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Proponents of wind energy say they're worried that a state-funded research project will be used to misguide Vermonters about the health effects of turbine noise.

The federal Department of Justice's decision to stop using privately-run prisons is reverberating throughout Vermont.

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Democrat Sue Minter says she wants government to be a catalyst for economic growth. Republican Phil Scott says government needs to get out of the way. And those fiscal philosophies clashed this week in the first gubernatorial debate of the general election.

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Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg wrote in the introduction to a recent book that she admires a female presidential candidate from the 1880s for her persistence and determination. And no wonder.

The next governor of Vermont will face a critical decision very early on in his or her administration: Continue on with Vermont Health Connect? Or abandon the state-based insurance marketplace in favor of something else?

The Shumlin administration says recent improvements to the system will make it an easy call.

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The high cost of child care poses a serious financial challenge for many families in Vermont. Next year, lawmakers are going to decide whether government should do more to help parents pay for it. 

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Vermont officials have been warning drug users about a potentially dangerous batch of heroin that's been making the rounds over the past week. They say it may be responsible for at least 10 overdoses so far, but no deaths.

New Hampshire has been toughening drug charges against dealers who sell deadly doses and one dealer in Bennington County was charged with second-degree murder last winter.

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The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) became law in 1990. It ensured that people with disabilities had the same rights and opportunities as all Americans.

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Vermont Republicans think they’ve found the chink in Democrats’ political armor. And they’re trying to turn a proposed tax on carbon emissions into an electoral liability for Democrats in 2016.

One memorable moment during the Democratic National Convention seemed to me to have all the elements of a classic New England joke – you know, the kind where a farmer, a flatlander and maybe a chicken encounter one another by the side of the road?

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Efforts by the state to cut down on its motel voucher program for the homeless are starting to show success. After spending more than $4 million on the program in 2013, the state shifted away from pouring money into motels, and instead tried to invest in community-run shelters.

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Is there a gender bias when it comes to sentencing women convicted of murder as opposed to men? Norwich University professor Elizabeth Gurian studies this issue and recently got a grant from the American Association of University Women Fellowship for her work.

Professor Gurian spoke to VPR about her findings and how she handles doing this research.

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Data collected by the state police point to racial disparities in traffic stops – and apparently the number of incidents is rising — in spite of increased attention to the issue.

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The statewide races for the general election are now set, and there are open races for governor and lieutenant governor.  We're hosting  a reporter’s roundtable to look at the key factors that could influence these races. We’ll talk about the candidates and the issues in all the major contests this fall. 

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Many young people ran for Vermont Legislature in this year's primary contests. Several say they were inspired by Bernie Sanders' run for president.

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Bob Sherman knows his way around Vermont politics better than most. And when the retired Montpelier lobbyist decided he wanted to give Sue Minter a lift in her bid for the Democratic nomination for governor, he decided start super PAC.

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Republicans Phil Scott and Bruce Lisman are putting on a united front after their bruising gubernatorial primary. But the effects of Lisman’s sustained barrage against the new GOP nominee might linger on into the general election.

Tuesday's primary election saw a record-breaking high voter turnout. There were concerns that moving the primary date to the second Tuesday in August would suppress turnout but this didn't happen.