Are Your Pipes Made Of Lead? Here's A Quick Way To Find Out

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All the bad news around lead and water has people worried. So we decided to create a step-by-step guide to help find out if the pipe bringing water into your home is made of lead. Get started here.

The Rainbow Family of Living Light is holding its annual gathering in the Green Mountain National Forest, and officials are estimating that 10,000 or maybe even 20,000 people could join the primitive encampment in June and early July. 

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Vermont Fish and Wildlife recently announced a policy change that will allow anglers to once again wear felt-soled waders after a five-year ban. It marks a change in the state's approach to dealing with one damaging aquatic algae: didymo, also known by the much more colorful name of "rock snot."


Town officials in Windham are asking developers of a commercial wind project to suspend their work in the region.

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The Agency of Agriculture is holding public hearings on its final proposed new rules required under Vermont's new water quality law, Act 64.

The rules are expected to take effect in September 15, but some farmers are still concerned about some of the provisions.

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Vermont’s Attorney General Bill Sorrell said Tuesday that he has some concerns that new federal legislation will limit states’ rights to regulate chemicals within their borders.

Vermont Gas Systems says the estimated cost of its controversial pipeline is going up nearly $12 million.

The company says based on a number of factors, estimated costs will rise to a total of more than $165 million.

The latest estimate is nearly double the original price tag of the pipeline to Middlebury.

Vermont Gas blames the lion’s share of the increase on construction costs, specifically the need to do more drilling and blasting than anticipated.

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For at least half a century, the Green Mountain Conservation Camp has offered middle school-aged kids the opportunity to learn about hunting, fishing, outdoor safety, camping and canoeing.

Authorities are still trying to determine the source of a weekend fuel leak into the Missisquoi River in Swanton.


The Public Service Board has approved Entergy Vermont Yankee's request to build a second dry fuel storage pad in Vernon.

Crews have contained a fuel oil spill in the Missisquoi River near Depot Street in Swanton, authorities say.

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The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency issued the final, legally binding version of its “Total Maximum Daily Load” (TMDL) plan, which sets required pollution reduction targets for Lake Champlain.


Yellowstone was the first national park in 1872 and it set the standard for many that followed – Yosemite, Grand Canyon, Sequoia, Mount Rainier and others.


Birthdays are a time to celebrate, but an opportunity to look forward as well.

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Though the national parks have famously been called “America’s best idea," this sentiment is not universally accepted.

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The 1964 Wilderness Act was a milestone in American environmental history. After hundreds of years of clearing away the wilderness, the official policy of the nation was now to preserve the country’s remaining wild areas. Much of this wilderness is now protected in the national parks. In fact, more than half the area of the national park system is wilderness.

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Visitors to our national parks may notice that the boundaries of many parks are marked by straight lines. These lines are political boundaries that have little relevance to ecological realities.

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The decision for institutions to divest from fossil fuels is more complicated than just a list of pros and cons, according to a new report commissioned by Dartmouth College.

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Two recently completed engineering reports find that it could cost $17 million to bring clean water to the properties around North Bennington that have tested positive for PFOA.

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It's all but certain that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will be the Democratic presidential nominee. But Sen. Bernie Sanders has been saying for months that he's staying in the race until the convention — in part — to influence the party's platform.