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There was partisan bickering. There was procedural gamesmanship. And finally, after 11 long hours in the Statehouse, there was a policy resolution in Montpelier on Thursday. 

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A small group of people is gathering in the chambers of U.S. Magistrate Judge John Conroy at the federal courthouse building in Burlington at 9 a.m. on a Wednesday. They're here as part of a program called re-entry court, a program for people coming out of prison with a history of drug addiction.

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For 14 years, an annual conference in Vermont has focused on employee-owned businesses. Organizers say this year’s conference, held this week at Champlain College in Burlington, was the best attended yet. They say it’s one sign of growing interest in employee-owned business models.

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In the weeks since Rutland Mayor Christopher Louras announced the city had applied to become a refugee resettlement community and take in 100 Syrian refugees this fall, people in Rutland have been quickly taking sides on the issue.

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A group of Hinesburg residents got legal standing last week to fight Vermont Gas Systems on the company's effort to build a pipeline through a town park. They say the chosen route for the pipeline would be devastating for a rich ecosystem that includes state-designated wetlands.

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Talk to any parent with young children or infants and you're likely to hear one common complaint: It's really hard to find the right place, person and time to have their child looked after while they're working. Now a new statewide report confirms that this is more than a legitimate gripe. 

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People's United Bank Vermont City Marathon officials activated detailed emergency plans during Sunday's race in response to extreme weather conditions, ending the race just four hours after it began in downtown Burlington.

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Many foreign investors in Jay Peak’s EB-5 developments are scrambling in the wake of charges that the resort orchestrated a massive securities fraud with their money. But it’s more than just money riding on the outcome for some investors.

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It’s only been a year since Bernie Sanders stood on the waterfront in Burlington to announce his bid for the presidency. But his impact on the Democratic Party he chose to run under has already been substantial, and many left-leaning Vermonters say Sanders’ candidacy is shifting the ideological balance of the Vermont Democratic Party. 

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Vermont's population is aging, and that demographic trend has put new pressure on Medicare spending. It's also highlighted the need to improve care for older Vermonters. A unique program that links health care and other services to affordable housing complexes in Vermont may be part of the solution.  

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A decision by Dartmouth College to deny tenure to an Asian-American professor has brought national attention to the lack of diversity in higher education.

More than 3,000 people have signed a petition to overturn the decision.

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The challenge faced by people struggling with addiction has been exacerbated by lengthy waitlists for treatment. The backlog is now starting to shrink. And the positive trend is thanks in part to local doctors making a special effort to do more.

Friends of the Wardsboro Library

On Tuesday, Gov. Peter Shumlin will sign into law a bill proclaiming the Gilfeather Turnip the Vermont state vegetable. The town of Wardsboro, the mysterious turnip's ancestral home, couldn't be more pleased.

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Residents in Central Vermont towns are concerned about Utah engineer David Hall’s plans to buy 5,000 acres to build a community of 20,000 in their area. There's also opposition in a Provo, Utah neighborhood where Hall is buying property for similar ends.

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The battle over bathrooms and gender identity has come to a head in recent weeks, at least in some parts of the country. And Vermont is making an effort to stay ahead of the curve. 

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Farmers have started planting Vermont’s third hemp crop. Though their numbers are few, the acreage devoted to hemp has significantly increased this year, as has the direction of the state’s fledgling hemp industry.

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Hopes for single-payer health care in Vermont were sidelined at the end of 2014, but lawmakers haven’t given up on the concept of publicly-financed medical system. And a coming study could lay the groundwork for universal care for all Vermonters under the age of 27.

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Thirteen years ago, it cost nearly $3 billion to sequence the first human genome. Now that cost has plummeted to closer to $1,000 per genome, making it likely an increasingly common tool for patients in the not-so-distant future – and the subject of a recent pilot study at the University of Vermont.

Vermont has made it easier for both women and men to get birth control services. For the first time, new legislation requires that vasectomies are added to insurance policies — with no co-pay for the patient. 

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Backers of legislation to legalize marijuana say they're disappointed that they weren't successful this session. One problem was that the House and the Senate looked at the issue very differently.