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What do Vermonters think about the coming election? What about renewable energy? Guns? Marijuana? School consolidation? The VPR Poll has some answers.

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Remember those controversial spending thresholds that lawmakers used to try to control school spending in Vermont? Well, they worked. Or not, depending on who you talk to. And new budget numbers from districts across the state have done little to resolve the debate over education spending.

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What does a political revolution sound like? If you're Bernie Sanders, it's an eclectic medley of rap, blues, rock n' roll, country and reggae.

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  According to the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics, among the nation’s cities, Vermont’s lone metropolitan area has the third lowest unemployment rate in the country.

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When rain mixed with snowmelt last week in Rutland, the resulting flows overloaded the city's storm water and sewer system. More than 100,000 gallons of untreated storm water and sewage poured into local creeks. State and local officials are trying to stop overflows like this, but there are few simple solutions.

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With winter tourism suffering due to a lack of snow, you might think fewer people would be flying into Vermont. But officials at many regional airports say business is up.

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Vermont's Kevin Pearce was one of the bright young stars of professional snowboarding when tragedy struck. During half-pipe training in Park City, Utah, Kevin hit the ground head first while attempting a cab double cork.

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As more countries report cases, concern over the Zika virus has been growing. The primary worry is the effect the virus has on the fetuses of pregnant women who are bitten by mosquitoes that carry the virus. What does all this mean for Vermonters?

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The sight of bare soil and chopped down corn stalks might become rarer in Vermont, as farmers plant more winter cover crops. Agriculture officials say the practice can improve soil health and protect water quality by preventing nutrient run off.

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Vermonters have a lot of questions about Iowa. When we asked you, our audience, what you wanted to know ahead of our trip to the Hawkeye State, you sent more than 100 questions via e-mail, Facebook, Twitter and Reddit.

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When we asked our audience (that's you) for questions about the Iowa caucuses, a lot of people were curious about the unorthodox process of caucusing.

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When we hear about climate change in the media, the message tends to be of the gloom and doom variety. But there’s a message of hope to be found in a recent book about, of all things, soot.

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When Gov. Peter Shumlin voiced his support for legalizing recreational marijuana, he made a specific exception: edibles — pot infused cookies, brownies, butters and goodies.

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Farmers have become allies in renewable energy development in Vermont; often they have plenty of land, but struggle to make a profit. Farmers who offer to lease their land for solar installations sometimes are met with intense opposition. But one Ryegate farmer’s solar project appears to have the blessings of his neighbors.

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Let’s face it: Most news stories are not of the happily-ever-after variety. Sometimes they can be downright rough to read. That is … ruff! As in the human approximation of what a dog's bark sounds like.

And if that terrible pun gives you paws – er, pause – don't worry. We’ll get right to the news story that really does end well – about a beloved dog being reunited with his family after being on the run for more than a year in Vermont.

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The rise of Islamic State and other terrorist organizations have raised concerns about young people in Europe and the United States who get recruited to join and fight for these groups.

An organization in Montreal was so alarmed by this prospect that it created a program dedicated to anti-radicalization.

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Vermont native Sophie Caldwell won a World Cup in Germany on Tuesday, becoming the first U.S. woman in history to win a World Cup in the cross-country skiing classic sprint.

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On Thursday night, one of the most conservative candidates in the Republican presidential primary visited one of the most liberal states in the country.

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The following is the full text of Gov. Peter Shumlin's State of the State address, delivered at the Vermont Statehouse, Jan. 7, 2016. 

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Franklin County Senator Norm McAllister was arrested at the Statehouse in May on several charges, including sexual assault, and on Wednesday the Vermont Senate voted to suspend him until his criminal trial is resolved.  But the vote was far from unanimous, with 10 of 30 senators voting against the resolution to suspend him.