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The resettling of Syrian refugees in the U.S. has become a national debate: While many governors have tried to block Syrians from entering their states, Gov. Peter Shumlin has pledged to continue to accept Syrian refugees.

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Since the terror attacks in Paris and San Bernardino there has been a fresh wave of anti-Muslim rhetoric across much of the United States.

Yet the reaction in Vermont has largely been marked by acceptance of the Muslim community. Many Vermonters have expressed their support to the Islamic Society of Vermont, where about 200 people worship each week. 

An East Dorset Rabbi Is Comedic Advisor To Pope Francis

Nov 18, 2015
Sultan Khan

Pope Francis seems like a pontiff who not only has a feeling for the little guy, but also someone who enjoys a good laugh. And the Pope will soon get some humor help from a Vermonter – an East Dorset rabbi who has become comedy advisor to the pope.


Is change coming for the Catholic Church? A Vatican summit last month - the Synod on the Family - tackled big issues including homosexuality, divorce, and contraception. Some observers are saying that it might have laid the groundwork for the Church changing its policies. We're talking about what happened at the Synod, what's next for a Church at a crossroads, and what it could mean for Catholics in Vermont and beyond .

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Vermont's Hindu community came together this past weekend to celebrate one of the biggest annual holidays in the Hindu religion. Now, the group is longing for a spiritual home of its own.


Pope Francis attracted seemingly endless news coverage during his week-long visit to the United States, and the head of the Burlington Diocese had a role in mediating that coverage. Bishop Christopher Coyne traveled with the pontiff's entourage as one of the media coordinators.

Vermont Edition spoke to Bishop Coyne about the media work he did while on the road and got his reflections on the papal visit.

On the role Coyne played

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Sen. Patrick Leahy says Pope Francis' visit to Washington is a defining moment of Leahy's 40 year Congressional career.

And Leahy says he fully supports the pope's decision to speak out on environmental and economic issues.

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The leader of Vermont's Catholics has a key role in this week's Papal visit to the U.S.

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One of the last wooden synagogue murals in the country, and possibly the last of its type in the world, spent 30 years behind a plaster wall in a rug store cum apartment building. On August 2, Burlington's Lost Shul Mural was unveiled at its new home at the Ohavi Zedek Synagogue.

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A new study of religion in America has a few big takeaways. The number of Christians is declining, though still very much a majority. The number of those who call themselves religiously "unaffiliated" is on the rise. Vermont, meanwhile, has a higher percentage of those unaffiliated than any other state. What accounts for that statistic?

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To think that some of our parents lived through the advent of television, watched the explosion of cable, the introduction of HD and are now streaming several seasons of Veep on their computer, it’s safe to say that television has changed massively over the decades. It can also be said that it has changed us as well.

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The newly installed bishop of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Burlington exuberantly exclaims that getting "fannies in the pews" is one of his top goals. 

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Christopher Coyne was officially installed today as the Tenth Bishop of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Burlington. Representatives of the church joined Vermont Catholics for the ceremony at Saint Joseph Co-Cathedral.

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On Thursday, Vermont’s nearly 120,000 Catholics will have a new leader in the state. Bishop Christopher Coyne will be installed as the Tenth Bishop of Burlington at a ceremony in the Queen City.

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Some New England churches are having big trouble keeping their pews full and their doors open. But an historic meeting house in Lyndon is getting reborn as a community center thanks in part to inmates from a nearby correctional facility.

In the bright sun of a winter afternoon, what was once the First Congregational Church stands tall again.

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There is a great deal of history in the Christ's Church in Saxton’s River.

The pipe organ is circa 1893. The original building goes back another 50 years.

Concerned Catholics of Vermont (CCOVT) says it has filed an official objection with the Roman Catholic Diocese of Burlington over the handling of a survey conducted by church bishops on behalf of the Vatican.

The group says Catholic laity in Vermont was not consulted by then-Bishop Salvatore Matano when the Vatican asked bishops to poll parishioners on a range of church teachings.

Matano was appointed to lead the diocese of Rochester, N.Y. last November.

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In Burlington today, Muslims celebrated the end of Ramadan with communal prayers and celebrations. This year’s celebration shows the growth and diversity of the Islamic community in Vermont.

Two thousand worshipers gathered at the Sheraton Hotel and Conference Center in Burlington to celebrate the end of Ramadan.

This marks the end of month-long period during which Muslims abstain from food and drink from dawn to sunset.

And it begins the Eid ul-Fitr or “feast of fast breaking” holiday, where Muslims exchange social visits and celebrate.

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Singer-songwriter Rachel Ries came to Vermont by way of South Dakota, Zaire, Chicago and New York City. She's referred to her own style as "prairie-swing meets city-folk." 

A group of Vermont Catholics says the time is right for more dialogue between members of the church and the Roman Catholic Diocese Of Burlington.

Concerned Catholics Of Vermont plans to organize a forum to talk about the issues facing the church.

According to organizer Gary Chicoine, communication between the Church and parishioners has largely been a monologue: The Church speaks, laity listens.