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Gov. Peter Shumlin and Governor-elect Phil Scott issued a joint statement Thursday in a call for unity that was both symbolic and explicit.

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In 2012, Vermont had 650 people in some form of treatment for opiate addiction. Today, according to Vermont Department of Health, that number has ballooned to more than 7,500. But the state still lacks the capacity needed to treat all of the addicts seeking help.

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After six years in office, Democratic Gov. Peter Shumlin is heading into his final weeks in office. Shumlin sat down with VPR to discuss this year's election results and the impact his administration has had on Vermont.

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Two weeks ago, Gov. Peter Shumlin inked a deal with the federal government that could transform the health care landscape in Vermont. But the election of Donald Trump on Tuesday could topple some of the reform initiatives that the Shumlin team has spent six years building.

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On Thursday afternoon, Gov. Peter Shumlin signed an agreement with the federal government that could overhaul the health care system in Vermont. Hospitals and many doctors say the so-called "all-payer" model has the potential to improve care, and curb costs, but critics say the deal was rushed.

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One key Republican strategy in the final stretch of Vermont’s tight gubernatorial race is to try to link Democratic candidate Sue Minter with the policies of outgoing Gov. Peter Shumlin. But Minter says her agenda is very different from Shumlin's.

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Hundreds of people gathered at Harwood Union High School in Moretown Monday evening to remember five students killed in a weekend car crash caused by a wrong-way driver.

Gov. Peter Shumlin is defending his decision to fill a vacancy on the Vermont Supreme Court, a vacancy that will occur after he leaves office.  Longtime Vermont Supreme Court Justice John Dooley announced last week that he will step down from the court in March.

Vermont's shortage of primary care doctors will soon get worse because a number of them will retire in the next few years.
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Gov. Peter Shumlin announced Wednesday that the federal government gave preliminary approval to Vermont’s planned “all-payer” health care system. So, what is “all-payer,” and how does this fit in with everything else we’ve been hearing about health care?

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Republican gubernatorial candidate Phil Scott is calling on the Shumlin administration to delay the approval of a health care payment reform plan until Vermonters have a much better idea of how the new proposal will work.

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Governor Peter Shumlin has three months left in his final term in charge. But he still has some thoughts on the direction the state should take on key issues.

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The Shumlin administration has won preliminary approval from the federal government to change the way health care providers are paid, from a system that reimburses for specific procedures to one that pays based on patient outcomes.

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Gov. Peter Shumlin is defending his decision to fill a vacancy on the Vermont Supreme Court before he leaves office at the beginning of January. Shumlin says it's clear that the Vermont Constitution gives him this authority.

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The Vermont Arts Council gave out five statewide awards this week, and every recipient is from Windham County.

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Gov. Peter Shumlin is heading to the nation’s capital this week for a high-stakes negotiation with the U.S. secretary of health and human services. Billions of federal dollars are at stake, and so is the future of health care reform in Vermont.

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A drug that can counteract the effects of an opiate overdose can now be sold by any Vermont pharmacy without a prescription, state health officials announced Thursday.

Lt. Gov. Phil Scott has issued a statement condemning the Shumlin administration’s decision to allow alleged fraudsters Bill Stenger and Ariel Quiros to keep soliciting foreign investments even after authorities had suspicions of wrongdoing.

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A big question has lingered in the months since federal and state authorities charged Jay Peak developers with fraud: What did Gov. Peter Shumlin and other officials know about the alleged scam, and when did they know it?

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A bipartisan deal has been reached by two key members of the U.S. Senate’s Agriculture, Nutrition and Forestry Committee on a national GMO labeling law that would nullify Vermont’s labeling law set to take effect on July 1.

A push by Gov. Peter Shumlin to divest the state’s pension fund from coal stocks is drawing intense scrutiny from an opposition-research firm that has targeted some of the nation’s leading climate-change activists, including Vermont resident Bill McKibben.

America Rising Squared, an Alexandria, Virginia-based nonprofit that bills itself as a “conservative policy organization,” submitted an extensive records requests to the Shumlin administration in early May.