Regional Report

Rutland’s former city attorney Christopher Sullivan was in court yesterday, where he pleaded not guilty to charges stemming from a fatal hit and run accident that killed a Rutland restaurant owner.

On April 10th, 71- year old Jane Outslay was hit and killed by a vehicle in the city of Rutland. Sullivan’s lawyer contacted police the next day and told them the vehicle involved in the crash was owned by his client Christopher Sullivan.

AP/Toby Talbot

The Moretown landfill is open again, but for locals only.

The facility has been in a dispute with the Agency of Natural Resources over complaints of “fugitive odors.

Residents, and drivers on Interstate 89, have been complaining about the smell around the landfill for a long time.

Joel Banner Baird has been following the story for the Burlington Free Press.

A natural gas pipeline in Addison County is attracting attention of property owners along the proposed route. And it's not Vermont Gas's proposal to extend its pipeline south to Middlebury.

A Montpelier-based company wants to build a bio-methane gas production facility at a farm in Salisbury and then build a pipeline to send that gas to Middlebury College.

John Flowers has that story in the Addison Independent.