Jay Peak resort has signed a settlement agreement that environmentalists say will improve water quality in streams damaged by development.

For the last decade or more, construction projects at the four-season resort have caused sediment to flow into streams. That's led to violations of state water quality standards.

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Ice Ice Baby

Feb 26, 2015
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Spring will eventually be here, along with the potential for ice jams and river flooding. On the next Vermont Edition, we learn about the conditions that cause ice jams, and how our rivers behave as winter turns to spring.

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Gov. Peter Shumlin and legislative leaders say this is the year to take action to clean up Lake Champlain and other polluted waters. The sense of urgency was heightened last week when the legislature held an unusual joint assembly to hear dramatic testimony from business and environmental advocates about Lake Champlain in crisis.

Zach Hirsch

Even in the dead of winter, the Lake Champlain Transportation Company runs ferries between Plattsburgh and Grand Isle, Vermont.

The state is charging an exclusive private resort in southern Vermont with a series of permit violations.

The Vermont attorney general’s office says the resort, known as the Hermitage Inn and Club, failed to apply for Act 250 land use and water quality permits before starting construction projects.

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Time is running out for 15 horses rescued from a South Woodstock farm to find foster homes. 

The rescued horses currently reside in stables owned by the Green Mountain Horse Association, but GMHA needs them to be out by the end of March. Currently, the Lucy MacKenzie Humane Society is hurrying to find foster homes for them.

I’ve just shoveled my porch roof for the first time this winter - after glancing through the large bedroom window overlooking the expanse of flattish hip roof and noticing the snow level at an astonishing three feet. Clearly, I was so busy shoveling paths at ground level I let the roof get away from me.

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Supporters of cleaning up Lake Champlain and other polluted waterways hope a forum held at the Statehouse on Wednesday will bring new energy to their efforts.

The Vermont Fish and Wildlife Board is considering changes to the state's hunting regulations that would expand the archery season, and a change that would allow hunters to use crossbows during that season.

Bryan Pfeiffer

If you've been out in the early morning lately, you may have been hearing the welcome arrival of more birdsong. Don’t get too hopeful – it doesn’t mean spring is coming.