Northeast Kingdom

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The village of Island Pond, in the Northeast Kingdom, is becoming the maple sugar capital of North America. An out-of-state company called Sweet Tree has bought about 7,000 acres and tapped 100,000 trees this year. But they say they don’t want to make the stuff you put on pancakes.

Between Catamount Arts' PoemTown celebration and a full slate of events offered by Northeast Storytellers, National Poetry Month will be a busy time in St. Johnsbury. April events range from poetry slams to a Robert Frost remembrance and are open to all, from poetry novices or aficionados.

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It’s a romantic notion: heading out to a cabin in the middle of woods, completely detached from civilization, ready to create whatever it is you were born to create.

Two Vermonters have taken this dream and turned it into reality with Rebel Yell, a cabin in the Northeast Kingdom set on 140 acres of solitude where artists can write, record and be creative without distraction.

Jay Peak shutdown its upper mountain Thursday after the temperature dropped to minus 31 degrees Fahrenheit.

Jay Peak resort has signed a settlement agreement that environmentalists say will improve water quality in streams damaged by development.

For the last decade or more, construction projects at the four-season resort have caused sediment to flow into streams. That's led to violations of state water quality standards.

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When the weather gets tough, the tough go swimming. Outdoors. In the winter. In bathing suits. And we’re not just talking about a quick penguin plunge. Hugging the shores of Lake Memphremagog, Newport has landed on the global map of places where swimmers race each other in pools carved out of frozen lakes.

Ice swimming has been popular for decades in Europe and Asia but it’s just catching on in America. And Phil White, a former attorney from Newport, wants to be first on the ice block.

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A non-profit animal shelter in the Northeast Kingdom town of Victory is facing closure because the town has decided to remove its tax exemption.  The rancorous dispute raises questions about who has the authority to grant tax exemptions, and for what reasons.

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After two years without safe drinking water, the Caledonia County town of Sutton has finally decided to filter and treat water from its contaminated well. The unacceptable levels of nitrates in the water can be highly dangerous to young children.

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Two of St. Johnsbury’s most striking landmarks are getting glamorous make-overs. Both are legacies from the Fairbanks family, whose scale company brought prosperity to this Northeast Kingdom town at the beginning of the twentieth century.

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A group of young girls in a Northeast Kingdom school are making a lot of joyful noise this season. They belong to a chorus started two decades ago by a woman who brought the tradition of Balkan music to the tiny, remote town of Newark. She died in 2005, but the choir has been revived in her honor by two women who sang for her as little girls.

This month, the new Newark Balkan Chorus is hard at work getting ready for their winter concert.

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This week, as shopping carts overflow with tasty, sometimes expensive food, it’s easy to forget that the first Thanksgiving was not about bounty. It was about scarcity and sharing, as natives and settlers helped each other through a tough time.

In Hardwick, the spirit of giving smells a lot like warm pumpkin pie.

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A doctor whose cancer clinic was closed by Newport’s North Country Hospital three years ago has set up a private practice that is rapidly expanding.

In fact, Leslie Lockridge’s clinic is not treating only oncology patients. He’s adding other services that have been dropped by the hospital, and there are plans for further expansion in the future.

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A family of seven living in a small trailer in Coventry is going to get a brand new house, thanks to Habitat for Humanity.

In the Northeast Kingdom, Habitat is looking for mobile homes in disrepair, and replacing them with small, energy-efficient bungalows. Daniel and Elisabeth Prue, of Coventry, will be the first clients to benefit from this new approach to affordable housing.

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The state of Vermont is equipping 12 public buildings, including prisons, with solar energy systems. Thursday Governor Shumlin and the leaders of several businesses held a news conference at the first solar array under construction, for the Northeast Correctional Facility in St. Johnsbury.

The complex of low buildings surrounded by barbed wired fencing perches on a scenic knoll on Route 5 just south of town.

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There’s a new meat processing plant in St. Johnsbury, and that’s making it easier for livestock farmers in the Northeast Kingdom to get their goods to market. Northeast Kingdom Processing is owned by a beef rancher from Derby, and managed by an experienced meat cutter named Edmund Lessard.

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A keystone in the redevelopment plan for the city of Newport has toppled. Jay Peak Resort owner Bill Stenger was counting on buying a shopping center from real estate developer Tony Pomerleau, and converting it into a convention center and marina.

But after some starts and stops, the deal has finally fallen through.

Bill Stenger and Tony Pomerleau have had an on-again, off-again agreement to transfer ownership of this waterfront plaza. Strategically located on a causeway overlooking  Lake Memphremagog, Stenger says it would make a great convention center and marina.

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Once upon a time, on a tree-lined ridge overlooking Lyndonville, a bunch of kids gathered in a red barn. They moved some hay bales around, scared away some angry starlings, and sang and danced their way into the hearts of the Northeast Kingdom.

Over 20 years later, and with a lot of help from volunteers and benefactors, the curtain is still going up on the Vermont Children’s Theater.

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On Monday, the public got a chance to weigh in on a plan to build a four-story glass and metal tower in Newport that would house bio-medical research and development.

The developers, Bill Stenger and his business partner Ariel Quiros, say the project will create as many as 500 jobs and will not harm the environment. But some Newport residents have some concerns about its impact on public health.

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The Memphremagog Watershed Association is hosting a panel discussion Tuesday night about what it calls a "tar sands threat to Lake Memphremagog." The discussion has been organized jointly by the Memphremagog Watershed Association and National Wildlife Federation.

"Community members are invited to attend a discussion about an emerging threat to rivers, lakes, and streams in the Northeast Kingdom, including Lake Memphremagog," an event announcement states.

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This summer, several local communities are answering Gov. Peter Shumlin’s call of alarm about the growing opioid epidemic. About a dozen regional committees are now meeting throughout Vermont to craft specific action plans.

In the Northeast Kingdom, a group of concerned citizens call themselves “The Drug Abuse Resistance Team,” or DART 2.0. They meet once a month in a St. Johnsbury church basement. Members include social service providers, recovering addicts, drug and alcohol abuse counselors, a restorative justice director, even a hospital president.

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St. Johnsbury is one of 35 towns that saw its school budget voted down by voters on Town Meeting Day. But unlike many towns, it’s seeing its class sizes increase, and that’s adding costs. After the vote, the School Board held a public meeting where residents got to sound off about how to create a budget they will support.