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The state will expand a high-speed broadband network that could serve hundreds of customers in the Northeast Kingdom.

Mobile phone antennaes on a telecommunication tower on a blue-sky background.
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The state wants to make it easier for telecommunication companies to upgrade their cell towers.

Unions representing Consolidated Communications workers say they’ve reached tentative three-year contract agreements with the company that will avert a strike.

Unionized Consolidated Communications workers in northern New England have authorized their leaders to call a strike if ongoing contract negotiations with the company don’t succeed.

A stretch of road with a mini cell tower on a utility pole that a car is driving by.
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The Vermont Department of Public Service says it’s not yet ready to give up on CoverageCo, the struggling cell service company.

A stretch of road with a mini cell tower on a utility pole that a car is driving by.
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A company struggling to provide cell phone service in rural Vermont has asked state utility regulators for emergency help, because one of its key provider has cut off access to most of its network.

In a unanimous decision, the Public Utility Commission found that Vermont can regulate Voice over Internet Protocol service under federal law.
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The Public Utility Commission says Vermont can regulate Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP, service.

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Gov. Phil Scott signed an executive order Tuesday to create a Cybersecurity Advisory Team. The 10-member group will work to strengthen how the state responds to cyber threats.

A dispute between Comcast and the state's public access TV stations could be headed to court.

The federal government says the Springfield-based company VTel has defaulted on money awarded to provide cellular phone service in some parts of Vermont.

The Public Service Board has agreed to open a hearing to settle a long running dispute between VTel and Springfield Area Public Access Television (SAPA).

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FairPoint Communications is in the midst of a Public Service Board investigation into repair delays experienced by the company’s telephone customers. 

But Fairpoint officials say the fact they’re required to meet certain quality standards is inherently unfair, and they want state regulators to do away with the standards.

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Vermonters may soon have the option to get cell phone service through a new company, though it’s likely one they already use regularly.

Following the first negotiating session since labor contracts with FairPoint Communications expired 12 days ago, an official with the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers in Vermont expressed frustration with the status of the talks. 

Mike Spillane, who is part of the IBEW negotiating team, said the two sides met with a federal mediator in Portland, Maine on Wednesday. 

Spillane says Thursday morning the union offered a contract package that was “further than we wanted to go.” 

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Two union contracts between FairPoint Communications and approximately 2,000 workers in Northern New England expired last Saturday. 

For the moment, workers are staying on the job under the terms of the old contract.  The next meeting between FairPoint and union negotiators will take place on Wednesday, August 13.

Mike Spillane, a spokesman for the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers in Vermont, says he’s been hearing from members.

Sen. Patrick Leahy joined an unlikely group in Burlington today to show off his new legislation that will make it easier for used cell phones to work on a variety of cellular networks.

At the Women Helping Battered Women offices in Burlington, Leahy introduced women’s advocates and a telecom official to speak about the new bill, which he said will help shelters like the one in Burlington.

Leahy said the new law will help shelters use donated phones to pass out to women in need.