Weekly Conversation On The Arts

T. W. Wood Gallery/ Facebook

The Center For Arts And Learning in Montpelier houses a group of non-profit arts and education organizations. They use their shared roof to collaborate on creative projects and are working to bring more of the community into their shared space.


Summer may be coming to an end, but you can hold onto a little bit of sunshine with the dreamy sounds of Vows, a Burlington and New Jersey-based duo.

Nico Malvaldi

New York choreographer Marilyn Klaus stages ballets, but for her latest project she’s also part mixologist.

Springfield Steampunk Festival

When the fantasy worlds created in literature by H.G. Wells and Jules Verne collide with Victorian era gears, gadgets and goggles, you get Steampunk. Next weekend, Springfield is the center of the Steampunk universe.

Sara Vitale / Angel Boy Art

In adaptive sports, traditional equipment like skis and bicycles are altered to fit someone who needs it so that they too can access and enjoy the sport. Instead of equipment, Angel Boy Art in Brattleboro alters paintbrushes and other mediums to create art therapy for kids in need.

Loren Kiyoshi Dempster

In the foothills of Vermont, artists are given the space, support and resources to really push limits and think beyond typical performance venues.

Guy l'Heureux

Many are familiar with the CSA model: You purchase shares and receive fresh produce grown in local soil, and you get to meet the farmer who plants it. A group in Montreal has taken that agriculture model of the CSA and replaced the agriculture with art.

Weston Playhouse

After taking a trip to the West of Ireland to visit her mother's hometown of Ennis in County Clare, Vermont resident and Broadway veteran Cass Morgan wrote a musical memoir that redefines the concept of home.

Joey Jones / Photospoke

When Vermont dancer Chatch Pregger set out to mash up two of his passions, the art form of ballet and his reverence for Vermont agriculture, the combination is an outdoor performance telling the story of a farm from spring to fall.

Pregger joined VPR to talk about the performance series called Farm to Ballet.

Eastwood Guitars

Vermont musician Bow Thayer is a busy guy. He has a new album coming out that he recorded and produced in his self-built solar-powered studios, he’s invented a new instrument and he’s cofounder of the Tweed River Music Festival.

Kate Hartley

Vermont painter Gary Eckhart is an award-winning watercolorist and curator of the Green Mountain Watercolor Exhibition, which is up now at Lareau Farm in Waitsfield.

Credit Jean Luc Dushime

Vermont photographer Jean Luc Dushime grew up in Rwanda, but he and his family fled the country after the 1994 genocide. When their new home in the Congo also exploded into war two years later, they walked for six months across the Congolese jungle. Eventually they made their way to Vermont.

Recently, Dushime went home to Rwanda to face his past and to remember his childhood before the conflict. And he took along his camera.

Julia Jensen

Southern Vermont painter Julia Jensen’s oil and encaustic paintings are now on display at West Branch Gallery in Stowe.

Tari Swenson, a partner at West Branch, joined VPR to talk about Jensen’s paintings and how they try to help artists find a balance between having their art be seen and having their art sell.

Ralph Culver

Vermont poet Ralph Culver attended Goddard College in Plainfield in the 1970s and has called the state his home ever since.

Credit Emily Boedecker/Threads and Thresholds

The Kent Museum in Calais, built in the 1830s, has been home to a tavern, a stagecoach stop on the way from New York City to Montreal and a post office. But beginning Thursday, June 18th, it will take on another life as center stage for a performance art installation called Threads and Thresholds.

Virginia Beahan

You may not immediately think of a connection between the island nation of Cuba and the Green Mountain State, but Anni Mackay, owner and director of BigTown Gallery in Rochester, sees many similarities. She says both places have a connection to the working landscape, vibrant arts and rich culture. Mackay says the country shows tenacity and resilience in the face of adversity, a trait she says is common in the Northeast.

Rob Spring Photos / Scrag Mountain Music

You've no doubt heard of "passing the hat" after you've enjoyed hearing a live musician in a coffee house or on the Church Street Marketplace, but what about after hearing a concert of classical chamber music?

Colin Byrne / Art on Board

What happens when action sports meet art? If you're Ben Weigher, it has something to do with painted snowboards. Weigher is the co-creator, with Tim Andreasen, of Art on Board, an organization focused on creativity, entrepreneurship and youth engagement.

Darmouth Dance Ensemble

Next weekend, Dartmouth College’s dance ensemble will present a program featuring 16 dancers from within the Dartmouth community, including four from the Geisel School of Medicine.

Courtesy Wren Kitz

Can music be visual? Wren Kitz, a guitarist from Burlington, thinks so. He recently made a record, For Evelyn, weaving his music with found sound and field recordings to try to give listeners a visual, surreal experience.