New Hampshire

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Voters in New Hampshire will go to the polls next Tuesday for the nation's first primary election. In the Democratic race, Senator Bernie Sanders holds a commanding lead over former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in polls, but that gap is expected to narrow. We're checking in on the campaigns in these final days running up to the vote.

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Most polls put Donald Trump squarely atop the Republican Party presidential field in New Hampshire. But an intense battle is underway for a second and third place showing in next Tuesday's primary, as candidates furiously crisscross the state to connect with voters.

Three Dartmouth College professors are under criminal investigation for alleged sexual misconduct, according to a news release from the college.
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When the results from Iowa are out, that's when all eyes turn to New Hampshire - so that's where we're going. We're broadcasting live from the Dartmouth College campus in Hanover, New Hampshire.

We'll unpack the results from the Iowa Caucuses and look ahead to the New Hampshire primary with some top politics watchers.

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With all the attention paid to the most recent Republican presidential debate in Las Vegas – and the GOP presidential race in general – it can be easy to forget that the Democratic candidates for president have another debate of their own coming up Saturday in Manchester, New Hampshire.

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A Brattleboro company that was talking about moving to New Hampshire to expand will receive $1 million from the state of Vermont to encourage it instead to stay.

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If you use the Internet or carry a smartphone  and let's face it, that's almost everyone who's not off the grid  you probably already know that companies are tracking our movements. Apps track where we shop, the items we search for, and where we like to travel. Companies are gathering as much data as they can, in large part to come up with more effective ads to sell us more stuff, or in the case of the government, to track suspicious activity.

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Bernie Sanders has been drawing large crowds to his campaign events and Monday night’s jam-packed rally at the Littleton Opera House was no exception.

The Department of Energy has released a long-awaited draft of its Environmental Impact Statement examining the Northern Pass project as well as alternatives including complete or partial burial.

The agency found that full burial of the power lines would have the smallest impact visually but would be about twice as expensive. However, the report said, burying the transmission lines would provide about 1,500 jobs, almost twice as many as putting them overhead.

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A resort developer who used to own ski areas in Vermont says he's confident that an ambitious project planned for New Hampshire's North Country will soon move forward.

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There’s controversy brewing in Lebanon, New Hampshire about a move to ban panhandling in public places. The proposed ordinance is spurred by the occasional soliciting of motorists slowed or stopped along busy Route 12A.

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Over the past week, state lawmakers across northern New England have been rolling up their sleeves and getting to work to start their 2015 sessions.

On Monday we learned about the major issues facing New York lawmakers; today we hear from Concord, where lawmakers in New Hampshire’s general court have their work cut out for them. 

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Attention, voters from New Hampshire — and over 30 other states. If you go to the polls this election, take a selfie of yourself and your marked ballot, and share it with others (for example, on Twitter or Facebook) you could be fined $1,000.

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Both of New Hampshire’s congressional districts, one of its Senate seats and the Governorship are all contested this year- and they’re all pretty tight races. Valley News local news editor John Gregg gave Vermont Edition an overview of election season in the Granite State.

The most high-profile race in New Hampshire is that for the US senate, where former governor and first-term incumbent Jeanne Shaheen is locked in a tight race against Scott Brown, the former Republican senator from Massachusetts.

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Next time you pour a nice cold glass of milk, you could have a robot to thank. That's because automated milking machines are showing up at more and more dairy farms in Vermont and New Hampshire.

The technology is cutting down on labor costs, increasing yield and teaching farmers more about the health and productivity of their herds.

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Author J.D. Salinger, the enigmatic author of The Catcher in the Rye, was secretive and reclusive. And his neighbors in Cornish, New Hampshire guarded his privacy fiercely. So, just about anything that gives us a peak into his world is of interest to those who loved his work. Recently, a home he once owned in Cornish, New Hampshire was put up for sale by its current owner.

Valley News Local News Editor John Gregg analyzes some of the key primary races in New Hampshire, including the Republican race to challenge incumbent Senator Jeanne Shaheen.

No License Plate Readers In New Hampshire, Lawmakers Rule

Jan 17, 2014

The New Hampshire House not only rejected allowing police to use license plate scanners, it then took the extra step of voting 214-135 to forbid that the issue be revisited in any form this year.

While supporters argued that plates information would be retained in the scanners for just 3 minutes, and might help solve crimes, critics like Manchester Democrat Joel Winters argued they erode privacy and embolden police to improperly conduct surveillance on the innocent.