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Courtesy, The Sheldon Museum/Artist Sarah Ashe

Discover new artists and venues in the new year!

2016 Holiday Programs On VPR And VPR Classical

Dec 22, 2016
Amanda Shepard

This holiday season, make VPR and VPR Classical part of your celebrations and enjoy a variety of special programs, ranging from traditional to new.

Young Writers Project: Drugged

Dec 20, 2016
Madi Cohen

I take it like a drug, one that falls
like rain over my open skin,
drink it in like water
until it runs in my blood
knowing nothing but this feeling,
nothing but euphoria of this moment.

U.S. Public Domain

In previous centuries there were prevailing styles and forms of music. The Baroque, Classical and Romantic eras have their own set of conventions that composers followed. But the 20th century saw fragmentation as composers reacted and counter-reacted to the artistic expressions around them. Neoclassism is an example of such a reaction.


Enjoy ten of our favorite performances from VPR's Live From The Fort, featuring Paper Castles, Abbie Morin, Violet Ultraviolet, The Smittens and more!

Young Writers Project: What He Called Me

Dec 16, 2016
Alison Redlich Photo

Cierra Mist,

that’s what he called me.

A day in June of 2015 was the day I got the nickname.

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From having the proper tools to timing out the meal to keeping guests happy, there are many elements to juggle while whipping up a holiday feast. This week the VPR Cafe brings you helpful tips for preparing a holiday meal.

Courtesy, Joel Najman

Jerome Kern is often referred to as "The Father Of American Musical Theater." During the first half of the 20th century, Kern composed more than 700 songs for no less than 104 musical stage productions and motion pictures.

Courtesy, Jack Mayer

Jack Mayer wears many hats: He is a pediatrician in Middlebury, a speaker with the Vermont Humanities Council, an instructor in pediatrics at the University of Vermont School of Medicine and a writer. But it's his role as a son and grandson of a family who fled World War II-era Germany and the Holocaust, he says, that has informed his latest book.

Awesome Etiquette: Dealing With A Judgy Do-It-Yourself Master

Dec 16, 2016
Milkos / iStock

Everyone has that DIY-inclined friend that seems to make it all. They brew their own kombucha in their kitchen sink while re-upholstering their old sofa (Heck, you might even be that friend.) And it's all well and good — that is until they start to judge you for your store-bought choices.

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'Tis the season for Handel's Messiah! Nearly 275 years after it was first performed, Messiah has become a holiday season staple. Check out our list of performances and sing-alongs planned for the next few weeks and share with us any we might have missed.

Dave Celone

Intricate carvings with hidden images grace a pop-up gallery in White River Junction, plus students from a voice studio perform a holiday cabaret.

Courtesy, Herb Land

Usually when recommending gifts for gardeners, I suggest tools, gloves or seeds but any good edible gardener knows that you need the right equipment to process what you grow.

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Sergei Prokofiev’s Peter and the Wolf is an excellent example of the Russian composer’s style; modernist harmonic expression with accessible melodies and familiar forms. His life though, was far from a fairytale and chronicles the volatile changes in Russia and the world in the first half of the 20th century.

VPR Cafe: Jam Bakery

Dec 9, 2016
Oliver Parini

Ever bought a baked buttermilk scone out of a 1997 Ford Econoline Van? Julia Clancy, a food writer for Seven Days, caught up with the brains behind the operation known as Jam Bakery and visited The VPR Cafe to share the story.

Jane Lindholm / VPR

We're getting answers to all of your weather questions! Where does snow come from? Why do clouds stay up in the sky? How hot is lightning? What are thunderstorms? How is wind made? Those questions and more are answered by meteorologist Mark Breen, author of The Kids' Book of Weather Forecasting.


Musician Leon Russell passed away this year. Before emerging as a major rock star under his own name in the early 1970's, Russell was a studio session musician as a member of Los Angeles' elite "Wrecking Crew," that creme de la creme group of first-call players.

Enjoy arts events featuring student writers, musicians and actors, a holiday pop-up shop with works by local artisans and some holiday concerts.

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When visiting someone in a shared building with a security system, you may find yourself waiting at the door to be buzzed in. If others are waiting as well, should you let them in with you when your friend buzzes you in, or ask them to wait for the person they're visiting to unlock the door for them?

Courtesy, Creekside Farm

Holiday wreaths adorn many houses this time of year. They can be traditional evergreen wreaths with pine cones, winter berries and dried grasses or creative takes on the traditional.