Abby Mnookin

It was a wet, spring evening when my six-year-old and I set out to help salamanders and frogs cross the road a few miles from our Brattleboro home.

Chris and Martin Kratt performing their live 'Wild Kratts' show on stage.
Courtesy of Wild Kratts Live

The Kratt brothers have introduced kids across the country to a love of animals and nature through a series of wildly popular TV shows, including Kratts' Creatures, Zoboomafoo and now Wild Kratts.

Barb & Dean Russ & Williams / Flickr

Elections come and go, but Vermont Edition's bird shows are eternal. We're taking a brief break from politics to watch the skies as flocks migrate south for the winter.

Katieb50 / Flickr

A group of crows is called a murder and people seem to associate these corvids with death and darkness. But crows are very social creatures and at this time of year they often flock together by the thousands for warmth, safety, and, possibly, convivial conversation.

Lost In The Woods? Here's How To Stay Warm And Dry Overnight

Oct 2, 2015
Christopher Biddle

The weather has finally turned colder. The fall foliage makes it a great time to get into the woods after work for a nice late evening walk. But what would happen if you got lost and had to spend the night?

Nature-Based Learning Coming To Craftsbury

Apr 18, 2013

Two educators in Craftsbury are working to bring nature-based learning to town for children as young as 3 years old. This month Anna Crytzer is launching a new outdoor program, currently called “Forest School,” modeled after the Earthwalk program in Plainfield. Based out of Sterling College, Forest School will offer programing for school-aged children, including homeschoolers and public school students.