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The Utah man who wants to build a unique project in Central Vermont says he is poised to purchase an additional 500 acres of land.

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A working group established to see if the state should make a bid on a hydroelectric system wants up to $250,000 to hire a consultant.

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Vermont celebrates Arbor Day the first Friday in May, and Vermont Urban & Community Forestry is observing the occasion with an Arbor Day conference. The May 6 conference in Montpelier is open to anyone with a passion for trees.

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A common question gardeners have is "what ground covers can be grown in shade?" First of all, all shade is not created equally. Shade under an evergreen tree is different than shade under a small crabapple. So it's best to match the type of shade you have with the ground cover.

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Three Vermont law firms, along with a North Carolina environmental law team, have reached an agreement to work together to represent some of the residents in North Bennington who are dealing with PFOA contamination in their water.


  Andrew Glover, founder of Immersive Technology Studios in Barre, joined VPR recently to explain the artistic cache behind his latest project called, Vermont Peaks, which he describes as "Vermont's largest art exhibit."

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Southern Vermont has been dealing with water contamination from the chemical PFOA, but it's becoming clear the issue is more widespread. The suspected carcinogen has not only been found in drinking water in Pownal and Bennington, but also in New York and New Hampshire.

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This month, Outdoor Radio takes you to Salisbury, Vermont where salamanders, newts and frogs are crossing Morgan Road to a swamp where they reproduce. Dozens of volunteers are keeping a tally, and when a car comes along, the volunteers scoop them up so they don't get squashed.

Biologists Kent McFarland and Sara Zahendra are joined by Herpetologist Jim Andrews as the volunteers work with clipboards and flashlights to participate in this rite of Spring.

Over the course of two and a half hours, 44 volunteers counted 512 amphibians.

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As Vermont embraces the idea of renewable energy like wind and solar, the inevitable impact on the local landscape and community is inescapable. The question then becomes, how can towns weigh in on where these projects go?

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The Texas-based company Kinder Morgan says it won't build a natural gas pipeline that was supposed to run within seven miles of Vernon.

Environmental officials suspect the Chemfab plant in North Bennington has been emitting the chemical PFOA through its smokestacks for years

Yet since the 1960s, the chemical manufacturer DuPont had information that PFOA may be linked to heightened cancer risks. It wasn't until a lawsuit in the mid-2000s that the company shared this information with the Environmental Protection Agency.

The company that's been working closely with the state on the water contamination crisis in North Bennington is now questioning Vermont's low safety standard for the chemical PFOA.

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I’m often asked, “What’s your favorite national park?” It’s a question that gets me excited, thinking about all the parks I’ve been fortunate to visit. But it’s a tough question, too, since there are so many good choices — more than 400 of them! So let me answer by talking about what people like to do in national parks and some of the best places to go for these activities.

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A commercial wind project has divided the town of Grafton. And at a select board meeting Monday, the two sides couldn't even agree if an attorney should be hired to negotiate on the town's behalf.

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As the state zeroes in on the extent of the PFOA contamination in North Bennington, there are short and long term challenges to making sure people have clean water to drink.

Levin: Owl Rescue

Apr 14, 2016

Encounters between a barred owl and a moving car can be hard on the owl, which despite deceptive appearances is really no heavier than a large gray squirrel... or put another way, the average female barred owl - females are heavier than males - weighs twenty-five percent less than a quart of skim milk.

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The Senate Natural Resources and Energy Committee has decided not to fix a technicality in legislation that requires sewage treatment plant operators to notify the public if there is a sewage spill, according to Sen. Chris Bray.

Gov. Peter Shumlin joined with environmental advocates earlier this year in calling for the state pension fund to unload its stocks in coal companies and Exxon-Mobil. But it turns out that the $4 billion fund is still generating returns from companies related to the last big divestment battle.

New England lawmakers are urging the Environmental Protection Agency to issue an updated health advisory level for the chemical PFOA.

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The Department of Fish and Wildlife is using cameras to study how bears will react to a new commercial wind project in southeastern Vermont.