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Below are the latest Featured Programs you may have heard about on the broadcast. Send us a message if you have feedback about the programs.

Thanksgiving is an exceptionally busy time of year for farmers: harvesting the root vegetables we all serve on the holiday; bringing turkeys to slaughter; making deliveries to farmers' markets - and all the while keeping up with the demanding day to day schedule of running a farm.

Candace Page, who writes for the Savorvore Section of The Burlington Free Press, talked to a number of farmers around the state to find out what their holiday is like and what graces their Thanksgiving tables.

Woody Keppel is the artistic director of the Festival of Fools and recommended Tom "Murph" Murphy's one-man physical comedy performance, Laugh Till You Die at the Haybarn Theater at Goddard College on Saturday, November 22nd at 8 p.m.

The tiny Northern Saw-whet owl is migrating south right now and naturalists are tracking them as they pass through Vermont. On Outdoor Radio this week, we’ll visit a banding station in Montpelier to hear how these elusive birds are captured and banded.  

Young Writers Project: Black Box Man

Nov 17, 2014

Olivia Howe, a freshman at Brattleboro Union High School, wrote “Black Box Man” in response to a Young Writers Project photo prompt that showed a young girl working in a factory. The historic photo, from the Library of Congress archive, is one of many photos taken by Lewis Wickes Hine (the “Black Box Man”) that exposed child labor in the early 20th century. Olivia read this story at the Brattleboro Literary Festival in October as part of Young Writers Project’s Millennial Writers on Stage.

David Salome of Lyme, New Hampshire, recommends The Art of Collage by Vermont artist C.A. Santa Maria at the Long River Studios in Lyme, New Hampshire.

Tom Consolino suggested the Debra Woodward photography exhibit at Bartleby's Books on West Main Street in Wilmington through the rest of this month.

The Trapp Family Lodge is popular with visitors from out of state who want to visit the home of the famous Von Trapp Family. As it turns out, however, not many Vermonters venture up the mountain to dine there.

Sally Pollak, who writes for the Savorvore section of The Burlington Free Press, ate at Trapps recently with Avery, the chef at Stone Soup in Burlington. She describes the atmosphere, food and experience of dining there.

With the darker days of November upon us, this gardener's attention turns to indoor houseplants. One of the hottest trends in gardening is growing succulents. Succulents have thick leaves, stems or roots for water storage. There is a wide variety of succulents to grow and most are virtually indestructible! But don't get confused. While all cacti are succulents, not all succulents are cacti. True cactus have what's called an areole. It looks like a patch of cotton from which spines, flowers, and roots grow. While succulents may have spines, they don't have aeroles.

Abigail Levy, a sophomore at The Sharon Academy, says she channeled some frustrations she felt at school into her poem, "Ephemeral Acceptance." "I was driven to write Ephemeral by the feeling I had when I looked around at school," she says, "and saw attitudes of indifference plastered on people who I knew cared an awful lot about their appearances."

Ephemeral Acceptance
By Abigail Levy
Grade Ten, The Sharon Academy

Leonard Meek of Bethel is a former principal dancer with the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater and he recommended The Eleva Chamber Players in concert this weekend in Waterbury and Barre.

Jane Lolax of Montpelier suggested Kim J. Gifford's digital collage exhibit, Once and Future Things, now on display through December 3rd at Radio Bean in Burlington.

Pumpkin pie holds a traditional place at the Thanksgiving table. This year, Candace Page decided to find the best pumpkin pie recipes in Vermont. Candace, who writes for The Burlington Free Press Savorvore Section, talked with pie bakers around the state and experimented in her own kitchen. She shares what she learned in today's VPR Cafe. Below is the recipe for the Butterly Bakery Pumpkin Pie With Maple Syrup.