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U.S. Public Domain

For centuries, the region of Austro/Germany produced remarkably talented composers. You can follow a chain of names from Haydn to Mozart, from Beethoven to Mendelssohn and Brahms. One of the last great composers of this line was Gustav Mahler.


Victoria and Alex Pial came to Vermont from Sudan to make a life in America. In their conversation recorded at the StoryCorps Mobile Booth in Burlington, they talk about the joy of having a family and share their gratitude for the people in Vermont who’ve helped them make this country their home.

Ryan Mercer / Burlington Free Press

Greensboro is a small town in Northeast Kingdom on Caspian Lake. But despite its small size, it has gained world recognition for beer and cheese.  

Hill Farmstead has been ranked the best brewery in the world multiple times and Jasper Hill Farm had gotten the same praise for their cheese. Both are in Greensboro.

Trumpet player Wayne Jackson passed away on June 21, 2016 in Memphis, Tennessee at age 74. During a professional career that extended over 55 years, Wayne Jackson played horn on 52 chart-topping singles and on 93 gold and platinum albums.

Awesome Etiquette: Small Weddings

Aug 19, 2016
AbelBrata / iStock

If a couple chooses to have a small wedding that is just a brief civil ceremony, is there any special etiquette that goes with this type of event?

How do you let people know about the wedding and the celebration afterwards? Additionally, how can you direct people to make gifts of money towards a honeymoon fund instead of getting physical presents that aren’t needed?

Young Writers Project: I Love You Sally

Aug 19, 2016
Young Writers Project

"I Love You Sally"
by Emily Smyth

Chepki Danil / iStock

Saving seeds isn't for every gardener but there are great reasons to do it. It saves you money, preserves unusual heirloom varieties and helps you develop varieties adapted to your yard.

With concerns about plant extinction and rare home varieties becoming unavailable, the best way to ensure you have the varieties you want is to save your own seed.

Courtesy, University of Vermont Medical Center

More than 100 pieces by Vermont artists are on display, available to browse and search in a virtual gallery whose beginnings sprang from the desire to honor the memory of a loved one.

Castleton Women's Club

Join a ukulele flash mob in Brattleboro, take in a concert in Stowe and tour colonial architecture and historic homes in Castleton.

Jane Lindholm / VPR

This episode is all about bugs! We've gotten a lot of questions from you about insects and other critters. So we're tackling them with the help of Jessica Honaker and Kristie Reddick, otherwise known as the Bug Chicks.

Kent McFarland / Vermont Center For Ecostudies

Monarch butterflies are hard to miss with their brilliant orange color and a wingspan that can reach four inches across. But recently they've been difficult to find because their numbers are in decline.

In this edition of Outdoor Radio, biologists Sara Zahendra and Kent McFarland track Monarchs in the flower-filled fields of the Burlington Intervale. We'll learn how Monarchs migrate to Mexico and the challenges to their survival.

Awesome Etiquette: Splitting Your Time When Visiting Friends

Aug 16, 2016
themacx / iStock

As we get older and move away from our friends, often we only get the chance to see them for a few days a year.

If you’ve recently made a new friend who lives in the same area as an old friend you rarely see, what is the best way to spend your time when you make the yearly trek to visit your old friend? Should you not tell your new friend that you’ll be town or should you take a few hours away from the time with your old friend to see the new friend?   

Young Writers Project: Race Card Discarded

Aug 16, 2016
Young Writers Project

Perhaps, as a Chinese-Iranian-American girl

and a member of not one,

not two,

As part of its cross-country MobileBooth tour, StoryCorps is coming back to Burlington! The MobileBooth — an Airstream trailer outfitted with a recording studio — will be parked at the Burlington Waterfront right outside of the ECHO Center August 4 through September 2 to collect stories from Vermonters like you!

U.S. Public Domain

The music of composer Edvard Grieg has become synonymous with his homeland, Norway. Grieg brought the folk tunes and artistic sensibility of Scandinavia to the world through his evocative music and extensive tours.

Courtesy, Joel Najman

In the early 1960's Motown founder Berry Gordy thought that he could spur sales overseas by having the Supremes, Temptations and other artists re-record their hits phonetically in foreign languages.

kurapy11 / iStock

This summer, some areas of our region have only received 50 to 75 percent of their normal rainfall. The lack of rain combined with hot, sunny days has had an impact on the garden.

Melissa Pasanen / Burlington Free Press

Around this time of year zucchini is in abundance and the big question is, what can you make with this vegetable?

Sarah-Lee Terrat/Boys & Girls Club

Jill Badolato is determined to fuse her work with the local arts community with her role as director of social responsibility for Dealer.com in Burlington.

This week, our Art Hounds have found carved wooden art, a book launch of a new poetry collection, a call to artists and an exhibit that takes another look at aging.