Vermont Gas Systems

A Visual History Of The Vermont Gas Pipeline

The plan for the Vermont Gas Systems pipeline project has transformed dramatically over the two years since the company got its first approval from Vermont regulators more than two years ago.

It started as a three-stage development that would bring natural gas from Chittenden County under Lake Champlain to New York, and also south to Rutland; the company's latest plan is a much smaller 41-mile pipeline that ends in Middlebury.

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The Selectboard of Cornwall sent a strong message to Gov. Peter Shumlin’s office last week, condemning Vermont Gas Systems’ plan to build a pipeline through the town to the International Paper Mill in Ticonderoga, N.Y.

“While a plausible case is made that the ‘Phase 1’ pipeline to Middlebury will serve Vermonters’ economic public good, NO such argument can be made for the so-called ‘Phase 2’ pipeline” to the New York paper plant, the letter says.

The Middlebury Selectboard approved conditions for Vermont Gas Systems' planned pipeline extension into the Middlebury area last night.

The conditions come in the form of a Memorandum of Agreement, to be signed by Middlebury officials and Vermont Gas Company officials. After signing, it will be submitted to Vermont’s Public Service Board.

The Public Service Board, in weighing the decision to allow the project, will consider the Middlebury agreement a conditional nod of approval from the town.

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Vermont Gas Systems has reached an agreement with the state Agency of Natural Resources to minimize the impact of a proposed new pipeline on wetlands and other sensitive areas.

But environmentalists are still concerned that the pipeline will increase greenhouse gas emissions. Their concerns were on display outside a Montpelier hotel where the Public Service Board opened hearings on the pipeline project.

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Opponents of a proposed Addison County natural gas pipeline brought their concerns to Montpelier on Monday with a street protest that targeted the Shumlin Administration’s support for the project.

The group says the administration has downplayed the pipeline’s impact on climate change.

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Critics of a proposed Addison County natural gas pipeline say the developer has exaggerated the project’s environmental and economic benefits.

The latest arguments come in testimony filed with the Public Service Board.

Vermont Gas Systems says its proposed 41-mile Addison pipeline project will bring cheaper, cleaner-burning fuel for homes and businesses along the route.

The testimony filed by opponents late last week aims directly at those arguments.

As Vermont Gas Systems seeks approval for a 40 mile pipeline project, the company faces stubborn opposition from one town along the route.

Officials in the town of Monkton hope to negotiate an agreement with Vermont Gas that would provide additional concessions for the community.

The Monkton selectboard has met several times to discuss a legal agreement with Vermont Gas that would offer the town’s support for the project and provide local benefits. These include hook-ups to a distribution line to provide gas service to about 100 potential customers in town.

Pipeline Info Campaign Is Under Way In Cornwall

Apr 18, 2013

The exact route for the proposed second phase of Vermont Gas's natural gas pipeline in Addison County has yet to be determined. Vermont Gas announced five possible Phase II routes earlier this month, three of which would take the pipeline through the town of Cornwall on its way to the International Paper mill in Ticonderoga, N.Y. However, Cornwall isn't waiting for a final determination to inform residents about risks that could come with the Addison Natural Gas Project.