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U.S. Public Domain

In the 19th century there were two seemingly opposing influences in the world of music. First, the growing tide of Romantic Nationalism was sweeping the Western world as each people group sought ways to express and preserve their cultural identity. Second, the power of the music from the 18th century, especially of the German masters Haydn, Mozart and Beethoven, had been burned into the collective consciousness. In Russia, these two forces met in the music of Mikhail Glinka and a group of composers we call “The Russian Five”.

Awesome Etiquette: Asking Guests To Respect Your Pet's Space

Jun 26, 2016
Dmytro Skorobogatov / iStock

All pets, like their owners, have distinct personalities. Some are friendly with everyone they meet and others seem to barely tolerate their owners. If you have a pet that isn't great with strangers, how can you make sure that the animal is respected and visitors understand how to treat your pet.

Glenn Russell / Burlington Free Press

Nestled in a corner near the children's barn at Shelburne Farms is a bakery that's been making fresh, artisanal bread for nearly 40 years.

Courtesy, Joel Najman

Host Joel Najman presents well-known hits recorded by early rock and roll era artists and the lesser known recordings they made under other band names.

Garrison Keillor will be hosting A Prairie Home Companion for the last time Saturday, July 2. We think this calls for a celebration to honor Garrison! Join your fellow Prairie Home fans and VPR staff for a listening party starting at 5:00 on the Parade Grounds at the front of Fort Ethan Allen in Colchester.

Melissa Carroll / iStock

One native shrub that often gets overlooked is viburnum. There are more than 150 species of viburnums, ranging in size from a compact 3-foot shrub to a small tree. Most shrubs grow to be around 6- to 12-feet tall, making them great hedges and foundation plants.

Music is one of the ways that we define ourselves.

Beginning around the 19th century, we’re able to think about composers not along lines of genre or form but along lines of nationality. 

Glenn Russell / Burlington Free Press

When Bread and Butter Farm in Shelburne started, its founders were planning to grow some vegetables, produce dairy products and start a bakery. In the seven years since Bread and Butter Farm was started, they've expanded from just farming to also running a farm store, housing a coffee shop and hosting music classes and summer camps for kids.


Reuben Jackson returns to VPR Classical to host Where Have We Met Before?, featuring composers whose musical versatility, courage and lyricism embodies American originality.

Broadcast Saturday, July 2nd at 11 a.m. and Monday, July 4th at 9 p.m.

Courtesy, Joel Najman

John D. Loudermilk is a singer and songwriter who was born and raised in North Carolina.

He relocated to Nashville when well-known singers began to record his songs in the 1960s.

This week on My Place, host Joel Najman features 'part two' of Loudermilk's music.

Najman will play songs by the Everly Brothers, Marianne Faithfull and Loudermilk himself.

Harlan Mack

Sculptor, painter and blacksmith Harlan Mack tells a story through his art. And Mack, who is the sculpture tech at Vermont Studio Center in Johnson, just added another character to the narrative.

Courtesy, Interplay Jazz

VPR's Art Hounds don't want you to miss out on Rita Coolidge in Stowe, live music in a Tunbridge brewery, Vermont poets reading Vermont poetry and more.

Eric Ferguson / iStock

Pollinators like honey bees and Monarch butterflies play an important role in our food system and ecosystem. It's a good idea to find ways to attract pollinators to your garden. Here are some tips that will bring more bees, butterflies and other pollinators to your garden this summer:

Choose pollinator friendly plants

Wildflowers and heirloom varieties of popular flowers are great choices.  Some modern hybrid flowers may be attractive and have good characteristics but they aren't the best for pollinators.

David Freund / iStock

Weddings are exciting not only for the people getting married but for the friends and family of the couple. Sometimes though, it can be difficult to talk about friends and family about anything but the wedding. How can you move on to other conversations and make it not always about you and the wedding?

Credit David Finlayson

Every summer in Vermont, musicians come together to find the quiet, space and time to explore the meaning and magic of chamber music. For the next month leading up the Marlboro Music Festival you can hear the Magic of Marlboro Sundays at noon and Monday evenings at 8 on VPR Classical.

Timeline: Viva Verdi

Jun 13, 2016
U.S. Public Domain

A month after Giuseppe Verdi’s death in January of 1901, there was a public procession as his remains were delivered to the “House of Rest” in Milan. Around 300,000 mourners gathered to pay tribute to an opera composer and to hear a rousing version of “Va, pensiero” from Nabucco sung by a choir of 820 voices lead by legendary conductor Arturo Toscanini. Verdi’s music had struck a chord in all of Italy, becoming the soundtrack for a political movement called the Risorgimento.

Young Writers Project: Furious

Jun 13, 2016
Alison Redlich

What makes me furious?
It’s not the magazines and pop culture that influence us all in such negative ways, with all of the pictures of what “beauty” is, followed by an article about how to starve yourself to look just like the model.
No, it’s not that.

Candace Page / Burlington Free Press

Rhubarb grows all over Vermont and can be incorporated nicely into a variety of dishes.

User10095428_393 / iStock

In Vermont, people wait months for warm weather and so do the bugs. These insects might an annoyance to humans, but they can damage plants in the garden if you don't get rid of them. Here are two bugs to watch for in the garden.

Francis Wolff

VPR's Art Hounds found lots of music to fill your weekend, both indoors and out!