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The leadership team of Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has laid out what it says is the path to victory in the party's nomination contest and the general election in November.

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As many Vermonters know all too well, catastrophic floods have become increasingly frequent in the state. In many cases, they devastate homes, roads and farms.

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On this final day of 2015 we're taking a look back at some of the year's most significant news stories, some of which will no doubt influence events in 2016.

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As 2015 draws to a close, we've taken a look through our archives for the sound that best captures some of events that unfolded this year. 

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A new film featuring the Green Mountain State is about a young married couple who decides to move to Vermont to find their more “authentic” selves and work on their troubled marriage. It's Us explores the idea of a "geographic fix" – that moving to a bucolic state with its beautiful pastoral landscapes and mountain air can help resolve an existential crisis. But ... can it?

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The fate of the $154 million Vermont Gas pipeline to Addison County will be decided in a matter of weeks, and regulators could order the company to stop building the pipeline because it mishandled cost estimates for the project.

Vermont Gas has already spent more than $80 million on the new pipeline, much of that while the future of the project was uncertain. That spending was a major risk, but a plan Vermont Gas quietly implemented last winter means its customers – not the corporation – could end up shouldering the cost of the project even if it gets canceled.

Here's how Vermont Gas did it.

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For years, backcountry skiers have been illegally cutting trees and brush to open up trails. As the sport grows in popularity, officials with Green Mountain National Forest hope a new pilot program in Vermont could become a model to curb unsanctioned cutting, and expand terrain at the same time.

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We know salt helps keep icy roads safe, but the salt itself has some negative side effects on the environment – and our cars. In Quebec, the city of Laval is experimenting with a special, alternative additive: white beet extract.

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It’s been almost a year since Gov. Peter Shumlin abandoned his push for single-payer health care. But the fight for a publicly-funded health care system continues, and House Speaker Shap Smith is now eyeing universal care for a large subset of Vermont’s population.

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Joyce Dobbertin, a physician at Corner Medical, a large rural primary care practice in Lyndonville, is a big fan of electronic medical records. In fact, about 15 years ago, when Corner Medical’s office burned down, she saw an opportunity rise from the ashes, as a fellow physician looked at the flames in horror.

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Inside the South Burlington studio, sparks fly and underneath the heatproof welder's visor is Burlington-based sculptor, Kat Clear.

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Vermont is known for its iconic dairy cows, which regularly dot its lush green hillsides in summer. But in a pasture in Reading, the cattle look a bit different. 

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With the passing of Vermont’s Clean Water Act last year, the state has made a serious commitment to tackle the pollution problems plaguing Lake Champlain.

But less well known are recent major updates to the pollution data that’s the guiding force dictating just how much runoff the state needs to cut back.    

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Burlington authorities say a woman was raped in the bathroom of the Edward J. Costello Courthouse last week. The state Attorney General's office says a warrant was issued yesterday for 32-year-old Robert Rosario of Burlington, who's still at large. 

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News reports began speculating earlier this week that it might happen. But Killington Resort now says it’s official: The resort will host a Skiing World Cup event next year.

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Rain gardens, porous pavement and green roofs – what do these three things have in common? They are all examples of green infrastructure, designed to help alleviate stormwater runoff.

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Refugee assistance organizations, including one in Vermont, are responding to President Obama’s call to bring an additional 10,000 Syrian refugees to the U.S.

Amila Merdzanovic, the director of the Vermont Refugee Resettlement Program, says given the scope of the refugee crisis, she’s disappointed in the president’s proposal.

VPR question wheel at the 2015 Champlain Valley Fair.
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We dispatched a team of producers and reporters to the 94th Champlain Valley Fair in Essex Junction for one day last week. Their mission? Capture personal stories as diverse as the crowd itself at the fair.

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Even as state and federal officials direct new money and staffing to water quality efforts across the state, the networks of pipes that bring water to and from Vermont homes and businesses are crumbling beneath their feet.