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After more than 60 years in their old town offices, Middlebury officials opened their new building on Monday.

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The Brandon Select Board has voted to support the development of a 20-megawatt solar project in the town. The project is one of five solar arrays proposed by Ranger Solar.

Gordon Auchincloss

Last fall, residents and visitors to Morrisville had the chance to vote for a tree-themed public art project. Now, Hardwick artist Gordon Auchincloss has been commissioned to build the first of his three winning public art sculptures.

Vermont Department of Public Safety

Earlier this month the Bristol Police Department was surprised to learn a man on probation for raping a child had been living in the village, a short distance from the school and a daycare, since October.

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As lawmakers in Montpelier debate legalizing marijuana, some local communities are taking action to regulate businesses that cater to users of the drug. In Weathersfield, a new bylaw regulating what it calls “drug and tobacco paraphernalia establishments” went into effect on Wednesday.

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It's hard to foster a sense of community in a place with no real town center. Perhaps that's why planning commissioners in Bolton are so determined to develop a unifying vision for their town.

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The Town of Shelburne and Vermont Railway issued two very different press releases Monday about the same court decision. Both sides claimed victory on what was essentially a non-decision. And in an email to the press, the chairman of the Shelburne Select Board accused Vermont Railway of lying.

Town of Milton

When Milton voters go to the polls on Town Meeting Day, they'll be asked to consider purchasing the Bombardier homestead, next door to the municipal office complex. But despite the seller's good intentions, the town historical society says it doesn't want to move there.

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Anglers and whitewater paddlers from around Vermont joined local electric customers at a public hearing in Morrisville this week. They were there to comment on conditions being proposed by the state that would improve water quality while scaling back Morrisville Water & Light’s hydroelectric generation.

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Vermont's traditional Town Meeting Day is the first Tuesday in March, which is March 1 this year. However, in an attempt to increase participation, some communities have moved the annual meeting to Monday evening, Saturday, or even spread it across multiple days. 

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Morrisville Water & Light customers received an insert with this month's electric bill encouraging them to attend a public hearing Tuesday night. The Vermont Agency of Natural Resources is holding the meeting to gather public comments on its draft Water Quality Certificate, which places new conditions on the utility's three hydroelectric dams.

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In just a couple of weeks, Vermonters across the state will gather in town halls and schools to have a voice in local government. Many of those town meeting discussions will center on taxes. In some municipalities, the focus will be on whether to adopt a local option tax as an additional source of revenue.

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A fight between the town of Shelburne and Vermont Railway made its way to the courts this week. At issue is a railroad spur, truck transfer and storage facility the railway plans to build in town.

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This week voters in the village of Hyde Park and the town of Stowe each approved building community-based solar projects. Once online, the projects will help the small municipal electric departments meet Vermont’s new renewable energy standards.

Colchester Planning & Zoning

This spring, flood insurance will be a little less expensive for property owners in Colchester. That's due to the town's involvement in a hazard mitigation program through the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

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Williston's Mud Pond Country Park just gained 39 acres and about a mile of new trails open to hiking, biking and cross-country skiing. The park expansion was a collaborative effort between the town, conservationists and recreational users of the land.

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The renewable-energy industry is one of the fastest-growing sectors of the Vermont economy. But the siting of solar and wind projects has begun generating public outcry in communities across the state, some lawmakers want to give towns and cities more control over the fate of projects in their borders.

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Every five years, Vermont towns are required to update their municipal plans. It can be an onerous process, and planning commissions often struggle to get residents involved. But Bolton has come up with some creative ways to involve all sorts of community members its town plan update.

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A working group that has been studying duplicate governing efforts in the town of Essex and the village of Essex Junction is recommending a joint planning commission serve the two municipalities. The Working Group For Thoughtful Growth In Action is set to present its findings at a forum next week.

Last week's announcement that Steven Locke will be the next Burlington Fire Chief has municipal officials in Hartford scrambling. Locke has been fire chief in Hartford since 2008 and he has also been serving as the Interim Town Manager.