Winter can be a time of hearty stew, spicy chili and other dishes that leave you feeling warm. What recipes do you turn to during cold winter months?

The snow and cold of February in Vermont can make winter feel endless. When the temperature drops and you need a hearty meal, what foods and recipes do you rely on to make this time of year feel just a bit warmer?

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The state's largest slaughterhouse is about to get even bigger.

Vermont Packinghouse recently received an Act 250 permit for a $1 million expansion.

Annie Russell

When Trader Joe’s opened its first store in the state last week, Vermonters turned out in droves. The national chain is known for its discount specialty foods. And as customers stocked up, some looked for local, as well as low-cost.

The South Burlington Trader Joe’s opened with the kind of fanfare usually reserved for, well, something other than the arrival of a grocery store.

Charlotte Albright

Roadside stands, farmers markets, and local food restaurants abound in Vermont, and one reason for that abundance is the Farm to Plate Strategic Plan. The Legislature mandated this plan in 2009, and since that time, there has been a statewide effort to coordinate all aspects of the local food system- from agricultural jobs, to land availability, to meat processing, to farmers markets. It's a big effort and it has started to bear some fruit.

I raised my first pig in 1985. Our house was in a perfect spot: On one side, there was an old cellar hole we turned into a sty, and on the other was a farm stand, where we picked up unsold produce at the end of each day. Our pig got fat on strawberries and squashes and apples gone by.

Northfield Farmers Market

Seasonal farmers markets will soon begin sprouting up around Vermont. Among them will be the Northfield Farmers Market, which has been held Tuesday afternoons at the Northfield Village Common since 2007. But this year the Northfield Village Common will also be home to a second farmers market, held on Monday afternoons. The new market will be called Friendly Farms Market, but the relationship between market organizers is far from cordial.