Vermont Department Of Corrections

A 68-year-old Vermont inmate died at the Camp Hill prison facility in Pennsylvania over the weekend, officials announced Monday.
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Earlier in June, 269 Vermont inmates moved from a private prison in Michigan to a Pennsylvania prison called Camp Hill, but the unit they were placed in can only hold 252 inmates. Advocates say that could be bad news for the 17 Vermont inmates who are now separated from the rest.

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Vermont is taking a hard look at how it treats people with mental illness in its prisons.

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A local attorney is asking that Windham County Sheriff Keith Clark release an engineering report on the building where he wants to build a detention center.

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A proposal by the Shumlin administration to drastically cut funding to high school programs for inmates is raising concerns inside prison classrooms. Community High School of Vermont operates in all seven prisons and in several probation offices. Lawmakers are considering closing five of the prison programs and reducing staffing by half.  

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Over 7,000 Vermont children have parents who are incarcerated, and only about a third of them visit their mothers and fathers in jail.

Many of the people sent to state prison would qualify for Medicaid under the new Federal expansion of the Affordable Care Act. But, by law, once someone is convicted and sent to state prison, the state is on the hook for all of their care. Still, the Vermont Department of Corrections is working hard to ensure that as many people as possible are signed up for health insurance both before they are convicted, and as soon as they are released.