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In recent years, Vermont has dramatically increased the number of people receiving Medicaid benefits, and it’s resulted in this state having one of the lowest rates of uninsured residents in the nation. The problem is that it’s costing a lot more than elected officials previously estimated, and the governor’s new plan to cover the deficit isn’t sitting well with independent physicians.

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The Shumlin administration is planning to scuttle existing plans for major technology upgrades that would centralize social services data for the Agency of Human Services. 

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Most years, Saint Anselm College is just another private religious college in New England. But every four years, come presidential primary season, this mid-level liberal arts school punches well above its weight.

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Joseph "Chip" Troiano represents Caledonia District 2 in the House. Troiano worked for more than 30 years as a defense investigator in Vermont. The job allowed him to make use of his skill as a photographer, which is currently on display at the Statehouse.

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Two political allies are squaring off in a high-profile battle of words over the question of fossil-fuel divestment. And as State Treasurer Beth Pearce stands firm in her opposition to a bill that would scrub the state’s pension fund of coal stocks, Gov. Peter Shumlin is ramping up public criticism of her stance.

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A key vote in the Senate Tuesday has Vermont poised to become the fifth state in the country to require employers to provide paid sick leave. The compromise package is the result of years of advocacy by proponents of the measure. But some business groups are still wary of the plan.

I’ve heard it said that Act 46 would undermine democracy and women’s role as elected officials in Vermont, but I’m convinced that Act 46 presents opportunities to expand democracy and elected women’s leadership.

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When the results from Iowa are out, that's when all eyes turn to New Hampshire - so that's where we're going. We're broadcasting live from the Dartmouth College campus in Hanover, New Hampshire.

We'll unpack the results from the Iowa Caucuses and look ahead to the New Hampshire primary with some top politics watchers.

Vermonters today might catch a glimpse of the first televised campaign ad of the 2016 race for governor.

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In a photo finish early Tuesday, the Iowa Democratic Party declared Hillary Clinton the winner in Monday's Iowa Caucus. She edged out Sen. Bernie Sanders by a mere fraction of a percent, 49.9 percent to 49.6 percent, in what NPR calls "the thinnest of margins in the closest Democratic contest ever." And Sanders’ supporters say a tie is as good as a win for the Vermont senator. 

Iowa Dispatch: VPR’s Notes From The Field

Jan 31, 2016
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Follow along as VPR reporters share photos, sound and observations from the ground in Iowa ahead of the caucus on Feb. 1.

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Lawmakers burned the midnight oil early Saturday morning to approve a bill that softens the impact of school district spending thresholds.

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  We are awash in political polls that gauge support for the presidential candidates of both parties. Depending on how a given poll was conducted, you'll get wildly different stories on who’s ahead, among whom, and by how much. But do these polls matter?

In 2004, Vermont governor and Democratic presidential hopeful Howard Dean wondered why working class whites consistently acted against their own economic interests by voting Republican. Some suggested that Republicans’ cynical politicizing of social and cultural values masked economic policies favoring the rich. Others argued that Americans don’t vote on the basis of where they are, but on where they expect to get.

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A long awaited report on the siting of solar energy projects recommends more input from regional planning commissions in the regulatory process.

The task force that wrote the report stopped short of giving municipalities veto power over solar projects, but advocates for more local control say the fight is far from over.

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Vermonters have a lot of questions about Iowa. When we asked you, our audience, what you wanted to know ahead of our trip to the Hawkeye State, you sent more than 100 questions via e-mail, Facebook, Twitter and Reddit.

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A Brattleboro lawyer with strong ties to the Vermont Democratic Party has asked the attorney general’s office to investigate alleged campaign-finance violations by Republican candidate for governor Phil Scott. And the same lawyer has filed an extensive public records request with the lieutenant governor’s official office that aims to determine whether Scott has used his Statehouse office to conduct political activity.

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Since launching his candidacy for president last May, Sen. Bernie Sanders has watched his poll numbers explode. But Hillary Clinton continues to hold a major advantage with the black and Latino voters that will be key to winning the Democratic nomination. Sanders says he’s convinced he can close that gap.

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Six of Vermont's largest physician organizations are urging the Legislature not to legalize marijuana this year.