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"So, what did we decide. Did we want to bring the rifle ... or not?" says Forrest Hammond.

That would be a dart rifle, capable of shooting a sedative-filled barb into the flank of a fleeting bear, and the answer is yes.

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A tiny songbird living in Vermont has been on the move and showing some amazing stamina on its journey. The Blackpoll Warbler has been tracked with a migration lasting up to three days over the ocean. A recent study tracked the little bird's astonishing flight from the Northeastern United States and Nova Scotia, over the Atlantic Ocean and then all the way to the Caribbean.

On April 5, 1815, two hundred years ago this Sunday, Mount Tambora, a volcano in Indonesia, erupted; the roar was mistaken for cannon fire eight hundred miles away. The eruption continued for four months. It was the largest in human history, ten times more powerful than the better-known Krakatau.

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Today is the last day public comments are being accepted for a proposed recycling ordinance that has provoked the ire of many Central Vermonters. The bulk of the proposed ordinance outlines variable rate pricing for trash, recyclables and compostable materials. But what has Central Vermonters up in arms is the requirement to use clear plastic garbage bags.

Vermont's Agency of Agriculture will no longer run the Dairies of Distinction program, ending a decade's worth of participation. The Addison Independent broke that news last week. The program is run in four other states, and recognizes farms for their aesthetic value.

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Many of New England's native plants are in serious trouble, according to a new report released today by the New England Wildflower Society.

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Wildlife is all around us, but sometimes it takes a quiet walk out into nature to hear what you're missing.

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Officials from Vermont and Quebec signed a new agreement Monday that outlines how the two governments will continue to reduce pollution in Lake Champlain.


The fourth annual round of Vermontivate kicks off on Monday. Never heard of Vermontivate? Here's what you need to know...

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Vermont Gas Systems is planning to go ahead with construction on its Addison County pipeline this summer even though the state permit for the project is no longer a sure thing.