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An energy proposal from the Shumlin administration could become one of the biggest pocketbook issues of the 2015 legislative session as lawmakers look for a renewable energy policy that will stave off a significant rate increase.

President Obama has come in for a lot of criticism for not attending the solidarity rally in Paris that followed the terrible murders of journalists, policemen and other innocent French men and women by French terrorists. By not being seen, arm in arm with other world leaders the President’s critics say he showed disrespect for the French and that he damaged U.S. leadership.

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This past weekend, Sen. Patrick Leahy led a special congressional delegation to Cuba. It’s part of an effort to normalize relations between the two countries – relations that were severed in 1961 when Fidel Castro came to power.

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The unusual results in the November election have some lawmakers suggesting that Vermont should change its rules for electing the governor.  The Vermont Constitution specifies that the Legislature elects the governor when no candidate receives 50 percent of the electoral vote. On the next Vermont Edition, we look at two possible amendments that both aim to keep the decision in the hands of voters, not the Legislature.  Our guests are Senators Bill Doyle and Anthony Pollina.

Lawmakers introduced a bill Thursday that would expand background checks for private gun sales and require Vermont courts to report some mentally ill Vermonters to the national background check system.

The bill has been discussed at length outside of the statehouse for weeks, but lawmakers finally have details to debate.

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Health economist Jonathan Gruber won notoriety last year for his unflattering remarks about the “stupidity of the American voter.” But here in Vermont, the state auditor is far more concerned about the MIT professor’s billing habits than his ill-advised public remarks.

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House Republican leaders are rejecting Gov. Peter Shumlin's plan to impose a payroll tax to finance a package of health care initiatives. Instead, they're developing an alternative proposal.

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Gov. Peter Shumlin and lawmakers crafting the 2016 fiscal year budget will have to dig a little deeper after state economists provided a downgrade to the general fund revenue forecast Tuesday, despite positive signs in the economy related to lower oil prices.

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Democrat Miro Weinberger is wrapping up his first term as Burlington's mayor, and he wants another go at it. He's seeking re-election in March on Town Meeting Day. But he does face a challenge from Progressive Steve Goodkind, who is also the former head of the city's Department of Public Works.

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