Last week, Rutland Mayor Chris Louras announced about 100 refugees would be arriving in the city starting in October. The announcement came as a surprise to local lawmakers and residents, who up until that point had not been told anything about the plan.

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Federal, state and local officials gathered in Burlington Friday to congratulate each other on a $10 million federal railway grant announced last year.

The funding is expected to connect Burlington to Rutland with passenger rail service within four years.

Earlier this week Mayor Christopher Louras announced the city of Rutland will take in 100 Syrian refugees starting in October. Louras says he’s been working closely with state and federal refugee agencies to create Vermont’s first relocation community for Syrians.


Fifteen Rutland area high school students are heading to St. Louis this week for the world series of high school robotics.

Stafford Technical Center’s Ibots will be one of 900 teams from 39 countries taking part in the four-day FIRST Robotics championship that includes competitive leagues in various age groups. 

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Officials in Rutland say the city will take in 100 Syrian refugees beginning in October. Rutland Mayor Christopher Louras said he’s been working closely with state and federal refugee agencies to create Vermont’s first relocation community for Syrians.


The College Of St. Joseph in Rutland has put its new Physician Assistant Program on hold. Two dozen students who were expecting to begin graduate-level classes in June were notified this month that the program’s start is being delayed indefinitely.

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Despite the introduction of electronic medical records, pharmacists say they are often out of the loop when it comes to knowing if their patients' medications have been changed. Partly that’s a technology glitch. But many pharmacists complain that despite their expertise they’re not considered providers so most hospitals don’t allow them access to patients' electronic records. 

But at Beauchamp and O’Rourke, a family owned pharmacy in Rutland, managing pharmacist Marty Irons wants to change that.

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Nearly 60 percent of Americans are taking prescription drugs – the highest percentage ever – and more than half of those 65 and older are taking five to nine medications. With all those pills in our medicine cabinets, it's no surprise that medication mix-ups are on the rise.

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Back in the 1970s, New York City launched its now-iconic "I Love NY" campaign to promote tourism. Now folks in Rutland hope the stylized red heart will promote similar good feelings for their city.

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Can a bike path help you sell your house? Can making a downtown more pedestrian and bike friendly attract more business? A growing number of transportation planners, real estate agents and community developers say yes. 

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A former licensed nursing assistant at Rutland Regional Medical Center claims he faced ongoing racial harassment and was wrongfully fired.

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Castleton University’s footprint in Rutland will grow even larger in August. That’s when the university plans to open new student housing in a historic downtown building. College and city officials say it’s the latest effort to build closer ties.

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You may have heard about the nearly $1 million lawsuit the city of Rutland settled in December with a former police officer.

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Last year, serious problems within Rutland Mental Health brought the nonprofit close to losing its state accreditation. Corrective measures taken by the agency have restored the state’s confidence, but one of the biggest problems for the local nonprofit remains.

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On Town Meeting Day, Rutland City voters approved a $2.5 million bond for an outdoor swimming pool and sided with dentists when it comes to fluoride; they want Rutland to continue adding it to municipal drinking water. 

Town Meeting Day voters in Rutland will weigh in on a proposed $2.5 million swimming pool. The new facility will replace a 50-meter outdoor pool that has served the city for more than 40 years. 

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Rutland Town was one of the first communities in Vermont to establish local standards for siting large-scale solar arrays. And now simmering debate over solar power in the community is spreading into local elections.

Google Street View is going indoors in Rutland. Working with the Rutland Region Chamber of Commerce on Wednesday, Google photographers are taking 360 degree interior pictures of Rutland businesses that have signed on and paid for the service.

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When rain mixed with snowmelt last week in Rutland, the resulting flows overloaded the city's storm water and sewer system. More than 100,000 gallons of untreated storm water and sewage poured into local creeks. State and local officials are trying to stop overflows like this, but there are few simple solutions.

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Voters in Rutland will be asked whether or not they want the city to continue adding fluoride to municipal water. Dentists and state experts tout decades of improved oral health, but opponents believe possible negative effects are being brushed aside.