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For Vermont Edition's annual music show, we wanted to know: What song tells a story about 2016 for you?

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As the year comes to a close, it’s time to take stock of the music released by Vermont artists over the last 12 months. VPR spoke with Dan Bolles, music editor for Seven Days, about his top Vermont music picks for 2016.

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After Chile's right-wing coup in 1973, Chilean songwriter and activist Victor Jara was tortured and killed – but he and his music became a powerful symbol of hope in Latin America and beyond.

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It's the end of an era in Burlington for what's been called the country's oldest all-ages punk venue. 242 Main, which was housed in the basement of Memorial Auditorium, is closing for the time being due to structural issues with the building.

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After playing together for six years, Kat Wright and her band, the Indomitable Soul Band, are releasing their debut full-length album, By My Side.

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Class Records operated in Los Angeles from 1951 through 1963 and released some of the finest rhythm and blues and rock and roll of that period.


Last week Bob Dylan was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature, becoming the first American since Toni Morrison to receive that honor. During his five decades of making music, he played countless shows, and on one of his most famous tours, he came through Vermont.

Otis René is best known as the co-author of the 1931 song "When It's Sleepy Time Down South", co-written with his brother Leon René and this week on My Place, we'll hear songs penned by these song-writing siblings.

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A non-profit formed by fans of Phish recently released a new edition of a massive book that chronicles the band’s history and includes setlists and notes on almost every show the band’s ever played.  

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Forty years ago, when we turned on the radio, we were hearing "Show Me the Way," the first hit from the album Frampton Comes Alive!, which was released on Jan. 6, 1976. The songs from that album came from four concerts, and one of them was held on the campus of Plattsburgh State University in New York.

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For most kids in Vermont, school is now back in session. Jerry Appell of Brattleboro is the founder of Rock In The Classroom, and a few years ago, he recorded a couple of CDs that taught and engaged high school and college students about a variety of subjects through the power of song.

Now, he's shifted his attention to teaching the teachers.

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Many people in Rutland are debating what impact new refugees would have on the city. But immigrants from Italy, Ireland and Eastern Europe have already left indelible marks on the city.

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Central Vermont residents might remember Happy Herb the plumber. He spent 45 years climbing under sinks and fixing leaky pipes. But a decade ago, Herb Heath closed his business.

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For more than 35 years, the Vermont Mozart Festival enthralled audiences with a series of outdoor concerts, but it folded under significant debt in 2010. Now a local violinist has decided to bring it back with a new business model. 

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More than 50 years ago, in Southern Calfornia, a young Steve Gillette was just learning how to write songs when his little sister Darcy had a brush with a feisty horse, inspiring a now-familiar ballad.

"Darcy Farrow" has become part of the folk music lexicon, performed and recorded hundreds of times. 

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The Burlington Discover Jazz Festival is an annual celebration of summer, music and community in Vermont. The festival began June 3 and wraps up on Sunday, so if you haven't made plans for the coming days yet, we've got you covered with a few suggestions for performances to check out.

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Last year, Danielle O'Hallisey found herself amidst a coming-together of unrelated events, the result of which led to the composition of an exciting new work.

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What do Flannery O'Connor, Vampires in the Lemon Grove, Ulysses and State Treasurer Beth Pearce have in common? They're all referenced on the new record from Burlington-based band Violet Ultraviolet.

Songwriter Jake Brennan spoke with VPR about the new album Pop City and the inspirations behind it.

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We’re turning things around! Instead of you sending us the question, this time we’re asking the question and looking to you for some answers. We wanted to explore why music moves us.

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The Vermont Jazz Center recently purchased a Steinway D grand piano. The Steinway D is the gold standard for concert pianos, and it ups the game at the Brattleboro nonprofit music organization.