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Below are the latest Featured Programs you may have heard about on the broadcast. Send us a message if you have feedback about the programs.

Ryan Mercer / Burlington Free Press

There are many variations on holiday traditions around the world - but they all have joy and surprise in common. Melissa Pasanen, who writes for the Savorvore Section of The Burlington Free Press, discovered several celebrations that families have brought from their homeland to Vermont.

Minette Lawnye / Flickr

The smallest birds to winter in the New England woods, golden-crowned kinglets are about the size of a thumb and weigh as much as a nickel. They travel as a foraging flock and keep warm at night by cuddling together, creating more volume with less surface area exposed.

ArielleJay / Morguefile

In the 1800's a London physician called Nathaniel Ward wanted to watch an insect chrysalis transform into a butterfly. He placed it, with some soil, in a glass jar and sealed it shut. To his amazement, but not only did he see the butterfly form, but he also saw ferns and grasses growing in the bottom of the jar. The plants continue to grow in the sealed jar for 4 years without additions of water. It was the first modern terrarium.

Courtesy, artist Matthew Wolf

Robin Russell from Randolph Center recommended the Northeast Heritage Music Camp's mid-winter gathering on January 10th on the Montpelier Green.

Anna Berger from Putney suggested Matthew Wolf's recycled copper enamel art on display Friday, December 19th in Bellows Falls at the Valley Cafe from 5 p.m. till 8 p.m.

Young Writers Project: Thrill On The Hill

Dec 15, 2014

Margot Frost, a fifth grade student at Tunbridge Central School, is an avid skier and loves to race. Here’s what Margot says: “I have been skiing for six years now, since I was four. I learned to ski at Quechee Ski Area. I skied there for one year, and then at Pico for two years. Currently, I ski at Mad River Glen and have for the past three years. Skiing brings me great joy, and I hope to continue skiing as long as I can.”

Thrill on the Hill
By Margot Frost
Grade Five, Tunbridge Central School


They may not be the flashiest holiday gifts, but Vermont cooks are very thankful for useful kitchen gadgets. Many food-enthusiasts have a list of things they want for their kitchen, but can’t quite justify buying. 

Amanda Shepard / VPR

This holiday season, make VPR and VPR Classical part of your celebrations and enjoy a variety of special programs, ranging from traditional to new.

Click here for a printable version of our holiday program schedule.

Thursday, Dec. 18

9 p.m. on VPR: Hanukkah Lights

Photo courtesy of The Barretones

Poet and writer Diana Whitney from Brattleboro recommended the Vermont Theater Company's adaptation of A Christmas Carol on stage at the Hooker-Dunham Theater in Brattleboro for several weekend performances, including matinees and evening shows.

muvuka / Morguefile

This time of year, everyone is in a gift buying frenzy. Gardeners tend to be down-to-earth and are as happy with a bag of compost as a designer handbag. But there are still worthwhile gifts to consider for your favorite gardener.

Glenn Russell / Burlington Free Press

Restaurant chains are often associated with thoughts of manufactured, unhealthy and sometimes unappetizing food. However, several local businesses in Vermont are starting to change that.