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Wilmington Memorial Hall

Nelson Jaquay suggested the opening of the fall season of the Old Firehouse Concert Series, featuring the Sky Blue Boys on Saturday, September 5th at 7:30 p.m. in Tinmouth.

Tune in to VPR at noon and 7 p.m. this Labor Day for two special programs produced by American RadioWorks.

Join VPR on Monday, September 7th at noon for The Living Legacy: Black Colleges in the 21st Century for a look at Historically Black Colleges and Universities, or HBCUs--which helped launch the civil rights movement and built the black middle class before the 1960s--and what role they still play.

Young Writers Project: 'The Summer I Was 15'

Aug 31, 2015
Noa Urbaitel

Noa Urbaitel, Class of 2015 at Champlain Valley Union High School, has been writing with Young Writers Project since sixth grade. She is attending Mount Holyoke College this fall.

The Summer I Was 15
Noa Urbaitel
Class of 2015, Champlain Valley Union High School

Awesome Etiquette: How To Properly Respond To 'Thank You'

Aug 28, 2015
mattjeacock / istock

This week, we talk about the proper way to respond to someone's thanks, answering this question from a listener:

"When someone says, 'Thank you' and the person being thanked says, 'No problem,' is that being rude? When I say, 'No problem,' I mean it as a shorthand for 'It was no trouble at all, no thanks needed,' but I've had people argue that the 'no problem' sounds rude. It seems to be a generational divide; my elders find it very rude, my peers or younger people don't seem to ... but is it inherently rude? Do some things grow less rude over time?"

Andrew Teman / Flickr

These fruits have been grown for more than 3000 years in Japan and China. Although they share a name with a similar European fruit, they present themselves totally differently. They are round, crisp textured, and juicy. We call them Asian pears.

Mad River Valley Craft Fair

Kathleen Kanz is a stand-up comic in central Vermont and recommended the comedy showcase at La Puerta Negra in Montpelier on September 3rd at 8 p.m.


You can enjoy New York's Metropolitan Opera without leaving New England!


The Latin word Cantata means “to sing”, the word Sonata means “to play.” That last title is vague enough to cover a multitude of instrumental genres. Vocal music comes with a built-in structure for the composer to follow.

Young Writers Project: 'Lively'

Aug 24, 2015
Olivia Pintair

Olivia Pintair, of Williston, has been writing with Young Writers Project since she was 8-years-old and is now entering her sophomore year at Emma Willard School. She says this poem was inspired by her love of nature and it describes the relationship one has with the natural world.

Kevin Hurley for the Burlington Free Press

Is making iced coffee as simple as pouring a pot of hot coffee over ice?

Melissa Pasanen, who writes for the Savorvore section of the Burlington Free Press, went out to find the perfect way to brew a cup of iced coffee. She talked to local coffee makers and brewers about their preferred methods for making this cold beverage.

Pasanen joined the VPR Café to share her findings. Learn more in her article.