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Castleton University’s footprint in Rutland has been growing in recent years, with multiple art galleries and a downtown Rutland campus that houses entrepreneurial programs and a polling center.

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State officials say more heroin is coming into Vermont than ever, and the ripple effects are disturbing. 

A little over three years ago, Rutland began a multi-pronged, community-wide effort to fight opiate addiction, reduce drug-related crime and reclaim hard hit neighborhoods. But what progress, if any, has Rutland made?

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By the time Gov. Peter Shumlin shined a spotlight on Vermont’s heroin problem in his 2014 State of the State address, Rutland had been actively battling the issue for more than a year, opening a methadone clinic and launching an innovative multi-pronged, community-based approach called Project Vision.

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Albert J. Marro has been a fixture at press conferences and sporting events in Rutland for nearly half a century. At the end of this month the longtime Rutland Herald photographer is retiring.

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A civil lawsuit against Rutland City brought by former Rutland City police officer Andrew Todd has been settled for $975,000.

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The mild winter is creating hardship for many who rely on the income from snow and skiing-related jobs.  

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The State Board of Education approved three consolidation plans at its monthly meeting, held in North Clarendon Tuesday.

A Rutland foster family who won a lawsuit against their homeowners insurance company had the decision overturned by the Vermont Supreme Court

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The State Board of Education will consider consolidation plans from three school districts at its December meeting.

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The number of children taken into state custody has jumped by 40 percent over the past two years. The increase has overwhelmed the child-welfare system, and the Shumlin administration is now calling for substantial new investments in state and county personnel.

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Castleton University has been steadily expanding its art footprint in downtown Rutland. To shine a light on all the new art, the college will begin new guided art walks in downtown Rutland on Saturday afternoons starting Nov. 28.

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With Vermont’s population aging, there’s a growing need for affordable senior housing. A nonprofit in Rutland is trying to address that by reusing existing community buildings.

Rutland’s historic Watkins School was built in 1897 and oozes charm with arched windows and a stately red brick façade.

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Donald Shedd stood in his Wallingford kitchen and pointed to a bright red baseball cap he planned to wear in Washington, D.C. "That’s my hat," said Shedd proudly. "First Marine Division, Guadalcanal."

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A dramatic, life-size drawing of downtown Rutland now has a permanent home in the city thanks to a new gallery operated by Castleton University.

The college already operates one art gallery in Rutland - on Center Street - near the Paramount Theatre.  Now, Castleton is opening another, adjacent to it’s downtown Rutland campus and polling institute.   

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Ongoing efforts to improve housing stock in downtown Rutland got a much-needed boost Monday.

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A shareholder vote for three seats on the corporate board of Casella Waste Systems has stirred up ugly allegations and concerns over a future corporate takeover.

That’s because who will fill those board seats could have major implications for the Rutland-based company.

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Upwards of 10,000 people are expected for Rutland’s 56th annual Halloween parade, Saturday evening. But the 90-minute cavalcade of costumes, floats and candy is just one of many holiday events going on in the city.

The town of Rutland says local government should have greater oversight in the siting of solar projects. The town’s attorney made the case to the Vermont Supreme Court Wednesday. The town and project neighbors appealed the Public Service Board’s Certificate of Public Good for a 15-acre solar project to be built by Rutland Renewable Energy, a subsidiary of groSolar.

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This fall, Wheels to Warmth will operate for the first time in Rutland and local community organizations are thrilled.

Wheels for Warmth was founded in 2005 by then-state senator Phil Scott. In the years since, the program has raised more than $253,000 for emergency fuel assistance and sold more than 12,500 safe donated tires. 

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The August shooting death of Lara Sobel shocked many Vermonters. For the Department for Children and Families, where Sobel worked as a social worker for many years, it was an especially difficult blow.