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Voters in the Democratic primary delivered an electoral mandate on Tuesday. Now, Sue Minter will try to use it to become Vermont’s first female governor in 25 years.

Vermont Primary 2016: Full Results

Aug 8, 2016
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Democrat Sue Minter and Republican Phil Scott won their parties' nominations for governor, according to the Associated Press.

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Three Democrats are in the running for their party's nomination for governor: Matt Dunne, Peter Galbraith and Sue Minter. They face off in a live debate Thursday on Vermont Edition.

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Last Friday, Democratic candidate for governor Matt Dunne issued a press release detailing his stance on wind energy projects in Vermont. His position hasn’t gone over well with some of his key supporters, and one of his primary rivals has become the beneficiary of their anger.

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All three Democratic candidates for governor are highlighting their ties to the political agenda of presidential candidate Bernie Sanders.

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All this summer, VPR has been connecting you with the candidates for higher office, bringing you the latest from the campaigns. To help you prepare for Tuesday's primary, check out our new "Meet the Candidates" podcast and hear from the candidates on the top issues facing the state.

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Vermont's three Democratic gubernatorial candidates have unveiled plans to make college more affordable for thousands of Vermont students. And the candidates have very different approaches to deal with this issue.

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Peter Galbraith, a Democratic candidate for governor, joined Vermont Edition on Monday for a one-on-one conversation. This interview is part of VPR’s "Meet the Candidates" series, where we will address a range of topics, but also want each participating candidate’s thoughts on four specific issues: gun control, taxes, marijuana legalization and health care.

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Three Democrats and two Republicans are vying to represent their parties in November's gubernatorial elections. Here on VPR, we're having conversations with all five of those candidates.

We're speaking with Democratic candidate and former Windham County Senator Peter Galbraith about his proposals for the minimum wage, health care and more.

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Following this weekend's horrific shooting in Orlando, Florida, the issue of gun control has emerged as a key concern for several of Vermont's gubernatorial candidates.

Democratic candidate for governor Peter Galbraith has gotten the nod from a key committee inside one of the state’s largest labor unions.

It’s been six years since Democrats swept to power in Montpelier, but they’re facing some unlikely critics as they try to retain it. And the Democratic gubernatorial candidates seeking to replace one of their own say Vermonters have lost faith in government under one-party rule.

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Democratic candidate for governor Sue Minter has outlined a “plan to help grow Vermont’s economy” that calls for smarter use of existing programs to revitalize regional economies.

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The alleged fraud involving developers in the Northeast Kingdom has put new scrutiny on donations to the Vermont Democratic Party. The party’s three candidates for governor now say the VDP should give up the contributions it received from the man at the center of the scandal.

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Democrat Sue Minter became the second candidate for governor to disclose tax returns and a list of financial assets.

Minter, who served as transportation secretary in the Shumlin administration prior to announcing her gubernatorial bid last fall, reported $152,000 in total household income in 2015, according to IRS forms she made public Thursday afternoon.


Democratic gubernatorial candidate Peter Galbraith has drawn fire from some environmental groups for his opposition to large-scale wind energy projects.

But Galbraith says global climate change is the biggest long-term issue facing the state of Vermont. And he says more investments in energy conservation are the best way to respond to this crisis. 

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The Democratic gubernatorial race picked up another candidate this week – former state Senator Peter Galbraith says he wants to bring a progressive voice to this contest. Among his top issues: moving forward with single payer health care, raising the minimum wage immediately, and banning industrial wind projects. 

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Ever since Gov. Peter Shumlin announced last summer that he would not seek re-election, former Windham County Sen. Peter Galbraith has been openly considering a run for the state’s top office. Today, at a late-morning news conference in the Statehouse, Galbraith, a Democrat, will officially announce his candidacy. 

Former Windham Sen. Peter Galbraith, a Democrat who’s been publicly considering a run for governor since last summer, will hold a press conference in the Statehouse on Tuesday at 11 a.m., presumably to announce his political plans.

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There are only three Democratic women governors in the country. Now, EMILY’s List, one of the most influential political groups in the country, wants to make Vermont’s Sue Minter the fourth. And they have lots of money to help make it happen.