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It was the summer of 1952. I drove from my home in Barre to Chelsea Vermont to look at the used cars being sold by a guy named Kennedy. Word on the street assured me that his cars were the best deals around. This was my introduction to one of the great Vermont characters of the 20th century.I didn’t bring home a shiny Ford that day, but I did acquire a life-long friend. His name was Walter Kennedy. But from childhood he’d been known as “Peanut.”

The United States Supreme Court has begun its new term. And, in just a few weeks, they’ve heard arguments in three different cases involving racial bias in the criminal justice system.

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On Thursday afternoon, Gov. Peter Shumlin signed an agreement with the federal government that could overhaul the health care system in Vermont. Hospitals and many doctors say the so-called "all-payer" model has the potential to improve care, and curb costs, but critics say the deal was rushed.

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The governor is the head of the executive branch and is the highest elected office in Vermont. Voters elect a governor in Vermont every two years, with no term limits.

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The 2016 Presidential Race has dominated the headlines for much of this election cycle. But as we near Election Day, voters begin to focus on statewide offices and their local State House and Senate races.

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This week, Vermont Edition brings you election debates for three statewide offices.  On Thursday, the leading candidates for state auditor meet in a live, face-to-face debate.

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Three candidates are vying for the job of lieutenant governor in this year's general election.

The Green Mountain Care Board on Wednesday approved a plan that will dramatically change how health care providers are reimbursed in Vermont.

Next year, lawmakers will wrestle with one of the biggest financial challenges in state history, when they have to decide how to raise the estimated $1.3 billion needed to improve water quality across Vermont.

A popular catch phrase that gets bandied about a lot is “the myth of Vermont exceptionalism.” We in the Green Mountain State like to believe that we do health, education and quality of life better than most. And I can personally vouch for the fact that we really are pretty exceptional when it comes to voting. Behind bars, that is.

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This week and next, Vermont Edition is bringing you election debates for statewide offices.  On Wednesday, the leading candidates for treasurer meet in a live, face-to-face debate.

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Also referred to as a congressman or congresswoman, Vermont's single U.S. House representative is elected to a two-year term to serve the people of Vermont's congressional district.

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According to Secretary of State Jim Condos, early voting is on the rise in Vermont, and a record number of people are now registered to vote in the November election.

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This week, Vermont Edition brings you election debates for three statewide offices.  On Tuesday, the leading candidates for attorney general meet in a live, face-to-face debate.

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The Vermont Chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union is calling on the Vermont Supreme Court to overturn the conviction of a man who posted Ku Klux Klan flyers on the homes of two women of color in Burlington.

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One key Republican strategy in the final stretch of Vermont’s tight gubernatorial race is to try to link Democratic candidate Sue Minter with the policies of outgoing Gov. Peter Shumlin. But Minter says her agenda is very different from Shumlin's.

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Last Tuesday, the Hartford Police Department posted a picture on their Facebook page that shows graffiti on the Dothan Brook Elementary School. It reads “AMERICAK.K.K.ANS FOR TRUMP," referencing the Ku Klux Klan.

Refugees from around the world continue to find homes in Massachusetts. The number of Syrian refugees, in particular, has more than doubled here over the last year, despite heated national rhetoric around immigration.

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Vermont Secretary of State Jim Condos is running for reelection as both the Democrat and Republican candidate. He’s up against Liberty Union candidate Mary Alice "Mal" Herbert in this year's general election.

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Vice President Joe Biden spent an hour at the University of Vermont Friday describing the effort behind the so-called "Cancer Moonshot." A room full of doctors, researchers and medical students were an eager audience for Biden's message of making cancer both treatable and preventable.