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U.S. Public Domain

The music of Richard Wagner marked a growing “crisis” in Romantic harmony marked by the so called, "Tristan Chord". This is the opening harmony of the prelude to Wagner’s 1859 opera Tristan and Isolde. Never before has one group of four notes rocked the musical world so completely.

Awesome Etiquette: Balancing Personal Time And Co-Worker Relations

Apr 30, 2016
Rawpixel LTD / iStock

Lunch can be a great time to relax and recharge in the middle of the work day. While some people enjoy getting lunch with coworkers, others might prefer to use the time to do their own thing. How can they politely convey that desire to their peers?

Gabe Dickens / Burlington Free Press

Vermont has cultivated a reputation for being a craft beer mecca. However, next door in New York also has a growing craft brewing scene.

My Place: That's Amore

Apr 29, 2016
Courtesy, Joel Najman

This week on My Place, host Joel Najman explores an hour of 1950's and 60's hit songs in America that were sung partially or entirely in Italian.

Pamela Moore / iStock

One of the best gifts you can give a child is to garden with them. Most adult gardeners started in the garden with mom, dad or a favorite grandparent. Introducing kids to gardening at a young age leads to a lifetime of healthy eating and loving plants and the environment.

This week, see the adaptation of a 2000-year-old play in Middlebury, 26 poets celebrate national poetry month at a Burlington library, four high school students take the stage to sing in Montpelier and 70 Roosevelt-era Vermont artists show up on film.

Young Writers Project: The Flower Thief

Apr 25, 2016
Courtesy, RETN

He watches his victim like a tiger watches
his prey, observing its every move, waiting
for the ideal moment to strike.
He pounces and snaps its delicate neck
with one stroke, but he is full of greed and yearns
for more, and so he snaps

U.S. Public Domain

It only takes a few notes to recognize the main theme of John William's score to the film “Star Wars." The Star Wars franchise has become a cultural touchstone all around the world. The original 1977 film is a marriage of a universal mythological tale, told with fantastic artistry.

The sets, costumes, characters, special effects and (of course) the music all work together to create one experience. The film has truly become a prime example of the aesthetic ideal championed by Richard Wagner, “Gesamtkunstwerk” or total, universal art.

Bumping into an ex with their new partner can be incredibly uncomfortable, even years after a breakup. But what about when you are both invited to the same important event? How do you gracefully interact with your ex and their new partner to avoid making the event uncomfortable for everyone?

Glen Russell / Burlington Free Press

A new space in Winooski called Incubator has a pretty simple idea: be a place for people to get creative with food.

my_beloved / iStock

A common question gardeners have is "what ground covers can be grown in shade?" First of all, all shade is not created equally. Shade under an evergreen tree is different than shade under a small crabapple. So it's best to match the type of shade you have with the ground cover.


  Andrew Glover, founder of Immersive Technology Studios in Barre, joined VPR recently to explain the artistic cache behind his latest project called, Vermont Peaks, which he describes as "Vermont's largest art exhibit."

Kent McFarland / Vermont Center For Ecostudies

This month, Outdoor Radio takes you to Salisbury, Vermont where salamanders, newts and frogs are crossing Morgan Road to a swamp where they reproduce. Dozens of volunteers are keeping a tally, and when a car comes along, the volunteers scoop them up so they don't get squashed.

Biologists Kent McFarland and Sara Zahendra are joined by Herpetologist Jim Andrews as the volunteers work with clipboards and flashlights to participate in this rite of Spring.

Over the course of two and a half hours, 44 volunteers counted 512 amphibians.

Caleb Kenna / Burlington Free Press

Religious holidays play an important role in many foods traditions. We've talked about a number of them before but we have yet to discussed the Seder at Passover. Melissa Pasanen, a contributor to the Savovore Section of the Burlington Free Press spoke with a few Vermonters to learn more about how they celebrate Passover.

U.S. Public Domain

Even mentioning the name Wagner spawns a dramatic response. He’s one of those figures that’s either loved or hated. It’s been said that more ink has been spilt on the works and life of Richard Wagner than almost another composer. His operas and his essays, his philosophy and his spirit, stand as pillars of German Romanticism.


For close to 40 years, author Mike Tougias has kept a cabin in Woodbury. The warm, wooden cabin stands in stark contrast to the adventurous world Tougias takes his readers.

Tougias books focus on real-life experiences on the high sea: winter ocean storms, 30-foot waves, German U-boats, merchant tankers, daring rescues and a heavy dose of girl power.

Courtesy, Paramount Theater

  Americana music in Tinmouth, the classical "B"s in Montpelier, Vermonter Bow Thayer in Rutland and DanceFest in Castleton.

Young Writers Project: Wired In

Apr 18, 2016

I sit stagnant on a couch,
its color long forgotten beneath me,
surrounded by my friends:
a text on my phone,
a chat on my laptop,

salsachica / iStock

Broccoli has skyrocketed in popularity, becoming one of the top ten vegetables eaten in the United States. While we're all familiar with the classic, green-domed broccoli heads, there are other unusual types, too.

All these broccoli relatives like cool temperatures to grow and mature, so plant in early May for an early summer crop or in mid to late summer for a fall crop. Thwart cabbage worms by growing under floating row covers or spraying with the pesticide BT.

Awesome Etiquette: When Friends Help You Move, Are They Responsible For Any Damages?

Apr 15, 2016
tirc83 / iStock

Moving can be a stressful, costly process, so having friends willing to lend a hand can be a huge help. But if something gets damaged in the move, are your friends responsible for replacing or reimbursing you for the damages?