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Awesome Etiquette: The Ebb And Flow Of Gift Giving

Jul 22, 2016
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Friendships, like any relationship, grow and change over time. Gift giving might be a part of how people celebrate birthdays and holidays in some friendships, but over time that can change as well.

What happens when a friendship grows more distant and you don’t want to keep giving gifts, but the other person continues to send them? Is there a tactful way to tell them they don’t need to keep sending gifts and make sure they know you still value their friendship?

Candace Page

While apples are the most common tree fruit grown in Vermont, you can also grow other fruits like peaches and plums in our cold climate. The development of cold-hardy varieties of fruit trees allows farmers to grow trees that normally wouldn’t survive in Vermont.

Sean Jacobsen

This fall, Stowe native Owen Leavey heads back to New York City for the second of a two-year professional actors' training program at Cap21 Conservatory. But while he's home for the summer, he is taking on his directorial debut at Stowe Theater Guild with "Almost, Maine."

Courtesy, Green Mountain Gardeners

This week, our Art Hounds have found rockabilly in Stowe, rock walls and gardens in Landgrove and watercolors in Barre for you to enjoy!

As part of its cross-country MobileBooth tour, StoryCorps is coming back to Burlington! The MobileBooth — an Airstream trailer outfitted with a recording studio — will be parked at the Burlington Waterfront right outside of the ECHO Center August 4 through September 2 to collect stories from Vermonters like you!

Kent McFarland / Vermont Center For Ecostudies

The Birds Of Vermont Museum in Huntington has created pollinator gardens to attract and support bees, butterflies, flies and other insects. 

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We've all lost beautiful summer squash, pumpkin or winter squash plants to the Squash Vine Borer. This destructive moth lays eggs in July at the base of these plants and the larvae burrows into the stem causing it to wilt.

VPR's Live from the Fort features musicians from around the state performing live at the VPR studios in Colchester. Through music and casual conversation, the series connects music lovers with Vermont-based musicians.

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The musical challenge of the 19th century composer was finding the balance between the traditional styles and forms of the past while embracing their own heritage and homeland. The Bohemian composer, Antonin Dvorak, was extremely successful at walking this fine line.  Many consider Dvorak to be the greatest Czech nationalist composer of all time.

Young Writers Project: Lightning Bug Kisses

Jul 18, 2016
Courtesy, Susan Reid

Lightning Bug Kisses

By Erin Bundock, 18, Shelburne

She's sweeter than 
lightning bug kisses,
or dandelion wishes on a Sunday afternoon.
She's the moon's child,
caught here until she finds
her return address on one of the fallen stars.

Awesome Etiquette: When Should A Waiter Clear The Table?

Jul 15, 2016
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There’s often debate about the etiquette to follow when eating out at a restaurant, both for diners and servers.

One hotly debated question has to do with when a server should remove empty plates from the table. Is it better to remove plates as diners finish eating, or should they wait to clear the table after everyone has finished their meal?

Glenn Russell / Burlington Free Press

Last year, the Burlington Food Shelf received a grant to create a special food truck, which is now called The Good Food Truck. Its purpose is to bring food to people who can’t get to the Burlington Food Shelf.

Currently, the Good Food Truck serves around 200 meals a week.

Matthew Thorsen

If you know a young adult reader who likes the kind of books that you need to store in the freezer at night, you might steer them toward the newest thriller from Margot Harrison.

Janet Van Fleet

Big art is being displayed in the windows and on the walls at the Berlin Mall, the teen group Village Harmony sings in South Hero and a traveling exhibit aims to engage viewers to 'Wake Up To Dying' in Burlington.

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That bearded, beret-wearing man who often sits next to actor Jack Nicholson at Los Angeles Lakers' home games is music industry mogul Lou Adler.

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The variability of summer weather means you have to stay on your toes to make sure your garden gets enough water. Here are three tips for keeping your flowers and vegetables hydrated this summer:

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In the ballrooms of Vienna in the 19th century, if you heard a waltz it was highly likely that it was written by a member of the Strauss family; either the father, Johann, or one of his three sons, Johann Jr., Josef or Eduard.

Awesome Etiquette: Asking For One-On-One Time From Friends In Relationships

Jul 10, 2016

If you're single, sometimes it feels like your friends in relationships only want to hang out when their partner is out of town or unavailable. It can feel like a petty complaint, but feeling like you're only a backup plan is no fun. How can you talk to your friends about hanging out one-on-one without sound like you're complaining about their partner?

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While annual weeds such as chickweed and pigweed have many control options, including eating them, keeping perennial weeds out of your garden is trickier. Perennial weeds are tough because they can form new plants along their roots, so even if you pull out most of the plant, what's left behind in the soil will eventually send up a new shoot.

Jennie Harriman

An organization called SafeArt in Chelsea is on a mission to heal. Through performances, individual work and group classes, SafeArt offers up creative expression for all age groups as a means to heal and even prevent trauma and abuse.