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Kent McFarland / Vermont Center For Ecostudies

Biologists Kent McFarland and Sara Zahendra visited a deer reporting station in Barre during Youth Hunting Weekend. They talked with biologist John Buck of the Vermont Fish And Game Department about how the state manages the deer herd and the role that deer play in Vermont's ecosystem. 

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No other composer in recent history was able to adapt to the changing styles of his time like Igor Stravinsky. He was a composer of international acclaim with ties to Russia, Switzerland, Germany, France and even Hollywood. During his long life he saw war, revolution and dynamic shifts in artistic expression. Nevertheless, he was always in touch with his own compositional voice. His music of any style or genre sounds like Stravinsky.

Awesome Etiquette: Speak Nicely Of Ex In Front Of Kids

Nov 18, 2016

Here's something to think about as we approach the holiday season: Even though you may be separated or divorced from your spouse, it is always best to speak positively about your ex in front of your children. And this rule goes for everyone in the family.

Courtesy, Joel Najman

Guitarist, songwriter and record producer Chips Moman passed away in June of this year at age 79. This week's My Place program celebrates the life in music of Moman with memorable recordings by Elvis Presley, Carla Thomas and many others.

Courtesy, Misha Johnson

Vermont has embraced the idea of "farm-to-table" but what about "farm-to-apothecary?" Julia Clancy is a food writer for Seven Days and she recently visited the VPR Cafe to talk about farmers in Vermont who grow medicinal herbs for use in health and wellness practices.

Courtesy, Sharon Academy

This weekend, look forward to a dance party at Nectar's, classical Christmas music, holiday train rides and pirates on stage.

Elsie Smith

Elsie Smith and her identical twin sister, Serenity Smith Forchion, were seemingly born to fly. She and her sister began their careers in the circus arts at a young age and started teaching others early too.

Young Writers Project: Ignore

Nov 14, 2016
Courtesy, Susan Reid

The word "ignore" has such a negative connotation,

it is only thought of in relation

to being unwanted, an enraging frustration.

Timeline: Bela Bartok

Nov 14, 2016
U.S. Public Domain

Bela Bartok was a composer, pianist and musicologist. He was so devoted to his studies and artistic pursuits that he stated, “If I would cross myself I would say ‘in the name of Nature, Art and Science.’” His compositions had both a nationalistic fervor and an adventurous spirit, pushing the boundaries of music in the 20th century.

Awesome Etiquette: Be A Gracious Guest When Friends Are Not Great Cooks

Nov 12, 2016

When your new friends, who also happen to be self-professed lousy cooks, have invited you to their house for a meal, it's time to strategize.

At mealtime, first and foremost, do not bring up the quality of their cooking. Instead, plan ahead: Approach the situation with awareness, knowing you probably won't be eating a full meal and eat a snack before and bring one with you for after. Make an effort to at least try a small portion of everything that you're served.

Brent Harrewyn for Vermont Creamery

Vermont Creamery co-founder Allison Hooper spent a semester abroad in 1980 and it may have changed our Vermont cheese selection for the better. Seven Days food writer Hannah Palmer Egan visited the VPR Cafe to talk about the cheese that came to be decades after that visit abroad and how a couple of local creameries are making GMO-free cheeses in Vermont.

Courtesy, Joel Najman

The early 1960's professional partnership of music industry entrepreneur Lester Sill and record producer Phil Spector was turbulent and short-lived.

Fall is composting time and there are lots of ways to do it. Here is a Composting 101 review for new composters and those needing a refresher!

Courtesy, Emer Pond Feeney/OffCenter For Dramatic Arts

This weekend, take in a play in Burlington, come in from the cold for some live music  in Townshend or watch dancers onstage in West Rutland.

Young Writers Project: The Cabin

Nov 7, 2016
Courtesy, Susan Reid

Craig was tired. He had been working all day, and even walking home was an enormous challenge. He glanced at his watch. It read, 7:30 p.m., Friday, June 20. He focused on the path ahead, to keep his mind off his tired legs and sore feet. He walked past the corner store, and the park, up into the more rural part of town.

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Charles Ives was an organist, a baseball player, an insurance salesman and a part-time composer. He was ahead of his time, and his compositions inspired a growing modernist movement in American music during the 20th century.

I've been growing mushrooms in wood chip beds for years, but last year I decided to try something different. A local mushroom grower was selling pre-inoculated shiitake logs, so I purchased some. Well, even after a dry summer and my infrequent watering, our logs are fruiting.

Awesome Etiquette: Hosting Holiday Visitors

Nov 4, 2016

You are hosting both of your families for the long Thanksgiving weekend and they haven't spent this much time together since your wedding. Their personalities could not be more different. How do you keep everyone happy and not lose your mind in the process?

Glenn Russell/Burlington Free Press

Working a job in the food industry comes with notoriously long hours and usually low pay. And even when a chef or food producer is passionate about their craft, burning out becomes a real on-the-job hazard.

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VPR's Art Hounds suggest several staged plays, a West African drumming and dance workshop, an art exhibit and a horror film fest.