shop.

billnoll / iStock

If you thought potatoes were just those boring spuds found in bags in the grocery store, think again. Potatoes have a rich history and continue to be at the forefront of controversy around the world. This common global food has been the center of mass migrations of people and lawsuits challenging multi-national corporations. Not bad for an Andean spud.

Kent McFarland

Biologists Kent McFarland and Sara Zahendra glide out on to the ice covering Lake Morey in Fairlee.

“It’s February in Vermont and it’s pond hockey time,” says McFarland.

“We’re standing on Lake Morey, it’s a beautiful day and it’s just started to snow a little bit,” Zahendra adds.

Around 20 hockey teams are scattered around the lake for a tournament, and towards the middle of the lake there are several ice fisherman. McFarland and Zahendra head over.

“Tell us what kind of fish those are,” says McFarland.

Young Writers Project: 'Sparks'

Feb 16, 2015
Lydia Moreman

Lydia Moreman is a junior at Champlain Valley Union High School in Hinesburg. She wrote the poem “Sparks” in response to a Young Writers Project prompt about a statue that begins a conversation with you as you pass by. Lydia says, “I wrote this poem because I often think about how amazing this world is, but how we take it for granted because we've become numb to the wonder of it.”

By Lydia Moreman
Grade 11, Champlain Valley Union High School

Burlington Free Press

Not long ago, farmers market fanatics had to wait patiently for the market to start in late April or early May, and rued the moth of October, when the markets finished for the year.

The Fern Lover's Companion / Flickr

This plant is millions of years old, predating dinosaurs. It's name means feathers because it has divided and delicate leaves. Historically people has believed this plant can provide good luck, protect you from lightning and give you magical qualities such as invisibility. What common plant is this? It's the fern.