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Department of Liquor Control Deputy Commissioner Gary Kessler looks through some of the fake IDs the state collected using a new high-tech scanner.
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The Department of Liquor Control has collected more than 800 fake IDs since introducing a new high-tech detection scanner at bars and stores, mostly around the Burlington area.

The Vermont state offices for the Department of Human Resources and the Department of Moter Vehicles.
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The Department of Motor Vehicles is getting a new computer system that would allow it to add a third option for people who do not identify as male or female.


After considerable debate and numerous drafts, a new Vermont Fair and Impartial Policing Policy has been adopted.

The Bellows Falls Police Department arrested a man recently with about 1,000 bags of heroin in his car. Police Chief Ron Lake, pictured above, asked this year for a new officer to combat the heroin crisis but the voters rejected his request.
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The Senate Government Operations Committee is holding a series of meetings across the state to look at how Vermont pays for and uses its law enforcement services.

South Burlington High School and Milton Middle School have both had rocky conversations about race and inclusion during this school year.
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Racial discrimination in Vermont can be an isolating experience — partly because the state has such a small percentage of people of color, and also because the problem often goes unnoticed by Vermont's overwhelmingly white majority.

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Vermont's Republican governor asked the Legislature to deliver a state law that blunts some of federal law enforcement's ability to identify undocumented people for deportation. The state Senate unanimously agreed, and now the House will weigh in. So where do Republican legislators stand on the question?

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Burlington, Montpelier, and Winooski are all at various points in the process of becoming so-called "sanctuary cities," with South Burlington in discussions as well. So what does that mean?

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The Vermont State Police officially raised the flag at its new $6.2 million barracks in Westminster Thursday.

Vermont Department of Public Safety

Earlier this month the Bristol Police Department was surprised to learn a man on probation for raping a child had been living in the village, a short distance from the school and a daycare, since October.

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This week the Vermont Senate has taken up a wide-ranging electronic privacy bill that would apply to data from a broad array of sources: license-plate readers, phone calls, even drones. We're exploring what the bill covers, and whether it strikes the right balance between the privacy rights of individual Vermonters and the needs of law enforcement. 

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Police officers in the Town of Shelburne are represented by the New England Police Benevolent Association, a law enforcement union that endorsed Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump after he proposed a ban on all Muslim immigrants.

Shelburne Police Officer Josh Flore said that while the officers are represented by the union, its endorsement of Trump does not translate to an endorsement from Shelburne police.

"As far as questions about supporting Mr. Trump, I would suggest contacting the NEPBA," Flore wrote in response to an inquiry.

State Police are looking into why a Rutland Town officer was not able to reach the emergency dispatch center in Rockingham last week while responding to an incident reportedly involving a firearm. 

Some have pointed to the incident as proof that the local Rutland Dispatch center should not have been closed. 

Last Thursday afternoon, Rutland Town Police Captain Ted Washburn responded to a 911 call from a man who said two men in a red sedan were pointing a handgun at him in the General Electric parking lot.

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Even the most law-abiding drivers have been written up for speeding at some point. They were in a hurry to get somewhere or simply didn’t realize how fast they were going.

But there’s another category of speeding that goes beyond that.

Burlington's City Council is set to vote Monday night on Mayor Miro Weinberger's pick to head up the Burlington Police Department.

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The release of a high-risk sex offender from prison last week is again raising questions about state sex offender laws. 

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The chairwoman of the Vernon Select board is under investigation on allegations that she tried to interfere with a drunk driving arrest in her town. Vernon Selectboard Chairwoman Patty O’Donnell denies those allegations. She says she objected not to the arrest, but to "aggressive behavior" by a sheriff’s deputy.