Lac Megantic

Ryan Remiorz / AP

Four years ago, a huge fireball appeared over the small Quebec town of Lac Megantic. The fireball was from an explosion caused by a runaway train that crashed into the downtown. Nearly 50 people were killed.

That tragedy is being examined again this week in a courthouse in Sherbrooke, Quebec, where three railway employees are on trial for criminal negligence.

Paul Chiasson / AP/The Canadian Press

On July 6 of this year, in Quebec’s Eastern Townships, a rail disaster occurred in the small town center of Lac-Mégantic. It rocked the town, the region and the rail industry.

Wednesday, Nov. 20 at Noon and 7PM, we’ll look at what immediate steps have been taken in the U.S. and Canada to improve rail safety and at what other measures are being considered.

Globe and Mail Reporter Kim Mackrael and Railway Age Editor in Chief William Vantuono discuss the Lac Mégantic accident and the safety issues that have been addressed in its wake.