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Bennington County Sen. Dick Sears, seen here on the Senate floor in a 2016 file photo.
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As lawmakers nationwide consider new ways to get guns out of the hands of dangerous people, the Vermont Senate has advanced a bill that would make it easier for police to seize firearms from people who pose an "extreme risk" to themselves or others.

Republican Randy Brock, seen here in 2011 announcing his ultimately unsuccessful bid for governor, has been appointed by Gov. Phil Scott to fill Franklin County's vacant seat in the Vermont Senate.
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Randy Brock, the former Republican state auditor who unsuccessfully ran for governor in 2012, and for lieutenant governor last year, is making a return to Vermont’s political scene.

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In the race for Lieutenant Governor, Progressive/Democrat David Zuckerman has defeated Republican Randy Brock and Liberty Union candidate Boots Wardinski.  

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Republican Phil Scott will be Vermont's next governor. Progressive/Democrat David Zuckerman won the race for lieutenant governor, and T.J. Donovan will be Vermont's first new attorney general since 1997.

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According to the latest VPR Poll, Vermonters have been following the races for president and governor very closely. But the rest of the Vermont races, not so much. It's OK — that's where we come in.

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Our final week of political debates begins with the candidates for lieutenant governor.

Phil Scott has held the position for the past six years, but is now running for governor. Progressive/Democrat David Zuckerman and Republican Randy Brock are vying to fill this vacated office.

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The lieutenant governor presides over and sets the agenda in the state senate and, when things don't go as planned, could become governor.

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According to a new VPR Poll, David Zuckerman, the Progressive-Democratic candidate for lieutenant governor, holds a double-digit lead over his Republican opponent Randy Brock.

There's a major controversy emerging in the race for lieutenant governor. GOP candidate Randy Brock has released a radio ad that calls into question the character of Democratic-Progressive candidate David Zuckerman.

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Randy Brock has served as a State Senator and Vermont's Auditor of Accounts. He's also run unsuccessfully for governor in 2012. Now he is the Republican nominee for Lieutenant Governor.

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For the first time since 2010, Vermont has an open seat for lieutenant governor. We’ll talk to the Republican candidate, Randy Brock. We'll discuss health care reform, tax policy and more.

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With less than a week of campaigning left before Vermont’s Aug. 9 primary, Lt. Gov. Phil Scott earned the endorsement of one of the men hoping to replace him. Former Franklin County Sen. Randy Brock, the sole Republican running for lieutenant governor, endorsed Scott in Colchester Wednesday.

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House Speaker Shap Smith has resurrected his bid for statewide office, though the former candidate for governor now has his sights set on a lower post.

Former political journalist Garrett Graff has registered as a candidate for lieutenant governor with the Vermont Secretary of State. But the 34-year-old Montpelier native, who returned to his home state last month after living outside Vermont for 10 years, says his political plans are still up in the air.

“It literally means nothing,” Graff said Monday of his statement of candidacy.

Graff filed the paperwork two days before Christmas. One line on the form asks if a registrant is “running in this election?” Graff answered, “I don’t know.”


Burlington Rep. Kesha Ram is running for lieutenant governor.

The 29-year-old Democrat has spent most of her adult life in the Vermont Legislature, and says she’s ready to use that experience to generate “a new sense of urgency to a lot of issues facing Vermonters.”

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Former Republican State Auditor Randy Brock says he’s running for lieutenant governor.

Brock, a Franklin county resident who served two terms in the Vermont Senate, has been a vocal critic of the Shumlin administration, especially on issues of health care reform.

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Congressman Peter Welch announced Friday morning that he has opted against a run for governor, and will instead seek reelection to the U.S. House of Representatives. And his early exit from the gubernatorial field means a wide open race in 2016.

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An open seat for governor doesn’t come around very often. On the rare occasion it does, politicians have a tough time resisting the temptation to compete for it.