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A three-way contest is underway for the two Senate seats that represent Bennington County and the Windham County town of Wilmington. Two Democrats – a longtime senate incumbent and a current house member – are running as a team. They face a relative political newcomer  who’s running as a Republican.

In Washington County, six candidates are competing for three of the 30 Senate seats. The challengers face an uphill battle in their bid to knock off the incumbents. And tax fairness and government spending have emerged as key issues in the race.

Voters in Washington County tend not to dispatch with their incumbent state senators. It’s been 22 years since a challenger pulled off the feat. And that’s quite a run for a three-seat district where officeholders stand for reelection every two years.

Both of New Hampshire’s congressional districts, one of its Senate seats and the Governorship are all contested this year- and they’re all pretty tight races. Valley News local news editor John Gregg gave Vermont Edition an overview of election season in the Granite State.

The most high-profile race in New Hampshire is that for the US senate, where former governor and first-term incumbent Jeanne Shaheen is locked in a tight race against Scott Brown, the former Republican senator from Massachusetts.

In the final weeks of the campaign, the future of Medicare benefits for Vermont seniors has become a hotly debated issue in the race for governor.

It's an explosive subject because candidates who suggest changes to Medicare risk losing the support of many voters over 65.  

So how did Medicare become an issue in the governor’s race? 

Blinkhorn: Ottawa

Oct 29, 2014

Although it’s well off the beaten track in southern Ontario, next to Quebec and about 200 miles west of Vermont’s northern border, Ottawa, with its majestic Parliament buildings and small city civility, has always been special to me.

As a young newspaper reporter covering national election campaigns, I visited Ottawa frequently and walked down the very hall in the Parliament center block where the recent shootings took place.

Lt. Governor's Debate

Oct 28, 2014

Candidates for lieutenant governor met in a live debate on VPR on Tuesday, Oct. 28 at 7 p.m.

Bob Kinzel and Jane Lindholm moderated a 90-minute debate with the three candidates running for lieutenant governor: incumbent Republican Phil Scott, Progressive and Democratic nominee Dean Corren, and Marina Brown of the Liberty Union Party.

Earlier this year, House Speaker Shap Smith quietly assembled a special group to oversee the creation of an education reform plan. And its work will set the stage for a 2015 legislative session in which public education – not single-payer health care – will be top of mind for House lawmakers.

Dan Feliciano, the Libertarian candidate for governor who’s using an anti-single-payer message to draw conservative votes, will hit the television airwaves for the first time this election cycle.

Nina Keck / VPR

State’s Attorney races are often among the more ho-hum campaigns each election season. But this year, several incumbents face strong challenges, including Rutland’s State’s Attorney Marc Brierre.

Brierre has worked as a state prosecutor in Rutland for more than 30 years and was appointed to lead the office in 2009 by then-governor Jim Douglas. 

Douglas has lauded what he calls Brierre’s principled leadership and has encouraged voters to re-elect the 63-year old military veteran.

The Vermont School Boards Association says it’s time to take a closer look at the top-shelf health insurance plans being enjoyed by the state’s public school teachers. And according to a new study commissioned by the group, reducing the cost of those policies could deliver immediate relief to property tax payers.

Steve Dale is the head of the organization, and he says the group isn’t making any formal recommendations yet. But the study looks to be setting the table for cost-cutting reform proposals down the road.