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Susanne Schmidt started telling stories over a year ago, during a comedy fundraiser for the lunch ladies of Vermont. “The day before the event, I was having a really hard time deciding what to do for my set, when I realized I had a story about my lunch lady when I was growing up," Schmidt says. “So I threw out my comedy set, got up in front of 200 people and told my story.” 

From that point forward, Schmidt hasn’t stopped connecting with people through her storytelling.

Woody Keppel is the artistic director of the Festival of Fools and recommended Tom "Murph" Murphy's one-man physical comedy performance, Laugh Till You Die at the Haybarn Theater at Goddard College on Saturday, November 22nd at 8 p.m.

Walk into a gallery space in Bennington right now and you'll be surrounded by a thirty-five foot long curved painting of a valley in Afghanistan outside Bagram air base. The gallery is filled with sounds from the bazaar's and villages in the valley. Interviews with local Afghans hang on the walls. It's an immersive, complicated portrait of a complicated place created by an anthropologist and an artist working together as a team.

Many readers fondly remember the childhood joy and suspense brought by the Choose Your Own Adventure books. This series allowed young readers to make choices throughout the book that changed the story slightly, finishing with one of up to 14 different endings.

A sizeable collection of original Revolutionary War era documents will be up for auction on Thursday at Swann Auction Galleries in New York. Several autographed items in the group have historical importance to Vermont, including an original copy of the document announcing statehood in 1791, signed by Thomas Jefferson.


Nov 18, 2014

A new study from the Human Rights Campaign rates cities around the country for LGBT equality. They looked at things like non-discrimination laws, relationship recognition and municipality employment policies. Burlington rates pretty highly, as you might imagine, but other towns in Vermont do not fare so well.

One hundred voices in the Upper Valley will soon sing the harrowing tale of the teenager who went into hiding with her family during the Holocaust.  The Handel Society of Dartmouth College will perform Annelies, by James Whitbourn, on Nov. 18.

This oratorio based on The Diary of Anne Frank shines a light on a dark time. Yet, Conductor Robert Duff noted before a rehearsal, it also brings us inside the shining mind of a young girl immortalized by the strong emotions in her diary.

David Salome of Lyme, New Hampshire, recommends The Art of Collage by Vermont artist C.A. Santa Maria at the Long River Studios in Lyme, New Hampshire.

Tom Consolino suggested the Debra Woodward photography exhibit at Bartleby's Books on West Main Street in Wilmington through the rest of this month.

Recently,  NPR has been exploring the concept of color and the impact that rich hues have in our day-to-day lives.

That's a topic that's near and dear to one Northeast Kingdom artist. Graham Keegan makes fabric dye from plants that he harvests near his Kirby home — plants like wild sumac and home-grown indigo. His natural dyes attracted the attention of a clothing line that pays homage to Janis Joplin. The late singer's niece, Malyn Joplin, has launched a clothing line called "Made for Pearl," and she’s hired Keegan to design and produce fabric.