Vermont Legislature

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Hillary Clinton appears to have clinched the Democratic presidential nomination. But in a speech last Thursday, Bernie Sanders called on his supporters to take his political revolution to the local level. And the founders of a new political action committee in Vermont say they intend to do just that. 

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State senator Norm McAllister's rape trial ended abruptly this morning as prosecutors dismissed two counts of sexual assault against him.

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The methods used by stalkers to harass and intimidate their victims have evolved over the years. Vermont’s criminal statutes have not. That’s about to change, and new legislation will strengthen legal protections for victims of stalking.

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There was partisan bickering. There was procedural gamesmanship. And finally, after 11 long hours in the Statehouse, there was a policy resolution in Montpelier on Thursday. 

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Democratic lawmakers are scrambling to resuscitate the renewable-energy siting bill that was vetoed by Governor Peter Shumlin on Monday. But the Republicans whose help they’ll need to rescue the legislation are not going along with the plan. 

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Gov. Peter Shumlin has vetoed legislation that would give towns an opportunity to have more say in the renewable energy siting process. And while Shumlin says he’s ready to work with lawmakers to salvage key aspects of the bill, Republican legislators are not in a mood to bargain.

Gov. Peter Shumlin has vetoed a controversial energy siting bill, triggering a special legislative veto session on Thursday where lawmakers can try to override his rejection or try to fix the portions he finds unacceptable and send it back.

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During the current presidential campaign, Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders has received more individual contributions than any other person in the history of American politics.

And at the same time that Sanders campaigns tirelessly to win the party's nomination, he's also used his fundraising abilities to help local and state candidates across the country.

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Vermont’s state college system got its first funding increase in nearly a decade this past legislative session. But the one-time appropriation won’t solve the institutions’ long-term money problems, and the colleges are running out of places to cut costs.

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The Shumlin administration and legislative leaders are questioning aspects of a renewable energy siting bill passed in the waning hours of the 2016 legislative session. The concerns may prompt Gov. Peter Shumlin to veto the bill, according to Rep. Tony Klein, the chairman of the House Natural Resources and Energy Committee.

Gov. Peter Shumlin has issued his first veto of the 2016 session. The governor says a bill expanding the membership of the state's Clean Water Fund Board could have slowed down efforts to clean up lakes and streams across the state.

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When the new governor takes office in January, he or she will be given a new, independent analysis concerning the future of Vermont Health Connect, the state's health care web site.

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Hopes for single-payer health care in Vermont were sidelined at the end of 2014, but lawmakers haven’t given up on the concept of publicly-financed medical system. And a coming study could lay the groundwork for universal care for all Vermonters under the age of 27.

Addison County Sen. Chris Bray, left, says Vermont could get more electric vehicles on the road by providing a financial incentive to prospective buyers.
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Municipalities across Vermont have grown frustrated over the lack of local influence in the renewable energy siting process, but key lawmakers say one of the last bills to cross the legislative finish last week will give towns a greater voice.

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A recent downturn in commodity prices has some waste district managers scrambling to make ends meet just as they are getting ready to meet new demands of the state's universal recycling law.

Supporters of a proposed Ethics Commission in Vermont say they're disappointed that their plan didn't pass this session, but are already looking ahead to next year.

The discovery of a possible carcinogen in private drinking supplies in North Bennington spurred the passage of new toxics legislation in Montpelier this year.

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Backers of legislation to legalize marijuana say they're disappointed that they weren't successful this session. One problem was that the House and the Senate looked at the issue very differently.

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For the last six years, the same four men have occupied the most powerful stations in Statehouse politics. Their era came to an end shortly after midnight early Saturday morning, when the Vermont Legislature closed the books on the 2016 session. And the building that lawmakers left this past weekend will be a much different place in 2017.

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It looks like it could be the final day of the Vermont legislative session. But first, state lawmakers in Montpelier are settling in for what could be a very long night.