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Every farmer knows that eventually the expensive equipment that once gleamed bright green or orange when it was new will succumb to age, hard use and rust.

Farmers also know that there’s still a lot of life left in old rusted equipment, if they can just get it apart to repair it.

The Public Service Board has agreed to open a hearing to settle a long running dispute between VTel and Springfield Area Public Access Television (SAPA).

The Burlington Telecom building. The City of Burlington hopes to have a buyer for Burlington Telecom lined up by the fall. The City Council will vote to eliminate one of three bids from the sale process.
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A group of Burlington residents is pushing the city to keep city-owned Burlington Telecom from being sold to a major national company.

At a meeting of the Burlington Telecom Advisory Board Wednesday, Burlington residents and some from outside the city spoke in favor of keeping the utility locally-owned, even if not by the city itself.

If one Vermont high school's experience is any measure, sexting is commonplace among students. And while adults may consider the sending of explicit photos of oneself to be deeply problematic, teens think about it differently.

FairPoint Communications says DSL broadband customers in portions of 11 Vermont towns have access to higher speeds as a result of recent upgrades by the company.

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If you use the Internet or carry a smartphone  and let's face it, that's almost everyone who's not off the grid  you probably already know that companies are tracking our movements. Apps track where we shop, the items we search for, and where we like to travel. Companies are gathering as much data as they can, in large part to come up with more effective ads to sell us more stuff, or in the case of the government, to track suspicious activity.

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The importance of good broadband for work and education has been stated many times. Yet, as many clamor for faster speeds, there are hundreds of Vermonters still without anything the state considers broadband service.

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With 17 sites around the state, Vermont Interactive Technologies offers real-time video conferencing services, so Vermonters don’t have to travel too far to participate in certain classes, public hearings and the like. But the state-supported nonprofit will be shuttered at the end of this year, and users are still figuring out what that means for them. 

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The Montshire Museum in Norwich is about to receive a pretty remarkable donation: a cast of the bones of Homo naledi, an early humanoid and perhaps a direct ancestor of us. And thanks to efforts by researchers, those who would like a cast of their own can make one with a 3D printer.

The Franklin West Supervisory Union includes three rural towns in northwestern Vermont—Fletcher, Fairfax and Georgia. But rural doesn't mean behind on technology; the superintendent of Franklin West has championed technological innovation so much that the district was recently selected to join the League of Innovative Schools. It's the only New England district selected to join thus far.

A Boston-based tech firm responsible for constructing a major component of Vermont’s online health insurance exchange looks to be going out of business.

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Chittenden County State’s Attorney TJ Donovan announced Monday morning that two police officers have been cleared of any criminal wrongdoing in the shooting of a Colchester man in September. He said at the announcement that the officers were cleared without any body camera video of the incident.


A statewide wireless broadband system paid for, in part, by the federal government is complete, according to the agency that funded the project.   

But state officials say many Vermonters are still waiting for service.

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Vermont is one of 14 states that allow only hands-free cell phone use while driving, but it is still common to see drivers with a phone in one hand and the other hand on the wheel. 

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When an Amtrak train derailed in Vermont in early October, first responders relied on a drone to produce mapping-grade images for the accident investigation. That's one example of the powerful benefits that drones can provide, their operators say.

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News hounds living near the Canadian border in northeastern Vermont are flocking to a hyper-local online site called Newport Dispatch News. In two short years, it’s garnered a surprisingly international following. 

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Starting today, Vermonters can register to vote from the comfort of their own homes. Secretary of State Jim Condos says the new online voter registration system will improve access to democracy, and will also make elections less vulnerable to fraud.

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Schools across Vermont are trying to figure out how to consolidate services and also expand academic opportunities. As controversy swirls about how to preserve school choice, a growing number of students are choosing courses beyond school walls — in cyberspace. 


Climate change: there's an app for that. Or at least there will be, after the HackVT 24-hour Vermont app competition.

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The leader of Vermont's Catholics has a key role in this week's Papal visit to the U.S.