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Four years ago, Gov. Peter Shumlin vowed to institute a single-payer health care system in Vermont. Later this month, he’ll finally tell Vermonters how he plans to pay for it.

Shumlin is among the most gifted political sales people in Vermont history. But he’s got his work cut out for him on his signature policy venture.

After spending his first two terms in office singing the virtues of single-payer, Shumlin says he’s now on the verge of actually revealing the taxes he wants to use to fund it. 

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More than 100 lawmakers came to the Statehouse on Wednesday to get a detailed briefing about the state's budget situation. Because a number of tax sources are not meeting projections, including the personal income tax, the state is now facing a $100 million gap in the next fiscal year.

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A health care economist hired by the Shumlin administration earlier this year has become ensnared in a national controversy.

And Republicans are calling on the governor to terminate the state’s contract with MIT professor Jonathan Gruber.

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Landowners along the route of the Vermont Gas pipeline met with Gov. Peter Shumlin Thursday to voice their concerns about the way the company negotiates with landowners about the pipeline right-of-way.

Shumlin met with 10 of the landowners along the pipeline route who have repeatedly voiced opposition to the pipeline itself and criticized Vermont Gas for its negotiating tactics.

The landowners are calling for a hold on all negotiations over access to their property until “fair and transparent rules of the game are in place.”

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The statewide canvassing committee met Wednesday to certify November's election results, and the tally shows that Democratic Governor Peter Shumlin did receive the most votes, over 2,400 more than Republican challenger Scott Milne.

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About an hour after the state canvassing committee certified Gov. Peter Shumlin’s roughly 2,400 vote victory over Scott Milne, Milne said he would not seek a recount.

Since the margin of victory was under 2 percent, Milne was legally entitled to a recount. But he says it would have cost the state as much as $60,000 and he doubted that the outcome would have changed.

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State employees and private contractors have been working for the last month to repair the state’s dysfunctional online health insurance exchange. And while the site will be back online by Saturday, officials say the project is still far from perfect.

Head over to the Vermont Health Connect website today, and you’ll see the same "down for maintenance" banner that’s greeted visitors since the site was taken offline for repairs in the middle of September.

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At 10 a.m. this morning, Secretary of State Jim Condos will sit down at a large conference room table in his office with representatives of Vermont’s four political parties.

This five-person group is known as the state Canvassing Committee and its job is to review the statewide election results.

If they find the results to be accurate, they’ll recommend that lawmakers accept them in January.

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Because no gubernatorial candidate received 50 percent of the vote, lawmakers will elect the next governor in a secret ballot on the first day of 2015 session.

Republican candidate Scott Milne says he might reach out to lawmakers to try to overturn Democrat Peter Shumlin’s narrow victory. But former GOP governor Jim Douglas thinks it’s a mistake for Milne to take this action.

According to unofficial statewide results, incumbent governor Peter Shumlin defeated Scott Milne by roughly 2,400 votes.

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The election may be over. But the campaign for governor continues.

While the time for convincing voters has passed, Republican Scott Milne and his supporters are taking his case to legislators.

Marylou Wells is done with Gov. Peter Shumlin. And she’d like the Legislature to dispatch with him on her behalf.

“I feel Peter Shumlin was disconnected from the real world and what is going on in our society, and the everyday struggles of the people,” she said.