The VPR Poll

VPR and The Castleton Polling Institute are conducting a series of polls on the issues and political races relevant to Vermonters. Follow VPR for analysis and reporting on the poll results.

The VPR Poll was made possible by the VPR Journalism Fund.

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About 60 percent of Vermonters polled say they'd vote for Democratic incumbent Sen. Patrick Leahy, who has held the office since 1975. His challenger, Republican Scott Milne, has held steady in recent months with about 22 percent of polled voters.

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A new VPR Poll shows conflicting ideas on how the state should move ahead with siting renewable energy projects.

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A VPR poll of 579 likely voters suggests that Hillary Clinton will carry Vermont easily in this year’s presidential race, but it’s unclear whether she’ll provide the electoral lift to Vermont Democrats that Barack Obama delivered in the previous two presidential cycles.

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According to a new VPR Poll, David Zuckerman, the Progressive-Democratic candidate for lieutenant governor, holds a double-digit lead over his Republican opponent Randy Brock.

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The VPR Poll was released on Wednesday morning Oct. 19, and gives Vermont a snapshot of what likely voters are thinking about statewide and federal election races, plus what issues are priorities for Vermonters.

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Results from the first head-to-head poll of the 2016 race for governor have arrived. And the VPR Poll, conducted by the Castleton Polling Institute, shows Republican Phil Scott and Democrat Sue Minter locked in a statistical dead heat with just under three weeks until Election Day. 

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Who leads the race for president and the key statewide offices in Vermont? What are the top issues on voters' minds and how much do they trust some of Vermont's institutions? VPR has once again partnered with The Castleton Polling Institute to ask Vermonters what you think about the big issues facing our state and the choices voters face on Nov. 8.

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Those who have lived nearly exclusively in Vermont are less likely to support refugee resettlement in their community than those who have lived a significant part of their lives elsewhere.

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When Vermonters were asked about issues facing the state in the recent VPR poll, there were sometimes wide differences of opinion. But people overwhelming agreed that opiate addiction is a serious issue.

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A new VPR poll shows Vermonters are divided over resettling refugees here, with significant numbers on both sides of the issue. It's the first time a VPR poll has surveyed residents on the issue.

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Vermont's primary election is now just a couple of weeks away. VPR wanted to understand what you know and think about those seeking national and statewide office. And what your opinions are about key issues facing the state.

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Who do Vermonters favor in the presidential race? How do Vermonters view the candidates for the key statewide offices? And what are the most important issues facing our state today?

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A new VPR poll finds that Secretary Hillary Clinton may have a tough time winning the last 30 percent of Sen. Bernie Sanders' supporters to her camp.

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In February, VPR with the Castleton Polling Institute conducted the first of three VPR Polls for this election year. The results of that poll provided important insights on Vermonters' opinions about the presidential candidates, statewide officeholders and key topics like gun control and marijuana legalization.

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This week the Vermont Senate is expected to consider legalizing the recreational use of marijuana. And according to a new VPR Poll, a majority of Vermonters favor the idea.

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According to the new VPR Poll, Sen. Patrick Leahy and Rep. Peter Welch enjoy strong bi-partisan support across the state, however the same cannot be said of Gov. Peter Shumlin.

The VPR Poll; Sara Simon; Emily Alfin Johnson / VPR

A new poll by VPR and the Castleton Polling Institute provides a snapshot of what Vermonters think about top policy issues, with some surprising results.

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According to the new VPR Poll, the race for governor is wide open because roughly two thirds of Vermonters are undecided about which candidate they want to support. Despite this uncertainty, on the Republican side, Lt. Gov. Phil Scott enjoys a huge lead over businessman Bruce Lisman.

The VPR Poll; Emily Alfin Johnson

Gun control has long been considered the third rail of Vermont politics, and a debate over universal background checks last year reminded lawmakers why. But a new VPR poll shows that the overwhelming majority of Vermonters support background checks for all gun sales, and even favor waiting periods for firearms transactions. 

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The VPR Poll put some of the biggest questions facing Vermont to ... Vermonters. Novel, huh? They told us a lot.