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There are changes afoot in the way Vermont's Corrections Department houses and treats sexual offenders. The program  has most recently been located at facilities in Windsor and Springfield. Now most of it is moving to the Northwest Correctional Center in St. Albans and there's a big turnover in service providers.

Vermont has long been recognized as a leader in sexual offender treatment, with recidivism rates hovering around 5 percent. Now that the program is moving to a new location, none of the independent contractors who have been working with incarcerated offenders have re-applied for their jobs, as required by the Department of Corrections.

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You may have heard about a new poll that shows Vermont U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders gaining ground in the race for the Democratic presidential nomination. But you may not have heard about the other Vermonters who are in the race.

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If a Vermont State Senator and some advocacy groups in Windham County have their way, the phrase "Vermont Home Grown" could be a reference not just to food, but also to marijuana.

A new rule implemented last year has caused a sharp upward spike in investment offerings in Vermont businesses, officials say. Another change instituted this month could present even more opportunities for local companies.

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A new national poll out Thursday shows Sen. Bernie Sanders gaining ground in his presidential campaign.


A confidential memo obtained by Vermont Public Radio shows that the Agency of Education is still working to decipher a school reform law passed by the Legislature earlier this year. The ambiguity centers on how to deal with the 93 Vermont towns where parents get to decide what school their children attend.

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I was visiting my brother in Charlotte one hot summer day in the '80s, when he suggested heading over to Lake Champlain for a swim. But my brother had MS and navigated his life in a wheelchair, so I don’t know what he was thinking since this part of the lake was inaccessible to someone without the use of his legs.

The Vermont Pension Investment Committee is considering divesting its portfolio from companies that support the fossil fuel industry for the third time in two years. Climate activists were present at the meeting held on the morning of July 28, but not in the numbers that were anticipated.


Tensions around renewable energy development surfaced at the first meeting Tuesday of a state task force charged with sorting out issues related to siting solar projects.