Now that deer season is almost over, I’m getting ready to reenter the woods in search of lingering waterfowl and early arriving winter finches. But my old and excellent binoculars, bought in the early nineties, light and durable, that yield a crisp, bright image, even in fading light, have been sent away to be repaired.

Despite the stretch of warm days we’ve had this fall, winter’s just around the corner. And even though I love skiing and snowshoeing, I dread the short days and frequent lack of sunshine. Cold, gray days with mixed precipitation make being outdoors less than inviting.

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As leaders in more than 150 countries prepare to meet in Paris with an eye toward forming a landmark climate agreement, some students at both Vermont Law School and the University of Vermont are preparing to make contributions of their own to the international effort to address climate change.

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Net metering allows utility customers to generate their own power from renewable energy sources – like solar and wind – and sell excess power to utility companies.

But some utilities are reaching the 15 percent of peak load cap on net metered power that they get from residential and commercial renewable energy sources.

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Local concern over large deposits of silt in two Deerfield Valley rivers has forced Mount Snow to call a public hearing on the issue.


A partnership between a Vermont wood products company and the Rainforest Alliance aims to help preserve biodiversity and improve the local economy in the Petén region of Guatemala.

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As Vernon continues to head toward a referendum on siting a natural gas power plant in town, investors with serious money are waiting to see how the vote turns out.

If a natural gas power plant is built in Vernon it's going to take between $10 million and $12 million just to do the planning and preliminary work, and if the project doesn't move forward, for whatever reason, that money could be lost.

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The Two Rivers-Ottauquechee Regional Commission (TRORC) is questioning whether a major development planned for Exit 4 on I-89 conforms with the area's regional plan." 


Scott Milne

Former gubernatorial candidate and travel business owner Scott Milne has won a court battle in his attempt to develop a large parcel of land in Quechee on Route 4. Opponents say the mixed use project would snarl traffic and cause sprawl, but Milne says that part of the 167-acre property is ideal for offices, retail, and residences.

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A Brattleboro nonprofit that promotes sustainable building design says green buildings should be able to prove that they can stand up to natural disasters, especially those associated with climate change.