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Below are the latest Featured Programs you may have heard about on the broadcast. Send us a message if you have feedback about the programs.

Courtesy, Montgomery Center Arts

This week, our art hounds have recommended a book launch party in Burlington, open studios in Brattleboro, a concert in Stowe and much more.

U.S. Public Domain

Of all the advancements of the 20th century, the advent of recording technology has affected the world of music like no other. For centuries, classical music was the privilege of the rich and powerful. It was relegated to the church, concert hall, opera house or salon. But today, we can access the masterpieces of any era, anytime, anywhere played by the world’s most talented musicians.

Young Writers Project: Another Poem About Fall

Sep 26, 2016
Courtesy, Susan Reid

The season that peeks its head
Through the doors of summer
Then darts back out again,
And the wood nearly closes on your fingers
For trying to catch it.


Audio Pending...

Steven Hinds and his daughter Sophia Robins of Montpelier brought laughter to the StoryCorps mobile booth as they shared a wide ranging conversation about what's most important to them.

Awesome Etiquette: Irresponsible Inviting

Sep 23, 2016
dragonimages / iStock

If you've been invited to a party by a friend who hasn't first cleared the invite with the host, it could be cause for an awkward situation.

Illustration by Keith Ward

The horseradish is a vegetable that dates back to ancient Greece where it was used medicinally for back pain and as an aphrodisiac.

Glenn Russell/Burlington Free Press

Many local farmers diversify their offerings by creating new products from the things they grow and raise on their land. Farr Farms in Richmond has done just this by making its own gelato from fresh milk.

Courtesy, Nimble Arts

This week, VPR's Art Hounds suggest looking up at aerial circus arts in Wilmington, looking to the past and future at the Steampunk Festival in Springfield and looking to the trees at the Vermont Woodworkers Forest Festival in Woodstock.

Courtesy, Joel Najman

This week on My Place, we'll feature an hour of recordings by married couples who recorded together. You can hear memorable songs made by Sonny & Cher, Louis Prima and Keely Smith and Ike and Tina Turner.

No Makeup is a new VPR partner podcast sharing authentic stories of women who ‘take off their makeup’ and tell us about their lives. They talk about their personal and professional challenges and share a few words of advice.


VPR will celebrate 40 years on the air next year, and Betty Smith Mastaler has been with the station since the very first day. 

Young Writers Project: Fake Love

Sep 19, 2016
Courtesy, Young Writers Project

Fake Love

By Grace Brouillette

Grade 10, Essex High School

You said
That you would always be
With me,
With me.
But you
Never wanted me,
Not really,
Only wanted to play the game.

U.S. Public Domain

At the dawning of the 20th century the world stood on the edge of immense change. No one could have guessed what the next hundred years would bring. Previous centuries saw most composers following specific aesthetic ideals, but music fractured in the 20th century like never before. In reality, we’re still trying to figure out where music goes from here.

Clemson Extension Service

Vermont's Act 148, the Universal Recycling & Composting Law, is having a big impact on how Vermonters deal with their waste. This law has been phasing in mandatory recycling and composting for businesses and residences since 2014. By 2020, food scraps and organic waste will be banned from the landfill.

Dorset Union Store circa 1884, courtesy of Cindy Loudenslager. Photo of the store today by Brooke Wilcox.

A native of Boston, Seven Days food writer Julia Clancy grew up with the notion that Vermont general stores were more nostalgic than useful; buildings full of fudge and flannel rather than ones still used for everyday needs and as a hub of community.

Recently, Clancy took off on a summer-long road trip to visit several general stores throughout the state and found just how vital these stores still are to their communities.

Awesome Etiquette: Give A Gift To Celebrate, Not Just Reciprocate

Sep 16, 2016
Franny-Anne / iStock

What happens when, without explanation, a family member who traditionally sends a birthday gift to your child does not? It can leave you wondering whether you should send a birthday gift to their children or skip it.

Poster design by Eden Alessi

Block out some time on your calendars this weekend for an exhibit of sacred paintings, the works of 12 Syrian artists and a play about a man who treated his OCD with psychedelic mushrooms.

Julia Jordan

Jazz musician George Walker Petit has played with plenty of prominent musicians all over the world, but it was the Vermont music scene that recently called him back.

Courtesy, Joel Najman

This week on My Place, we present an hour full of famous and not-so-famous female rock-and-roll singing groups of the 1960s.

Timeline is a project from VPR Classical, a service of Vermont Public Radio. It is intended to be an informative, entertaining overview of music history. This work will hopefully stir the curious on to study the subject further. Here we have provided a list of suggested reading.  It contains references and suggestions of how to go deeper.