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Below are the latest Featured Programs you may have heard about on the broadcast. Send us a message if you have feedback about the programs.

Glenn Russell / Free Press

'Small Plates' is a popular phenomena in restaurant eating - the perfect solution for those of us who can't make up our minds!  In this April 28th edition of The VPR Cafe, Sally Pollak of the Burlington Free Press talks with Ric Cengeri about her small plate samplings, including  Misery Loves Company in Winooski. You can read more about 'small plates' eating in Sally's Savorvore article.

Credit Copyright Bob Barber

Cactus Wrens, which may nest several times between March and September, carefully orient their nests in tune with the season. These bulky twig structures have a side entrance that curves toward the inner chamber. When building a nest for the hot months, the wren faces the opening to receive the afternoon breeze. By contrast, a Cactus Wren building a nest in early March orients the entrance away from the cold winds of that season, keeping the chicks snug and warm.

Watch the week's news get the treatment it deserves in the comfort of the Palace 9 Theater in South Burlington, Catamount Arts in St. Johnsbury, The Latchis Theater in Brattleboro or the Town Hall Theater in Middlebury, VT, when the NPR news quiz show Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me! brings its star power to the big screen for a special LIVE performance sent nationwide to movie theaters.

VPR is pleased to host this special "Cinecast" in Vermont on Thursday, May 2 at 8 p.m. at the Palace 9 Cinema in South Burlington.

Young Writers Project: Bouncing Red Ball

Apr 22, 2013

“As much of my inspiration to write comes, this poem began to form during algebra class. My friend was describing how she believed her dog’s brain to be a yellow ball bouncing in a metal room, when I thought ‘That’s interesting; I should work that into my writing!” This led me to ponder what my peers thought about (all of whom do not write for fun), and I began to see this blankness that writers fill, to the point of overflowing, with ideas that we absorb from the world.

Photo: Melissa Pasanen, for the Burlington Free Press

This week, Melissa Pasanen takes us behind the scenes at cooking competitions.  From Junior Iron Chefs to gourmet challenges, cook-offs are fun for the participants and always a treat for the judges.  Melissa has judged many competitions over the years and gives us a taste of what that’s like.

Art Hounds: eARTh

Apr 18, 2013

Maya Curtis of ArtsRiot in Burlington sent in a suggestion to view the new exhibit at UVM’s Davis Center, called, " Created by eARThlings, Inspired By Earth."

Student artists, faculty and professional artists' works are on display at the Fireplace Lounge and Gallery on the fourth floor of the Davis Center through May 10th. There is an opening reception Monday, April 22nd at 5:30 p.m.

Nature Of Things

Apr 11, 2013
Gowri Savoor

Bettie Barnes, a fiber artist, recommends the Goddard College installation, "The Nature of Things," up now through May 11th in Montpelier.

The exhibit features several local artists' interpretations of nature, including stone sculpture, photography, murals and more.

Pictured is a piece by Gowri Savoor, titled, "Seed-bank." Savoor's works are featured along with several other artists.

Cooking Class Taste Test

Apr 7, 2013
Sally Pollak/Free Press / In a cooking class described by the chef as 'French comfort food,' participants enjoy their meal. Pictured eating are Ron and

Sally Pollak tested cooking classes in the region recently. Today on the VPR Café, Sally talks about what she learned: slicing, sauteing, making friends and the secret behind the perfect French Onion Soup.

Sally writes for the Savorevore Section of The Burlington Free Press, where you can learn more about the classes she took. (And what kind of fun job is that?!)

Art Hounds: Play On

Apr 4, 2013
Detail of a Kathleen Kennedy tote

Master teaching artist Susan Rosano of South Newfane recommends the Brattleboro Gallery Walk and a stroll down the crafters' corridor this Friday from 5:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. and the first Friday of each month.

Some featured artisans include Kathleen Kennedy, who creates fabric covers for gadgets and Dennis Waring's cigar-box guitars.

The walk is in Downtown Brattleboro and nearby locations.

Driving Is Scary So I Do It With My Eyes Closed

Apr 1, 2013

Noah writes, This last poem is about bad decisions. I have made some of those recently (nothing illegal, don't worry) and I was a bit depressed about it, so I wrote a poem.

Driving Is Scary So I Do It With My Eyes Closed
by Noah Smith of Shelburne
Student at Community College of Vermont

AP Photo/Tina Fineberg

Music for the High Holidays is a new one-hour program for Rosh Hashanah (which begins at sundown on Sunday the 16th) and Yom Kippur.  It includes both traditional and composed music from Jewish services--including a brand new recording of Kol Nidre featuring violinist Itzhak Perlman -- as well as concert music based on High Holidays melodies.

Written and hosted by Classics for Kids host Naomi Lewin, Music for the High Holidays also explains a bit about the Jewish new year and its traditions. 

Chanticleer performs

Plainchant: Rorate caeli

Victoria: O Magnum Mysterium

Guerrero: Pastores loquebantur

Anon. 14th-century English: Mater Christi nobilis

Anon. 16th-century Basque: E la don don

Anon. 16th-century Basque: Riu, riu, chiu

Trad. Polish, adapted Steven Stucky: Lulajze, Jezuniu

Jaakko Mantyjarvi: Die Stimme des Kindes

Trad. American, arr. Mark Keller: I Wonder as I Wonder

My How Time Flies!

Oct 16, 2012

We celebrate the 16th anniversary of the first episode of All the Traditions with much gratitude,  with many old favorites, and with a preview of Staff Benda Bilili, an amazing Congolese band who will be playing in Burlington this week!