Men work in a granite processing facility.
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There was a time when it was totally normal to hear French spoken in some of Vermont’s smallest towns and biggest cities.

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Since Donald Trump's election as president, four cities in Vermont have taken steps to declare or discuss declaring themselves sanctuary cities, as part of a response by communities nationwide to anticipate Trump's proposed immigration policies. But what does "sanctuary city" mean?

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Prosecutors announced Thursday that a Franklin County Sheriff’s deputy will face no charges over the fatal shooting of 29-year-old Jesse Beshaw of Winooski last month.

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A transparency group is calling on authorities to release body camera footage from a fatal police shooting last week amid questions and controversy about the death of 29-year-old Winooski resident Jesse Beshaw.

A man was shot and killed Friday night in Winooski by a deputy with the Franklin County Sheriff’s Department.

A federal judge has dealt a blow to opponents of the Air Force's plan to base F-35 fighter jets at Burlington International Airport.

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Rutland Mayor Christopher Louras says his efforts to create a refugee resettlement community in Rutland are morally and economically based. Rutland's population is declining and aging and Louras says young refugee families are hard working, entrepreneurial and will bring much needed diversity to the city.  

Critics aren't convinced and many worry that refugees will end up being a burden on taxpayers. A good place to examine those concerns is Winooski, which has a large concentration of foreign-born residents.

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A new space in Winooski called Incubator has a pretty simple idea: be a place for people to get creative with food.

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The Vermont Tourism Industry crowned the "Bartender of the Year" last week in Killington. 

The winner was Matthew Farkas of Mule Bar in Winooski. The competition challenged the bartenders to mix a special drink from surprise ingredients revealed during the contest. It used all local, made-in-Vermont spirits.

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Traffic in downtown Winooski ground to a halt Tuesday afternoon after police and emergency workers evacuated buildings and blocked traffic to Burlington while investigating a clandestine lab in a building on Main Street. 

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The city of Winooski was vacuuming sewage out of a grease-clogged sewer line over the weekend after city workers noticed that catch basins in the city’s stormwater system were emitting “sewage-like odors.”

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American Red Cross blood drives are a common occurrence, but an upcoming a blood drive aimed at ethnic minorities is upsetting to some, and providing a lesson in medical science for others.

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This month, several films will be screened in Winooski at the Global Roots Festival, which celebrates and represents new Vermonters’ home countries in a different way than often portrayed in the media.

Orly Yadin, executive director of the Vermont International Film Foundation, joined VPR to talk about the film festival.

The city of Winooski is asking residents to leave the water running.

That's part of the city's effort to prevent the water main breaks and frozen pipes that have caused extensive trouble this week.

Winooski Public Works Director Peter Wernsdorfer says the recent cold weather has been tough on the city's network of underground water lines.

Because of that, the city is asking residents to turn a faucet on and let the water run so it won't freeze in the distribution lines.

Candidates to be the next mayor of Winooski filed their election paperwork this week. And now the debate officially begins – about how best to lead the changing, culturally diverse city, and how to address the challenges of rapid growth and poverty.

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The city of Winooski has certainly seen its share of changes over the decades. The old mill town has re-branded itself as a hip enclave with a vibrant restaurant scene, a growing technology sector and a diverse population.

But it also has its challenges, such as rapid growth and nearly a quarter of its residents living below the poverty line. All of this welcomes a new mayor come March.

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First-time visitors to Vermont could be excused for thinking Winooski was settled by natives of Poland. But the name comes from the Abenaki word "winoskitegw," meaning “land of the wild onion.”

Archeologists have found one of the largest Native American dwelling sites in Winooski. It was once home of Ira Allen. Woolen mills proved a steady source of employment in the city for over a century. And for a time, there was a fleeting possibility that the city would be domed.

Last week voters in Winooski chose two representatives to serve the district in Vermont’s statehouse. The election highlighted the city’s changing demographics.

Winooski voters cast their ballots in favor of change last week, choosing a new voice to represent the city in the statehouse.

With rents slightly cheaper than Burlington and a trendy restaurant and bar scene emerging, Winooski has seen a spike in young professionals moving to the city.

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Police from multiple agencies cleared the Winooski school complex without locating their suspect Thursday evening after reports of an armed man on the premises.

Winooski Police Chief Steve McQueen said the response came after a Milton Police canine unit tracked a reportedly armed home invasion suspect moving in the direction of the schools. A 911 caller at the schools reported seeing an armed man inside, so Winooski police called other agencies for assistance.