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Johnson State College

Getting published in the New Yorker is a high honor for any author, and that’s particularly true for literary fiction. This week a Johnson State College professor achieved that honor with his story “The Apartment,” published in the Aug. 31 issue of the magazine.

Mad River Valley Craft Fair

Kathleen Kanz is a stand-up comic in central Vermont and recommended the comedy showcase at La Puerta Negra in Montpelier on September 3rd at 8 p.m.

Sara Vitale / Angel Boy Art

In adaptive sports, traditional equipment like skis and bicycles are altered to fit someone who needs it so that they too can access and enjoy the sport. Instead of equipment, Angel Boy Art in Brattleboro alters paintbrushes and other mediums to create art therapy for kids in need.

Charlotte Albright / VPR

As a crowd of presidential hopefuls hit the primary campaign trail, political buttons are sprouting on lots of lapels. Steve Amos, of Wheelock, has collected the election era baubles dating back two centuries, and he’s still amassing and designing buttons for the next election.

Loren Kiyoshi Dempster

In the foothills of Vermont, artists are given the space, support and resources to really push limits and think beyond typical performance venues.

Stowe Tango Music Festival

Brian Harwood recommended the Stowe Tango Music Festival, going on now through Sunday, August 23rd at various venues in Stowe.

Stave Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles

At one point or another, probably each of us has worked on a jigsaw puzzle. Some find it infuriatingly frustrating and others love the thrill. 

But for puzzle enthusiasts, there's an even greater challenge: a mind-boggling, purposefully deceptive, intensely intricate puzzle from ... Vermont.

Over The Edge USA

If you happen to be in downtown Burlington on Sept. 5, don't be alarmed if you look up and see scores of people rappelling down the side of a tall building. It's not a SWAT team, it's a brave and dedicated group of ordinary folks taking part in a fundraiser for the Flynn Center for the Performing Arts.