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Not every community is fortunate enough to have someone like Mariam Herwig, who died last Friday at the age of 91. Known to all as ‘Mim,’ Herwig was a historian, author and poet.

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A 27-year-old man recovering from drug addiction will graduate from the Community College of Vermont on Saturday. Wayne Miller originally entered college for all the wrong reasons, but made a dramatic turnaround.

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Getting plenty of exercise and fresh air is common advice from physicians. And now a group of doctors around Vermont is actually writing prescriptions that include free entry to Vermont State Parks.

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As the drummer for the Burlington band Waylon Speed, Justin Crowther has been making music for years. Now he’s planning to make music it in a different way: He’ll press vinyl records.

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A Burlington company that develops software and hardware for unmanned aerial vehicles, or drones, is the first company in Vermont to get a federal permit allowing the use of drones for commercial purposes.

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Each year, VPR collaborates with the Vermont Humanities Council for "Vermont Reads," a statewide reading program. This year, people around Vermont are reading and discussing Haroun and the Sea of Stories by acclaimed author Salman Rushdie.

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Nina Totenberg has been NPR’s legal affairs correspondent for almost 40 years. And even if you don’t follow the courts or the law, you’ve probably found yourself enjoying Totenberg’s reenactments of Supreme Court justices making the lawyers before them squirm.

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Catching sight of a tightly curled, bright green fiddlehead can turn turn an ordinary walk along the river into a foraging adventure.  This is fiddlehead season, and foragers are trying to find the balance between gathering their favorite treats, and leaving enough behind to guarantee a healthy crop next season.  We talk with botanist Arthur Haines of the New England Wildflower Society, Shelburne Farms head chef David Hugo, and VPR's own expert forager Robert Resnik about how to find, eat and protect wild edibles like fiddleheads, mushrooms and ramps.

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You may be of the belief that a spoonful of maple syrup helps the medicine go down – and now preliminary research from McGill University suggests that maple syrup may also help the medicine do its job.

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Vermont Gas Systems has a powerful new opponent in its efforts to build a controversial natural gas pipeline into Addison County. The Vermont chapter of the AARP filed testimony from a Louisiana economist who said his calculations show the project will result in a net loss of almost $200 million over 20 years to the state’s economy.

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Back in January, Vermont Edition aired an interview with the National Geographic photographer Nathan Benn, whose 1970s photographs of Vermont and beyond are on display at the Shelburne Museum in an exhibit called Kodachrome Memory: American Pictures, 1972-1990. One of the photos from the exhibition that we posted online showed a man that several people recognized, more than 40 years later.

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The news from Nepal last weekend was devastating, and as we learn more about the destruction of the massive earthquake there, we're also reminded that many people in Vermont have personal and professional connections to Nepal.

Here are some of the people trying to figure out ways to help.

Vermont For Nepal

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The lawmakers who have taken an oath to represent their constituents are the only ones who vote on legislation, but they’re not the only ones making things happen in the Statehouse every spring – and they’re definitely not the highest-paid.

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Phoenix Books will open a 2,400-square-foot store in downtown Rutland by September. City officials say it's the latest step in collaborative efforts to revitalize the city.

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A new business is mushrooming in St. Johnsbury. Literally. 

At Mushroom King, a new venture at the former site of a lumber kiln, shiitake, oyster and reishi mushrooms are sprouting. The farmers, Bob and Lisa Brown, hope to sell the thousands of pounds of exotic fungi to local restaurants and to a produce distributor.

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Each year, thousands of people attempt to hike 2,180 miles from Georgia to Maine on the Appalachian Trail,  a small section of which crosses through Vermont.

But this year, the Appalachian Trail Conservancy is worried that high profile movies such as Wild and A Walk in the Woods are going to entice un-prepared hikers to attempt their own adventure on the trail.

Okemo Mountain Resort, courtesy

A number of ski resorts, including Suicide Six, Middlebury’s College Bowl, Pico, Q-Burke and Cochran’s, have all closed for the season, as have some Nordic centers. But thanks to all the snow and cold this winter, many other resorts remain open, with Killington promising lift service into June. 

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Construction will begin in Newport on May 14 for a biotechnology research and manufacturing center that will be one of the first of its kind in the nation.

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"So, what did we decide. Did we want to bring the rifle ... or not?" says Forrest Hammond.

That would be a dart rifle, capable of shooting a sedative-filled barb into the flank of a fleeting bear, and the answer is yes.

The multinational food service company Sodexo is working to increase the amount of local food served in 20 locations around Vermont. The company has hired Annie Rowell as the company's Vermont First Coordinator.