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4:29 pm
Thu August 21, 2014

Choosing Vermont: Voices Of The State's Young Professionals

Young professionals in Vermont shared their thoughts on living in (or leaving) Vermont.
Photos courtesy Peter Brown, Ariel Brooks, Alex Shevrin, Dan Marchetti, Ben Bonaccio and Maureen McElaney

For VPR's Choosing Vermont series, young professionals from across the state shared their thoughts on living in (or leaving) Vermont. Eight voices were heard on-air, but countless more wrote in to tell us their stories.

We asked that interviewees simply share their individual experiences. We followed up the series with a conversation with Economic Development Commissioner Lisa Gosselin.

We expect to follow up on this series, and hear from more of Vermont’s young professionals.

Regional challenges

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VPR Specials
6:40 am
Thu June 26, 2014

Special Summer Series

Beginning June 28th, VPR presents a five week series of State Of The Re:Union, Saturdays at 1 p.m. Our regularly scheduled program, Spark, is on summer hiatus. State of the Re:Union, hosted by Al Letson, takes us to American cities to meet the people, explore the culture and find out what makes their community unique.  During this series, State of the Re:Union goes to places that we may have a predetermined vision of to find out what they are really like. 

VPR News
5:00 am
Mon June 23, 2014

Ready Or Not, Part 1: Kindergarten Is The Big Test

Jamal Wargu reads aloud in his kindergarten room at JFK Elementary School in Winooski.
Charlotte Albright VPR

Fewer than half of the state's preschoolers are ready for kindergarten, according to a recent report. So the state of Vermont is trying to prepare them better. 

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VPR Specials
3:10 pm
Fri May 23, 2014

Holiday Specials

flickr: maf04 /8829571358

Our broadcast of Storytellers on a Mission on May 26th was cut off at the end due to human error with our computer system. We apologize for this error. Attached is the audio for his story, "Love Affair With "Mother-In-Law in two parts.

VPR presents two special programs on Memorial Day.  Teenage Diaries Revisted at noon and Storytellers On A Mission at 7 p.m.

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6:18 am
Mon April 28, 2014

Protecting Vermont's Children, Part One: Reports Of Abuse

Last year, 17,458 calls were made to the state’s child protection hotline. That’s about one call every 30 minutes.
Angela Evancie VPR

Vermont's Department for Children and Families has come under intense scrutiny following the death in February of 2-year-old Dezirae Sheldon.

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Vermont Place Names
6:07 am
Mon April 14, 2014

Vermont Place Names: Footprints Of History

The town was chartered to Revolutionary War veterans in the hope that it would be a post-war Eden for them.
Library of Congress

The names of the places around us often tell the unique story of Vermont’s history. Our guide is Vermont Place Names: Footprints of History, by Esther Munroe Swift.


Swift wrote the town “was chartered to some of the Green Mountain Boys’ officers and men and to the heirs of other men who had been killed during the revolution. …The town was chartered to the veterans in the hope that it would be a post-war Eden for them; however as far as can be ascertained, none of them ever settled there.”

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Vermont Women In The Arts
12:16 pm
Fri March 21, 2014

Vermont Women In The Arts

Hilda Belcher's watercolor portrait of a girl with an apple.

In recognition of Women's History Month, VPR again collaborated with the Vermont Commission on Women in March, 2014, to present a series of stories about women from our region who achieved significant success in the arts.

We heard from women who are notable in their own right about innovators and trail blazers in the fine arts, from writers to painters, and designers to photographers.

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5:58 am
Tue January 21, 2014

Despite Barriers, Addicted Moms-To-Be Are Finding Help

As the number of mothers suffering from addiction has increased, it’s become clear that putting them at the end of a treatment waiting list is dangerous for them and their babies.
Jupiterimages Thinkstock

There are many different aspects to the drug problem in Vermont, but perhaps none is more challenging – and emotional – than the issue of addiction and pregnant women.

Even though the majority of substance-dependent women seek help when they become pregnant, both the illicit drugs and those used for treatment can cause withdrawal symptoms in newborns.

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6:00 am
Sun January 19, 2014

Martin Luther King Day Special

The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., head of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, speaks to thousands during his "I Have a Dream" speech.
AP Photo

Martin Luther King, Jr. grew up listening to and singing church songs, and saw gospel and folk music as natural tools to further the civil rights movement.

In this hour-long special from WQXR and WNYC, "A Beautiful Symphony of Brotherhood: A Musical Journey in the Life of Martin Luther King, Jr.," host Terrance McKnight interweaves musical examples with Dr. King's own speeches and sermons to illustrate the powerful place that music held in his work. He also examines how the musical community responded to and participated in Dr. King's cause.

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VPR Blog
10:27 pm
Fri October 18, 2013

State Of Mind Series Highlights Changes To The Mental Health System

Flickr: benchilada 2467405983

There's been a spotlight on Vermont's mental health care system since Tropical Storm Irene slammed into Vermont and flooded the Vermont State Hospital in Waterbury. All of the patients at the hospital had to be evacuated immediately and the facility was never reopened. The State Hospital had been funded entirely by state dollars for most of the last decade after safety and security issues caused the federal government to pull its certification. "Let's be candid," says Governor Peter Shumlin, "it was a dump. And we should have been out of there years and years ago."

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