Norm McAllister

Former lawmaker Norm McAllister takes the stand to testify on the third day of his trial at Vermont Superior Court in St. Albans on Friday, July 14, 2017.
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Late Friday night, the jury in the case against former state senator Norm McAllister found him guilty of one count of prohibited acts and acquitted on charges of sexual assault and a second count of prohibited acts. 

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The second trial of former Franklin County state senator Norm McAllister came to an unexpected halt Wednesday when McAllister struck a plea deal with prosecutors. McAllister is charged with soliciting sex acts from a woman in exchange for rent.

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On Wednesday, Seven Days reported that the Franklin County state's attorneys office dropped sexual assault charges against Sen. Norm McAllister after learning new information that posed an "ethical dilemma" for prosecutors, requiring them to abandon the case.

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State senator Norm McAllister's rape trial ended abruptly this morning as prosecutors dismissed two counts of sexual assault against him.

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Sen. Norm McAllister’s trial on charges of sexual assault began Wednesday morning with prosecutors describing a survivor who didn’t want to share details of what McAllister allegedly did to her and defense attorneys accusing the same woman of offering inconsistent stories about McAllister’s actions.

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State Senator Norm McAllister is set to stand trial Wednesday on charges that he coerced a young woman who worked for him to have nonconsensual sex on more than one occasion. A separate trial involving another woman who alleges sexual coercion in exchange for housing on McAllister's Franklin County farm will be held later this year. Vermont Press Bureau Chief Neal Goswami, who has been covering the McAllister story for the last year, joined Vermont Edition on Tuesday to recap what has already occurred up to this point.

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Prosecutors have dropped their demand to have two news reporters testify in a sexual assault case against Franklin County Sen. Norm McAllister.

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One of the women accusing Franklin County State Sen. Norman McAllister of sexual assault now claims he shut off her water and cut her utilities in order to evict her from a dilapidated trailer in which she’d been living on his property, according to court documents made public on Monday.

There are still a lot of unanswered questions in the sexual assault case against Franklin Sen. Norm McAllister. But the case has had some Vermont journalists asking themselves a question: "Will I become part of the story?"

A Franklin County senator accused of felony sexual assault is asking his fellow lawmakers to reconsider their vote to suspend him from the Legislature.

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Franklin County State Sen. Norman McAllister says he's now trying to evict one of the women who is accusing him of sexual assault.

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It's been a full week in Vermont politics.  We've seen a lot in just a few days: from the legislative kickoff and Governor Shumlin's State of the State address, to the suspension of Senator McAllister and Donald Trump coming to Burlington. We're talking about this week's events and implications with a lineup of top political reporters.

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Franklin County Senator Norm McAllister was arrested at the Statehouse in May on several charges, including sexual assault, and on Wednesday the Vermont Senate voted to suspend him until his criminal trial is resolved.  But the vote was far from unanimous, with 10 of 30 senators voting against the resolution to suspend him.

Prosecutors working to get Sen. Norm McAllister convicted of sex crimes have doubled down on their efforts to force two Seven Days journalists to hand over their notes and materials and be deposed.

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For the first time in its history, the Vermont Senate has suspended one of its own members.

The Vermont Senate voted 20-10 Wednesday afternoon to suspend a Franklin County lawmaker charged with multiple counts of sexual assault until his criminal case is resolved.

Lawmakers gathered in the Senate at the kickoff of the biennium in 2017. Now, lawmakers will return for a special session next week.
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Vermont Lawmakers returned to Montpelier on Tuesday to kickoff the 2016 legislative session. The proceedings included all the ceremonial pleasantries that accompany opening day, but legislators will have to tackle some contentious and uncomfortable issues from the outset.

House lawmakers gave final approval to a wide-ranging gun bill Tuesday night. The legislation heads now to the Vermont Senate, which is expected to hold a final vote before the end of the week.
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Tuesday, the 2016 Legislative session kicks off in Montpelier. There's usually a lot more activity in the few first weeks of the second year of the biennium. That's because House and Senate committees aren't starting from scratch and they have dozens of bills to review that were introduced during the first year.

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Prosecutors have ordered three Vermont journalists to hand over material they say is related to the sexual assault case against Franklin County Sen. Norm McAllister.

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The Senate Rules Committee has voted 3-2 to have the full Senate suspend Franklin County Sen. Norman McAllister until his pending sexual assault criminal charges have been resolved.

Senate Democrats are moving toward seeking the suspension of a Republican member of the body accused of sexual crimes to avoid interfering with his criminal case.

Fifteen members of the Democratic caucus met Saturday at the timber frame home of Senate President Pro Tem John Campbell, and one on the phone, to discuss how the body should proceed regarding Franklin County Sen. Norm McAllister.