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The Brennan Center for Justice issued a report recently on the security and reliability of voting machines used across the country. The report says that 43 states are using machines that are nearly at the end of their expected lifetime, including voting machines used in Vermont.

Vermont Edition spoke to Secretary of State Jim Condos, who oversees elections in Vermont, about how Vermonters cast their ballots.

Gregory Bull

Canadians will vote on Monday, October 19, for a new Parliament after a 78-day campaign season, which counts as among the longest in Canadian federal election history. We learn how else Canadian elections diverge from the U.S. system.

Despite the progressive image Vermont enjoys, statistically speaking it's a dangerous state for women.

The words “Cold War” virtually cover the front page of Tuesday’s New York Post. Normally, I don’t pay too much attention to Rupert Murdock’s sensationalist tabloid. But in this case its fear-mongering is not all that different from much of the foreign news coverage in the main stream media in recent days. In one way or another, most coverage implies the dire warning - The Russians are Coming!

The recently-named leader of Vermont's Department of Health Access has been making headlines this week in Rhode Island.

Creating a just and rational Immigration system poses difficult, complex and critical questions.

Germany is in the news a lot these days as it struggles to take in the thousands of refugees that arrive each day.

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If you want to know how often Rutland City Police officers use force in a given month; or how often they attend community meetings, that information is now just a mouse click away.

A new data portal the department has been preparing is now open to the public. It’s part of a nationwide effort to help police departments across the country boost transparency.

Balmer: Carter At 90

Sep 29, 2015

Jimmy Carter, 39th president of the United States, turns 91 years old tomorrow.

Anyone who visits Plains, in southwest Georgia, and especially the Carter farmstead three miles down the road in Archery, cannot fail to be impressed by the simplicity of Carter’s background. The Carter farmhouse lacked indoor plumbing during Jimmy Carter’s childhood, and it wasn’t until Carter was 14 years old that Franklin Roosevelt’s Rural Electrification Agency brought the wonders of electricity to Archery.

It’s not often that a case from Vermont makes it to the United States Supreme Court. But, this year, the Justices will hear a dispute from Vermont over VHCURES – the Health Care Uniform Reporting and Evaluation System.