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A high-ranking official at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center is resigning as the hospital deals with budget challenges.

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It's Fashion Week in Paris ... and also in White River Junction. And the annual amateur Revolution Fashion Show is just one of the ways White River Junction is becoming a hub for the arts and development in the Upper Valley.

The Utah developer hoping to build a 20,000 person settlement in rural Vermont has unexpectedly canceled a public forum.

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New Hampshire state officials met with Hanover residents this week to discuss a chemical plume left over from a mid-century Dartmouth College hazardous waste burial site. The underground plume is threatening nearby wells and streams.

A new study out of the White River Junction VA shows that dating back to World War II, women have experienced sexual trauma during military service.

Months after postponing the passage of an ordinance that some say criminalizes homeless, the city of Lebanon, New Hampshire is bringing the ordinance back up for consideration.

Every year before the start of semester, first year students at Dartmouth's Tuck School of Business go out into local nonprofits. They use their business know-how to help restructure projects in the community. This year a group tackled a large pile of clothing donations in White River Junction.

The city of Lebanon, New Hampshire is revising a proposed ordinance that would ban overnight parking in the city.

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A contamination running off a former burial plot for a Dartmouth research facility's hazardous waste has reached a local stream.

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A Dartmouth hazardous waste burial site has contaminated the ground water near a Hanover neighborhood. Those chemicals are now on the move, and at least one family’s drinking water has been affected. 

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The dog days of summer are here and many people are headed out of town. But, Dartmouth's President Philip J. Hanlon, a group of alumni and professors took it further north than most … all the way up to the Arctic.

The school district that serves Claremont, Cornish and Unity, New Hampshire, has received federal funding to help serve its homeless student population.

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A new study shows millions of pounds of produce go uneaten in Vermont every year and yet nearly 80,000 Vermonters are living in food-insecure households. Volunteers, legislators and farmers are trying to find ways to bridge the gap between unused food and people experiencing hunger.

Kevin Cox

The Summer Olympics are set to begin in Rio de Janeiro this month, and while Hannah Cox of Hartland, Vermont, won't be there, she did recently get to compete in the qualifying trials for the games. And her story of becoming an elite swimmer is no less remarkable for not having qualified for Brazil.

A committee that oversees a dog park in the Upper Valley is reviewing the park’s regulations after an off-duty police officer last weekend shot and killed a pitbull while it was fighting with his two huskies.

The Watson Upper Valley dog park committee in Hartford talked about adding volunteer ambassadors for the park's busy times to help monitor behavior. Police may also patrol the park more regularly and a new rule may limit one dog per owner at the park at any given time.

A sting operation by the Lebanon Police ended in the arrest of five alleged prostitutes and nine of their customers. They have all been charged with misdemeanors.

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New Hampshire Rep. Ann Kuster is one of several lawmakers that have spoken out against sexual violence in the past few weeks. Kuster has publicly shared her stories of sexual assault, the first of which took place at a Dartmouth College fraternity party nearly 40 years ago. 

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Dr. Dennis McCullough, a Norwich resident who pioneered the slow medicine movement, died unexpectedly earlier this month. He was 72.

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The City Council of Lebanon, New Hampshire has declined to take up a proposed ordinance that would ban overnight parking on city property. 

The ordinance would have prohibited Lebanon's homeless population from parking the vehicles they live in.

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The decision for institutions to divest from fossil fuels is more complicated than just a list of pros and cons, according to a new report commissioned by Dartmouth College.