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As it stands, Vermont is one of three states in the country without any kind of ethics commission. At the end of February, a bill was approved by the Senate that would form one, along with addressing a number of other ethics issues.

At the federal courthouse in Boston on Monday, three immigrant rights activists from Vermont had a hearing about their detention. They had been picked up by Immigration and Customs Enforcement in two separate instances nearly two weeks ago.

A Look At The H.170 Marijuana Legalization Bill

Mar 27, 2017

H.170 is a bill that deals with the legalization of marijuana. Yes, yet again lawmakers are trying to figure out if and how marijuana should be legalized in Vermont.

Mental Health Week: Listener Responses

Mar 27, 2017

Vermont Edition devoted all its programs from March 20-24 to different aspects of mental health care in Vermont. The show received a lot of very personal stories, and thoughtful responses and critiques to this series.

Ric Cengeri / VPR

We've been discussing the many challenges that the state mental health system and those experiencing mental illness are facing. Now we hear about some of the ideas that the Legislature has for fixing the problems.

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The effects of a mental illness almost always stretch beyond just one person. Being the family member of someone with a mental health condition comes with unique challenges, and providing support to a struggling loved one can be both draining and heartbreaking.

Law enforcement officers increasingly find themselves interacting with people in the midst of a mental health crisis.

A state law now requires all officers to get eight hours of training in how to deal with these kinds of situations. There's also an additional voluntary program some officers have enrolled in that is designed to train mental health workers and the police in how to work together in an emergency.

Mental Health Week: Children And Mental Illness

Mar 22, 2017

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, 20 percent of children will suffer from a seriously debilitating mental disorder at some point during their young years.

One thing common to many people with mental health conditions is that they can be helped by a strong support network of friends and family. But keeping those folks in the loop can be hard. And if doctors are involved, things can be complicated by a strict federal privacy law known as HIPAA.

Mental Health Week: Tackling Stigma

Mar 21, 2017

On Tuesday, Vermont Edition addressed the stigma attached to mental disorders.

Copley Hospital

People who are suffering psychiatric episodes can end up in the emergency rooms of community hospitals, where doctors and nurses say they are not equipped to provide the treatment these patients need. As Vermont Edition begins a week-long exploration of mental health care in Vermont, we look at the problem of emergency psychiatric care.

In his inaugural address in January, Gov. Phil Scott promised that his administration would focus on what he called "outcomes over process." To that end, he announced that he would form a team to improve government efficiency.

On Monday, March 20, the University of Vermont will be hosting a conference called "French Connections" that will explore the cultural and economic ties that bind this state and province together.

Glass bottle of maple syrup laying down; nearby a spoon drizzles maple syrup into a small glass filled with syrup.
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There are many ways to cook with maple syrup, although not all ideas or methods are necessarily good ones.

Sen. Bernie Sanders' Role In National Politics

Mar 16, 2017

Sen. Bernie Sanders experienced a meteoric rise to national prominence during the 2016 presidential campaign. He may not have won the Democratic primary, but Sanders certainly has won some concessions from Democrats, and even a leadership position in the party – despite the fact that he's not officially a Democrat.

Getting Vermont's waterways cleaned up and keeping them clean is a priority for Vermont, and it's mandated by the Environmental Protection Agency. But it's going to cost a couple billion dollars, and half of that is going to have to come from Vermont.

Andy Nash, meteorologist in charge of the National Weather Service in Burlington, talked with  Vermont Edition live during the noon hour on Wednesday to provide some totals and historical context for the snowstorm the region has been experiencing.

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Across the state on Town Meeting Day last week, voters signed off on - or rejected - their local school budgets. We're looking at the level of education spending in Vermont, and where that money goes. 

Waterville Elementary School students sit around a table.
Amy Kolb Noyes / VPR

Students at Waterville Elementary School are gathered around a classroom table, deep in discussion about the characters in A Night Divided, especially the book's main character – 12-year-old Gerta, who lives in East Berlin.

The phrase "paid family leave" is a popular one at the Statehouse and in Vermont business circles right now because it's up for debate in the Legislature.