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The state’s two main health insurance providers are seeking a more than 8-percent increase in rates next year, and state officials say the requests underscore the need for comprehensive health care reform.

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According to a federal report, Vermont is one of three states that have experienced security problems with their health care exchanges. But the Shumlin Administration says these problems were fixed more than a year ago.

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House leaders are calling for a comprehensive independent assessment of Vermont Health Connect, the state's health care exchange, to determine the best way to provide coverage to Vermonters in the future.

But the Shumlin administration says the study isn't needed.

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Last week, Congress delayed the imposition of a tax on expensive health care policies. Vermont state officials praised the move, but warned the tax will take effect eventually.

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The first independent, external audit of Vermont Health Connect has arrived, and Virginia-based auditing firm says the state is out of compliance with federal regulations for state health insurance exchanges.

A Boston-based tech firm responsible for constructing a major component of Vermont’s online health insurance exchange looks to be going out of business.

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Gov. Peter Shumlin says Vermont finally has the elusive piece of technology it needs to resolve problems on the state’s troubled health insurance exchange. 

It could still be months, however, before all Vermont Health Connect customers will enjoy the benefits. And critics aren't convinced this new fix will be the silver bullet Shumlin says it is. 

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The future of Vermont’s health insurance exchange depends on the Shumlin administration’s ability to meet a looming deadline. Still unanswered, though, is the question of how to proceed if the milestone goes unmet. Lt. Gov. Phil Scott and top lawmakers think the solution might be in Connecticut.

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Gov. Peter Shumlin has set a May 30 deadline for delivering what’s known as “change of circumstance” functionality to Vermont Health Connect. The administration and House Speaker Shap Smith, however, may be at odds over the significance of that date.

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The Shumlin administration is working with the state’s health insurance carriers to reconcile millions of dollars in billing discrepancies resulting from Vermont Health Connect’s lack of key functions.

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This is going to be a critical week for the future of a major health care initiative in the House. It's unlikely that the House Ways and Means committee is going raise as much money as the Shumlin administration originally proposed, which means some elements of the governor's plan may have to be scaled back.

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The Shumlin administration says it is "very confident" that a key function of the state's health care exchange will be working by the end of next month. The governor says he'll ask lawmakers to drop the state's exchange and move to a federal model if this deadline isn't met.

Problems continue to plague Vermont Health Connect. The Shumlin administration says it will be at least another two months before an online, automated system is in place to allow consumers to make changes to their health care policies.

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In the lead up to the state’s firing of contractor CGI as the developer of Vermont Health Connect, officials contracted a separate company to analyze the project’s development.

The 166-page report was handed over to state officials last night; it concludes that CGI wasn’t delivering on its promises, and the work it completed was often sub-par.

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Gov. Peter Shumlin added a high-level slot in his administration today when he made former Commerce Secretary Lawrence Miller the new “senior advisor to the governor and Chief of Health Care Reform.”

Miller will report directly to Shumlin, officials said at a news conference Thursday, and serve as the governor’s point person on health care reform issues. Previously, Robin Lunge, who serves as director of health care reform, was the top administration official working exclusively on health care reform issues.

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Tues 10/08/13 Noon & 7PM   A few weeks ago, a contingent of Vermont business people, Governor Peter Shumlin and Commerce Secretary Lawrence Miller traveled to China to meet with potential EB-5 visa investors for the Northeast Kingdom Economic Development Initiative.

Secretary Miller updates us on the results of that trip and discusses the strength of the state’s economy, areas of potential business growth and the unemployment numbers.